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  1. The link doesn't work.
  2. What is your friend interested in? The moon, planets, deep sky objects, or all the above? A small refractor/reflector would be good for the moon, and ok for planets, but no good for DSO's except for the brightest Messier objects. You would need a larger aperture for that.
  3. Ok thanks, that's what I expected. I can probably go 3-4 months without one.
  4. I'm about to get the 130pds, I'm just starting off with astroimaging. How much coma is prevalent without a corrector?
  5. I'm new to astronomy as well, and I'm not sure if I'm qualified to give you an answer. But an equatorial mount is required for Astro photography, but it's not ideal for visual unless you plan to do long observations on the same object. There is a lot of work that goes into setting up an EQ that could be used for viewing. That is why dobs are the ultimate visual machine.
  6. Lol, here in my neighborhood people just stare for a couple seconds, sometimes they don't even look.
  7. Does anybody have experience with the William Optics Zenithstar 80? How good is it as a visual and astrophotography scope?
  8. I think you have the magnification calculations wrong, they say the max usable magnificatio is two times your scopes aperture in millimeters. So 130mm = 260x. And the magnification of the eyepiece is telescope focal length/eyepiece focal length. So for your scope and a 4mm eyepiece you would do 650/4 = 162.5x. With a Barlow that number is 325x which is way over your maximum usable magnification. Hope you get everything sorted!
  9. That's strange, Mabye because the website treats my iPad as a desktop?
  10. I am on SGL responsive as well.
  11. Yes I can see others signatures
  12. Very nice! If there was background music for stellarium then this or something similar would go nicely. I like how the music fades in and out through different effects !
  13. I'm on mobile and I can change my signature. Am I using the desktop version on mobile?
  14. My front yard has less trees so I can see more of the sky, and I normally observe there, but there are street lamps in the distance sooo...? Luckily I'm doing astrophotography, so I have to align my mount good.