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  1. Thanks! Until then I should try taking more than ten frames and see what I can do.
  2. Thanks Dave, I realize I should probobly get an 8" dobsonian or save up my money for some serious imaging rigs. A bit disappointing but it is what it is.
  3. barlow lens

    No, that's if you want to use a 1.25" with a .9" you want something that allows you to use 1.25" stuff with a 2" focuser such as this one:
  4. Thanks, I will soon get a t-ring and t-mount for my Fuji xt-1. But it will be awhile before I get an EQ mount.
  5. Here are my very first attempts at stacking both images have 10 light frames and 3 dark frames image.tiff - Double Cluster image.tiff - Orion Nebula Bear in mind that I have no tracking, and I'm using my smartphone to take the images. One day I'll commit to fixing both of these problems.
  6. barlow lens

    If what I'm understanding is correct, your telescope has 2" focuser while your Barlow is 1.25" what you would need to do is get a 1.25" adapter. Then you could fit that Barlow in.
  7. Ok, how much can I expect to spend for a decent astrophotography setup? A telescope plus a simple EQ mount with a motor drive.
  8. It's cloudy here in Saint Louis Missouri, but I did some observing last night and looked at the Orion Nebula, Double Cluster, M31, The Owl Cluster, Bodes Galaxy, and the pleadies. I did some imaging as well. (it's not very good) image.tiff image.tiff
  9. Hello everybody, I currently have a 4.5" dob from Orion but I already have a bad case of aperture fever. I want to get an 8" but I don't know what would be a good choice. I was thinking about an 8" dob from skywatcher or Orion, but I'm also getting into astrophotography so mabye something with an EQ mount. I also don't want to spend more than $450, mabye $500
  10. Ok thanks so much, DSS is so much easier to use than Kieths Image Stacker.
  11. Yea that actually sounds like a better option, but can DSS stack planetary images?
  12. Ok I'll give it go! Thanks!
  13. Yes it seems to only align the stars that are close to your object of interest. Another problem I have had is that it will only align 5 frames at a time, no matter what I do.
  14. Anybody have any tips on Keith's image stacker? When I align my frames it always aligns part of the frame but not others, like it is stretching the image in some way. I know there are better stackers out there, but I am not willing to spend much money right now, and I'm a Mac user