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  1. Hi think I have actually sorted it now, I'm using stellarmate and have finally worked out how to access the index files and add files I require to the gadget. Many thanks for spending your time to help. Cheers David
  2. Hmm, may have sent the wrong file, at work now, I'll try and post more info when i get in, appreciate your help on this.
  3. C_NGC 4565_Light_005.fit OK here you go, I'll send some screen shots of ekos tonight. cheers
  4. Hi Alacant Thanks for your reply, my gear isn't set up tonight so can't give a screen shot at the minute, I've downloaded and installed the astrometry index files below, and the ANSVR server is running. in the ekos alignment module, if my understanding is correct, I slew telescope to a target or a brightish star close to target and select capture and solve this where it starts falling apart, image is captured and displayed on screen, ekos states it is "solving image" after around 40 seconds it states "solver failed" sorry this is bit long winded, images are well focused and not over saturated, I'm fairly sure it's something I've missed either in the installation of the index files or the setting up of ekos.
  5. Hi, I'm having a nightmare trying to get the solver to work, I'm using Ekos, direct from laptop which is Windows 10, ANSVR astrometry.net is up and running, I've downloaded the correct index files, however when solving an image, just keep getting the log solver failed, appreciate any help anyone can offer, please bear in mind, I'm 55 year old construction worker with only the vaguest idea of computers. Cheers Davey
  6. Yeah that's what I thought just feel better having it confirmed, many thanks.
  7. Hi All, looking for a little advice, I'm using Ekos, although I'm sure it would apply to most remote software, do I need to have the handset connected while I'm using mount remotely or will this create conflict. Mount is a CEM60 with kstars and Ekos. Cheers David
  8. What can I say Geof, inspiring. Thanks for the encouragement.
  9. Cheers Geof, the image or result of a stacked vid. was taken last spring so a little higher than it is now, I'm fairly convinced it's collimation now that Michael confirmed it shouldn't be a backfocus problem given the properties of an sct. Yeah the focus is set to around mid point so as to allow plenty of travel in both directions. Perseverance and failure are my middle names. Cheers
  10. Thanks Michael.the Jupiter image is a stacked image, although the seeing wasn't great. I do spend a lot of time focusing, I've used a bathinov mask and feel there's too much room for inaccuracy having said that my vision isn't what it used to be. My main query was is there anything obviously wrong with the image train, I was worried the focuser had moved the focus point, with your explanation I think I can rule that out, which leaves me with poor collimation. Appreciate your advice and explanation, I will persevere. Cheers David
  11. Michael I don't have any saved images with this set up, too disappointing. I have some planetary images taken with a zwo 120mc in the same configuration with similar results. I posted the photo of the telescope to see if there was anything obviously wrong in the imaging train regarding the focus point. Such as, do I need some kind of spacer. Cheers
  12. Hi, having a problem getting sharp images and I'm trying to rule out causes. Would this set up create difficulties focusing. Kit is C11, qhy8l and Meade electronic focuser. Thanks in advance.
  13. Hi all Does anyone here use eqmod with a SW eq8, my local astronomy society want to operate it remotely from a classroom 100yds from the observatory.we have the wireless end of things sorted just wondered wether something like the shoestring astronomy Bluetooth adapter will operate the mount. TIA. David
  14. My apologies, it's probably a character defect on my part, it was a very simple fix and I probably thought it wasn't worth an in depth reply. I just downloaded a newer version of stellarium. Once again my apologies. Cheers David
  15. Downloaded the latest version of stellarium
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