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  1. Hi Guys , I thought i might share some news i found out about USB. I have been having extreme trouble the last 2 months since i got my equipment getting software to talk to my scope with no success as well as getting my ZWO120MC camera to work only marginal success with firecapture but quality poor and settings not that responsive. It was suggested to try a Powered USB Hub after plugging it in and connecting the camera to USB it all worked and all the software immediately recognized the equipment , the same with picking up the scope. I didn't give the USB a thought as it functioned fine with external drives and flash drives obviously not enough power for the cameras and scope connections. Mick
  2. Thanks Dave I will keep you informed apparently there's a lot more out there with much the same problems. I don't suppose you can help me with clear skies? Regards Mick
  3. Hi Dave, I am using the Prolific PL-2303 driver and also i have a clean full install of Windows 10 which i must admit is so much better than an update over 8.1. I am very computer literate and been putting computers together for years a (bit of a nerd) so that's why i'm frustrated. Regards Mick
  4. Hi everyone, I'm having a load of trouble connecting to my Audiostar controller thru various software programs Stellarium, Autostar Suite, Nebulosity 4, PHD2 etc. I'm running Windows 10 I have all the relevant cables etc, but the options given in those programs support Meade lx90 autostar, and Autostar 1 & 2 Which none of those will work, I don't mind paying for software if it has up to date connectivity. After all Windows 10 and Audiostar have been around for nearly 2 years! Any suggestions please. Mick
  5. Hi Freddie i have tried Firecapture but couldn't find enough more detailed tutorials on setup etc apart from the video tutorials by the author. Is there a pdf available for FireCapture? That's the only reason for Nebulosity 4. Regards Mick
  6. I've purchased a full copy of Nebulosity 4 after trilling other software, i have a ZWO 120 MC camera and under the camera drop down menu shows only the simulator camera. The only way to get cameras to load is thru edit>de-select cameras after tick the ascom or web cam camera then thy appear in the window (working back to front). after i choose either camera it brings up the properties box and I add the settings , I then start recording and Nebulosity locks up every time. I'm running Windows 10, 16 gig Ram , and a professional video card. Any Ideas Please ? Mick I have a Meade LX90 8" on Meade Wedge, AudioStar controller, Nikon 7200D 18-160mm lens, Stellerium, Photoshop cc & Lightroom cc.
  7. Images like this makes it all worth while! Mick
  8. Hi and welcome from Tasmania have fun ! Mick
  9. Thanks for the heads up i haven't had much luck down here it has been extremely overcast for weeks and doesn't seem much better for the next week. very unusual for this time of year, nice to get some content for the Southern Hemisphere. Mick
  10. Hello and welcome to SGL. Lots of valuable advice and expert opinions given here from people all over this world of ours. Mick
  11. Thanks for letting me know what i'm up for in advance , just got my new expensive toys delivered last night Meade LX 90 8" ACFwith Audiostar controller, Meade equatorial wedge , ZWO120mc color ccd, Nikon 7200D and trying to get my head around the various software. I'm glad we have these forums available to learn along our journey. Mick
  12. images. I'm still trying to maneuver my way around stargazers lounge . my new telescope arrives next week Meade LX90 8" with EQ wedgeand ZWO ASI 120MC Camera, by for now

  13. Hello everyone i'm new to the astronomy world and looking forward to the experience to come. being so far south and crystal clear skies down here i'm hoping to get some good

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