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  1. I have made a mistake...

    I just created a little cardboard cell for my filter.
  2. My first DIY project complete!

    I have finished my first DIY project, a solar filter for my canon 5D mk2. I used just some cardboard, duct tape, and a solar filter for my 4.5" dob. As somebody with zero DIY experience I think I did fairly well.
  3. I have made a mistake...

    Thanks, that's what I wanted to hear!
  4. I have made a mistake...

    Ah, I've already got some solar glasses. But thanks anyways.
  5. I have made a mistake...

    You mean those cardboard solar filters for lenses? That would be perfect, our libraries have a telescope program somI wouldn't be suprised.
  6. I'm in a bit of a pickle guys... I waited too long to sort out all the eclipse stuff, so I ordered some baader solar film because it said it was in stock and ready to ship. It claimed that it would deliver on Wednesday, now it's Friday and I get an email saying it was back ordered. If it comes before the eclipse, great, but if not then I won't know what to do. I already have a solar filter for my 4.5" dob, but I want to photograph the eclipse with a 200mm lens. Is this filter sufficient enough to attach in front of the lens? Any other solutions? If all is lost I can still photograph totality and look at the partial phases visually. Thanks in advance.
  7. Hasn't happend to me yet, but I guess that's something to look foreword to.
  8. Veil Nebula - NGC6960

    Images like these don't need color to be gorgeous!
  9. Congratulations to the winners and the people who didn't win. With time and effort you can rival pictures made even by nasa.
  10. Hello from Croatia!

    Hello Marco, welcome to SGL! Hope to see how the project comes along .
  11. 130 PDS

    Great scope, it's my first imaging scope and it has worked wonders.
  12. Meade 16" Starfinder Equatorial

    Monolith is a worthy name for such a beast! Dont have one, but it would be awesome to have one.
  13. How to remove hazyness from high mag moon images.

    It says in your signature that your mount has a motor drive? Is that not true? You could practice stacking by doing a wide angle view and taking a 20 second video.
  14. How to remove hazyness from high mag moon images.

    I suggest that you use the highest magnification eyepiece, then do only half of the full phone zoom. That should give a better signal to noise ratio. Then if you can stack the video file in registax or autostakkert you have a pretty good image
  15. How to remove hazyness from high mag moon images.

    To me it just looks like motion blur, and/ or your out of focus. Another possibility is that your scope just doesn't have sufficient aperture to support those high magnifications with good results, to solve this you could take a video with your phone and put it into a stacking program to decrease the noise.