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  1. Yes they do ship to the US, price of shipping depends on the item.
  2. Here you go
  3. Thanks! that really helps. I was looking for a bundle of all the items and could not find it. the extra $40 for shipping I can handle.
  4. I'm just looking at the mount by itself with the added motors and polar scope.
  5. Tee he.
  6. I have a sturdy tripod as my dad is a professional photographer, so that is covered. Also the Meade LX70 is on sale for $249 (I think that's around £210?)
  7. Do you have to buy the base for the skywatcher for it to properly function like an EQ mount, or will any ball head work?
  8. You guys all mention the skywatcher star adventurer, what is a similar US equivalent?
  9. Hi jake, very nice imaging with a light setup, but the AVX mount is still a bit expensive for my tastes.
  10. That's absolutely superb! Nice job!
  11. I think I already found one. again no idea if this is good, so anybody's who used this filter give your opinion.
  12. Yea, I was about to get it but then I saw the $20 shipping price...
  13. I had a similar experience a few days ago. Before if you asked me to discribe how Jupiter looked I would say, "I see four moons and two orangish looking bands" but one night everything just sort of clicked and I saw 4 bands, dark spots on Jupiter, the GRS and swirling behind the GRS. You just need to spend time with Jupiter!