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  1. M51

    Nice job. Def needs more data, but it is really good for the amount that you have.
  2. First Andromeda! (WIP)

    Ok, but these are really mostly Nebula filters, am I correct? What is a cheap 2" LP filter I could get? The skywatcher one is cheap, but how his the quality?
  3. First Andromeda! (WIP)

    Thank you, but I'm leaning towards an all purpose filter. One that I could also just use with an eyepiece. But if that is downright the best option then that is what I will do.
  4. First Andromeda! (WIP)

    Most of my local street lights are sodium. And the light dome coming from the city appears to be orange.
  5. First attempt on M31 - now complete

    Drat! Your first is miles better than my first!
  6. First Andromeda! (WIP)

    No it was about 50 degrees above. But I was shooting towards the east, that is where the heaviest light pollution is.
  7. First Andromeda! (WIP)

    I was thinking about getting a light pollution filter, I just don't know which would be the best. But I have been thinking about the neodymium filter, any idea how that functions for astrophotography?
  8. I did something wrong but I don't know what.

    That is interesting, I will have to check next time I stack
  9. I did something wrong but I don't know what.

    Hi are you sure? I processed two images of the andromeda Galaxy, one with RGB aligned, and one with default values. The one that was default had almost no star color, but the RGB aligned one had a lot more star colors. Just very confusing... Sorry I can't give any photos because I'm not home right now with my computer.
  10. DNG vs TIFF vs RAW files. Lately these three types of files, and which ones to use, have been causing my images to go all wonky!
  11. First Andromeda! (WIP)

    Here is my first go at the andromeda galaxy. Only 25 mins total exposure, so just a work in progress. Image details: Canon 5d MkII 12x128 seconds, 12 darks, 16 flats. processed in PS and lightroom photographed from a light polluted area with no light pollution filter. Any constructive criticism welcome!
  12. I did something wrong but I don't know what.

    Well I have nearly an hour of 27 second exposures in a LP area without a LP filter. 11 darks, 14 flats. I uploaded the RAW CR2 files directly to my computer, then stacked. I used all of the default setting (I think?) I made no pre-processing in DSS before importing into PS for processing. Should I be aligning the RGB channels in DSS? Thats all the steps I can remember...
  13. I did something wrong but I don't know what.

    This what I got as soon as I was done stacking, zero processing. Stacked Double Cluster.TIF
  14. I did something wrong but I don't know what.

    Hi thanks for the replies. I used my Canon 5D MKII, stacking the RAW files in DSS. Maybe I will try converting to tiffs, thanks. I stacked in DSS, it's def. not in greyscale because the background sky changes color when moving color sliders. But the stars just have zero color. The image I posted is not an unprocessed image. The image I posted was what I got after many curve stretches and color adjustments but to no avail. That setting in DSS might be worth looking into though. You are talking about the unprocessed TIFF. Right? If so yeah I can do that.
  15. What will you use on Mars 2018?

    I might have an 8" dob by then. That would be what I use to observe it.