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  1. Feather Touch focuser 10:1 for Clestron 9.25 SCT Focuser is in like new condition and come complete with mounting plate and mounting screws. Silky smooth in operation. For sale £225 Currentlt retails around £345 Starlight Instruments Feather-Touch MicroFocuser for use with Celestron C 925 SCT, CPC-925 and C925 EDGE HD.
  2. sent a message as interested. is it 1.25" or 2"?
  3. I use Starsense with no problems apart from it not being dark enough. I agree with the comments above, in almost all reports of Starsense not aligning its down to location or date and time. The handset needs the date, time and location to be input or it uses the default which i think is California. Sky Portal will take location and date and time from the phone or tablet providing it can be supplied. As advised don't mix handset and app it will not work.
  4. Spotted it last week during a Messier Marathon with my club with dark sky's and an 9.25" Celestron. Could not see it on Friday with same scope in light pollute sky's. So dark sky's are a must.
  5. The hobby was designed to not have enough equipment.? There is always something that would make the next observing session that bit better. Don't hold back on that next item, you will never know if it would help or not until you have it.
  6. Hi Kiloran, glad you got on well with the scope. Freedom Find is a huge advantage if the scope gets knocked at all and should be on every scope. Don't forget you can manually move the scope to a different part of the sky and then let the goto do the final alignment. Good luck.
  7. Had a peply from Celestron. Hello Keith, Thank you for patience. You cannot test the Starsense during the day. To reset go to the Menu> Hand Control> Reset to Defaults and Menu > Starsense> Reset AIS Camera. Well you can test the app connected to the scope during the day AND use the goto AND adjust the alignment, because that's exactly what I did. So did the reset and now if I connect the app to the scope and tap align it says alignment 1 of 10. Result. Reading the Sky Safari help makes sense, here the relevant bits. Align: This synchronizes the scope to coordinates of the selected object. The bullseye indicator in the sky chart shows where the telescope thinks it is pointing. If that appears incorrect, the scope and the software must be synchronized. To do this: Physically point the scope at a real star in the sky, using SkySafari's arrow buttons or the scope control panel. Center the object in the eyepiece. Select that same object in SkySafari to make it the current target object. Do this by tapping the object in the sky chart, or by searching for it by name. Tap the Align button. Notes on Alignment Note: for Celestron NexStar, Orion/SkyWatcher SynScan, iOptron GOTONova, and ServoCAT telescope controllers, tapping the Align button stores the offset between the telescope's reported position and the selected object's position. It subtracts that offset from the telescope's reported position whenever the telescope is within 10 degrees of the object you Aligned on. In other words, SkySafari performs a "local sync" around the alignment target. If you move the telescope to a very different part of the sky, you may want to Align on a target in that part of the sky. Also note that the telescope's RA/Dec reported by SkySafari will differ from the RA/Dec reported by its hand controller (since SkySafari is applying the alignment offset to the telescope's reported position.) Note: for encoder-based "Push-To" systems, like the Tangent Instruments BBox, Celestron Astro-Master, JMI NGC-MAX, and Orion Intelliscope, SkySafari lets you perform a multi-star alignment (up to 10 stars). This eliminates the need to level your telescope mount base. Simply set up your telescope, point it at the first alignment star, select that star in SkySafari, and tap "Align". Repeat the process with a second alignment star, choosing "Align" rather than "Restart Alignment" when asked. Your encoders should now be aligned to the sky. You can continue to align on additional stars; SkySafari only uses the most recent 10 stars aligned on. If you want to forget the pervious alignment stars and align as your first star, choose "Restart Alignment". Make sure your two alignment stars are at least 10 degrees apart; 90 degrees apart is ideal. SkySafari will warn you if your alignment stars are too close together, or if their positions don't match - for example, if you've accidentally selected the wrong alignment star in SkySafari, or you're not really pointing the telescope at that star in the sky. SkySafari remembers the telescope's alignment until you quit the app, so you should not have to realign if you disconnect (or are accidentally disconnected) from the encoder control box. However, if you accidentally kick the telescope mount, or otherwise destroy your alignment, you can realign without having to quit SkySafari. To start over, point the telescope at a star, select the same star in SkySafari, and tap Align. When given the option, align on the star as the "First Star". That will reset SkySafari's alignment process and start it over with the star you just selected.
  8. Purchased Sky Safari Plus and the help section has a whole help file on Telescope control. I now know more about alignment from a 3rd party than from Celestron. How Celestron could miss out this information is jaw dropping.
  9. Find a local engineering workshop they will often do this for a few pounds.
  10. Yes the 10 reference points. I am sure i did not put them in properly as I was testing the mount AND believed these would be erased on switch off. Still no reply from Celestron so their Customer Service sucks, very poor of them. I now have Starsafari Plus installed so we will see what happens at the next clear night.
  11. DSO not showing that would explain a lot! I could not understand why they were not showing as I was sure I could see them when using it with the scope. Thanks for all your feedback and good advise, I will be giving the Plus a try.
  12. Anyone used Sky Safari 5 Plus? Anyone used it with a Celestron Evolution? Trying to find out if it's worth the money over Celestron Sky Portal. Does it also work with Celestron Star Sense?
  13. Thanks for the advise, I will try the handset and see how that works. I find it very annoying that the HC can show an error message and Celestron list no error messages and how to correct it. I have already spent several hours on something that may only take minutes to resolve. Cosmic Geoff, by alignment stars I mean the 10 extra stars you can use to help alignment.
  14. I have found restore defaults in the handset so lets see if that helps. As a supposeingly easy to use accessory, its very frustrating. I watched a YouTube video of Skysafri pro that allows you to change the alignment off-set. Can not change it in SkyPortal, why? I have e-mailed Celestron asking how to view the alignment stars or reset them. I will post their reply.
  15. Just brought a new Celestron Evolution 9.25 with Starsense. Connected everything together and did a test during the day with SkyPortal. Auto align of cause failed as it could not see any stars, but the scope moved as i tapped the direction keys on the tablet and the bulls eye move across the screen. I also tested the align and calibrate as you would. First night out auto align fails with "Alignment error too large" ummm. Auto manual, where you select the area of sky the Starsense points to success, yippee. Fantastic nights viewing. Last night same thing auto align will not work with the same error message. Out with the manuals this morning and set-up the scope. I think its something to do with the "alignment" i did when i first played with the scope during the day. Now if I connect Sky Portal and select a star and tap align I get "Align 8 out of 10" so I assume I have 7 alignments in the system. 1. So how can I see what the other 7 alignments are? 2, Can I delete the alignments so the SkySense is at factory default? So far have done a reset on the mount and did a "reset alignment" using the HC - nothing has cleared the 7 alignments the SkyPortal is reporting. I have deleted and re-downloaded the SkyPortal but still getting "Align 8 of 10" message so 7 must still be aligned. Where is this data held, the HC or mount or app or camera? Frustration abounds, the manuals are no help at all; Anyone had the same issues and managed to solve them?
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