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  1. That is an amazing image for such short exposure times! is there a reason your using such short exposure times? Because I'm getting the same equipment you have, an EQ5 and a 130PDS.
  2. Welcome to the lounge! It's good you came here before getting a scope, there's a lot of stuff you need to know before making your decision. Enjoy your stay! 👍
  3. Welcome to SGL. And congratulations on your telescope purchase, anything Skywatcher is bound to be good! 👍 Tell us how you get on with everything.
  4. A new coronal hole in the sun is sparking solar winds and a chance of G1 class geomagnetic storms. See full article here this means chances for auroras!
  5. +1 for Alan's response. I asked the same question a while ago because there was small specs of dust in front of bright objects. It it turned out to just be the eyepiece!
  6. absolutely stunning. I love seeing images of objects I have never even heard of before!
  7. Welcome to SGL from a relatively new guy as well!
  8. Interesting, You learn something new each day! Thanks.
  9. I'm using a Fuji xt-1 which does have an APS sensor. I don't have the money for a corrector now, I'll get one eventually. But for now I'll either crop it out or ignore it completely.
  10. If I can get it used I might be able to get the dual axis, but other wise just the R.A drive.
  11. Thanks Dave! I've never thought about the fact that I'll be showing up to star party's with a white scope rather than a black scope (Orion) I could be addicted to a lot of things, like heroin, but instead I'm addicted to astronomy.
  12. After finally making a commitment for what I want for my very basic DSO setup, I settled on a SW130PDS on an EQ5. (I know I know, not the greatest for astrophotography ) And thanks to FLO my 130pds is floating (albeit very slowly) across the pond on its way to America! Now I'm waiting to order my EQ5 because, the shipping time is considerably less, (10-20 working days vs 1-3) and I might be able to get it used off of cloudy nights if I wait. Ok so my question is, what are some things I should know before starting? Anything at all that can give me any kind of edge. I don't want to be running blindly into this, I want to take it slow! -Galen
  13. I found that my Fuji Xt-1 has a built in intervalometer, but does it automatically combine the images into a time lapse or does it leave them separate? If it does combine them then is there a way to take the individual frames out of the time lapse?
  14. Hello! Another Missourian! As for the starblast, it is great bang for your buck, and I'm sure you would enjoy using it. If you bought a solar filter with it you could also see sunspots but that's about it.
  15. Hello and welcome to SGL, looking forward to seeing you around!