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  1. Yup, that's them. I'm always stunned by Omega Centauri, because it is a naked eye object. I can see it without the aid of binoculars or telescope. Let me know how you go with your hilltop observation attempt!!
  2. I would recommend a southern declination. We have the 2 best globs ;-)
  3. The only magazine I buy is Astronomy, not to be confused with Astronomy Now.
  4. Any "Go-To" telescope, or Go-To mount will do that. The "push-to" scopes, will allow you to aim at something, and it will tell you what is in the view.
  5. Anytime it's up, regardless of it's illumination, it affects seeing. Hunting for faint fuzzies is best done around new moon. Filters don't really help.
  6. The PCF WPII's are fairly 'bottom end' of the Pentax range. That said, I own a pair and am happy with them for the price. Coma is pretty bad for about the outer 40% of the view. I like them because they sit nicely in my hands, and the locking focus means I grab them and they are ready to go. HTH
  7. What Can I Expect To See Astro-Baby's guide to collimation DO NOT buy the eyepiece kit. Stick with the supplied eyepieces for a while, and then buy just a few select eyepieces.
  8. Membership to the local astro club. Access to their dark sky site (and toilet) is well worth it.
  9. I don't think you saw Saturn. Mars is currently 10.1" apparent diameter, and Saturn is 17.0" (39" if you include the rings). Also it definitely looks like the other planets to the naked eye. Meh, I could be wrong.
  10. I had my best views of Jupiter last night too! That GRS was so big. And red!
  11. Aha. It says it's a beta for the yet to be released Star Adventurer Mini. It won't work with your current mount.
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