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  1. Item now sold, thanks very much for all the messages and interest
  2. All electrics were stored inside and still work looks like its sold now though, i’ll update the post tomorrow to confirm if it goes through
  3. Theres possibly a sale pending on it now To be honest I've not given too much thought to what i would swap or part exchange for, the next items on my wish list are a star adventurer pro, ZWO Asi224MC and possibly a new mount along the lines of an HEQ5 or similar. I just dont want to see it go to waste, I know from when I bought it how expensive these things can be just for the dome alone never mind motors etc, so wanted to see it put to good use with someone who maybe couldnt afford to fork out a few thousand pounds. Maybe Ive priced it too cheap and making folk weary In all honesty, Im gutted I cant use it myself now, and if i want an obervatory its going to have to be a roll off roof or other discreet design... either that or a divorce Maybe a divorce would be a cheaper option now that i think about it
  4. £100 Plus carriage cost


  5. Yes it should still be possible to deliver
  6. Still for sale if anybody’s interested, open to offers (or maybe even a swap deal for something interesting...) Ive also managed to acquire a small trailer so might be able to assist with delivery if it helps
  7. Hi Natalie, no, i didnt get it sold... its still sitting here Had a lot going on so not done anything with it, was actually thinking about bumping the post again. Open to offers if you’re interested Brian
  8. I believe many people have used foam camping / exercise mats to make dew shields, which I'm planning on doing for my 6SE... just not got round to it yet
  9. Once the bank refund you the money, they then become the “complainer” and its up to them whether they want to refer it to police for investigation or deal with it themselves. Most of the time they have a limit where if the fraud is under that amount then they dont bother. I had a similar experience a few years ago where I had about £2000 disappear from my account, and they had the account details of where the money went, and they just refunded us and left it at that. Wasnt worth their effort to investigate further. Made me wonder just how much money they must lose through what they consider low level frauds that they write off
  10. Yip, far simpler times I always lived in hope that a sequel would have been made to BOTF then was gutted when i heard they went bust
  11. Bye the way, if you've never played it I highly recommend it, you can download it for free now. It was created by a company called Microprose who went bust and a few dedicated fans have created a site to make it available and keep it going. For a 21 year old game its really addictive
  12. That looks pretty cool, certainly looks like it would be easy enough to follow one of my favourite PC games is an old star trek game called Birth Of The Federation, which involved exploring the galaxy and colonising systems, i’ll add some screen shots i found below of the set up of that. They show the info displayed when you click on an explored system to get information on the planets to determine its suitability for terraforming / colonising. Looks like a more basic version of what youre designing
  13. Ive had it a few times recently, in particular the night of the crewed space x launch there was a few neighbours out trying to see it and I was getting my scope set up so had a few folk come to speak to me about it. Even gave one of my older scopes i dont use to one of my neighbours kids to get him started
  14. A wee bump with some more photos. I gave a couple of the panels a quick wipe and they started to clean up nicely so a blast with a pressure washer should sort them right out. Any questions just ask Brian
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