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  1. I love my spiders, they catch the terrible mosquitos that endlessly swarm me! Except those two that just sit in the web in the corner of the room doing nothing... Completely useless.
  2. I haven't actually had a successful imaging session in a long time, so I have lost almost all motivation, so I know the feeling. Because of that I also haven't been active on this forum for many months.
  3. Correct me if I am wrong, but a small dot of dust on the photo like that would have to be directly on the sensor of the camera. A spot on the lens/mirror probably wouldn't even be visible because of the long focal lengths involved in telescopes.
  4. Nice framing and color. Yep I'm still here... Lurking....
  5. I like how 'soft' the image appears, but still retaining sharpness. Good job!
  6. Love the focal length for Orion, really works to bring out the detail.
  7. It would be hard to find other members to view with here in the states, everybody is just so far away... It's good you were able to get advice from some fellow members!
  8. Thanks, it was my first time having such a wide field of view. Under settings > RAW/FITS settings > auto white balance enabled.
  9. I haven't been imaging for quite a while now, so I decided to take a step back and try to figure out why my images haven't been turning out the way I want. So I left the scope at home and used just the camera and a 200mm lens. Had a good session with it, and found out what has been wrong with my images (Some stupid obscure setting in DSS that I only found because I smashed my head on the keyboard.) Anyways here it is, it isn't much, but i'm proud that I got stuff working again! North American Nebula (10 x 2mins, ISO800) Andromeda Galaxy (20 x 2mins, ISO800) Hope I'm not embarrassing myself too much! Constructive criticism always welcome!
  10. Okay I think I figured it out, I somehow accessed a menu that allowed me to change white balance settings. The images look alright now.
  11. Okay, this is probably my 3rd post on the subject. Each time I seem to be able to fix it, but it just keeps coming back. The resulting image after the stack is so overexposed that it is impossible to work with, all the data is just gone. NAM test.TIF This makes no sense because my RAW files look fine. _MG_2077.CR2 I've done the old method of converting to a DNG file but still no luck. I'm starting to think that DSS just isn't a very good stacking program...
  12. Wait a few hours after you posted a new thread, you will get responses. Make sure you are enabling notifications on your thread so you know when someone has responded. If you don't get any responses for a day or two, then it would be ok to start a new thread.
  13. Yep, happens to the best of us. Even when I manage to get some decent exposures, it usually amounts to nothing after stacking and processing.
  14. Welcome to SGL, Please ask any questions you may have.
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