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  1. Galen Gilmore

    Jupiter from last night (21st May)

    Yes, definite improvement!
  2. Galen Gilmore

    Jupiter from last night (21st May)

    Nice pictures and detail, reminds me of when I saw Jupiter through a 10" newt in Arizona. I was never able to get very good planetary photos, I tried but I never got the hang of it. (>_<)
  3. As Geoff said, move to the alignment stars using the arrows on the handset controller. loosening the clutches causes the Go-To to lose its alignment.
  4. Oh come on, taking pictures of galaxies while in intergalactic space is cheating! Blindingly awesome guys, well done.
  5. Galen Gilmore

    StarTools RGB Noise?

    Nice job! It seems you are getting really good advice from others, but I think that you may want to give a different stacking software a go. Deep Sky Stacker (DSS) is a free DSO stacking software that is really good. Although it is not perfect and has some bugs occasionally, it really gives you good results. It is easy to use as well. http://deepskystacker.free.fr/english/index.html
  6. Galen Gilmore

    Greetings from an Italian in London

    Welcome to SGL! Just remember that we don't discriminate and we are happy to answer any questions you may have, we have a great community here! Also, it's very cool that you are a physicist, astrophysics is my dream job!
  7. It also depends on the quality of it, that might seem silly as you don't really think about the optical quality that much. But I have an excellent 6x26 finder that is a strait through correct image scope, and I use that more than I do my telrad. It is just the perfect size for star hopping, and the correct image really helps a lot.
  8. Galen Gilmore

    Ireland over the summer.

    Thanks all, Paul is right I will be all over the place, plus a day in Iceland. But I honestly don't know if my energy will be there during that day, jet lag and all that. I'm definitely going to have to check out all of Pauls suggestions, and I already had Newgrange in mind. I was also planning on going to Skelleig Micheal, do any of you know about how crowded it might be? I would expect it to be pretty crowded considering it was one of the settings in the new Star Wars movie.
  9. Galen Gilmore

    Ireland over the summer.

    Thanks, definitely gotta check those out.
  10. Galen Gilmore

    Ireland over the summer.

    Thanks, will definitely check it out. I'm taking WOW air which is the cheapest flight, but I can only take bags that can fit under the seat (without paying extra), so I don't have very many clothing options. I will have to figure something out there. Also, is there any places in Ireland that you would recommend visiting? I'm trying to devise a "travel plan" and I have some ideas but not a solid list.
  11. Hi all, I'm taking a trip to Ireland from June 7 - 21, I was wondering if there were any star parties that I could attend to during this time. Maybe I could meet up with a couple of you SGL members?
  12. Galen Gilmore

    Imaging with the 130pds

    Nice color!
  13. I would think for an all rounder scope that a nextar 8se would be a good choice, the go-to would be especially useful. Good for planets because of the aperture and long focal length. If you add a focal reducer you could also view the larger DSO's.
  14. Galen Gilmore

    GONG website: Boulder Colorado having a joke ?

    Colorado eh? Colorado is one of the only states in the US that has legalized weed, I guess that explains it.
  15. Galen Gilmore

    Autoguiding system

    Useful to know, that could save a lot of money.

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