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  1. Hi folks, I’m looking to sell my fibreglass observatory dome due to a change in circumstances. I bought this about 15 months ago with the intention of building an observatory in my back garden, however my project never got off the ground because my wife decided she wanted to move house. Unfortunately, where I have moved to there are houses backing onto ours and quite simply she doesn’t want it, so i either have to do without or look at something more discreet with a roll off roof or something. As for the dome, its of fibreglass construction and is about 6 foot wide. Its controlled by electrical motors with wheels for turning it, and the opening for the scope is just manual pulleys. I bought the dome as part of an estate sale and it was working when it was dismantled. Unfortunately i cant currently test the electrics due to it being in pieces but the electrical items have been stored in my garage where its dry so theres no reason for them not to work. (If i can find a way to test it though I will). The actual dome has been kept both inside in my garage and then outside in my garden so could do with a clean but otherwise its in good condition. Ive added pictures of the full structure before i got it to give an idea of how it looks. I was planning on mounting it onto the roof of an 8x16 shed which i was splitting into 2 rooms to give a warm room and a separate room for the scope. To clarify, its only the dome and associated parts / electrics i have, the previous wooden structure was pretty much destroyed on dismantling as i had no intention of using it anyway. Due to the size it will obviously need collected, but I managed to get the whole thing into the back of a Volvo 4x4 with the back seats folded down so it wont necessarily need a van to collect. Im looking for £500 for the dome, which is a good bit less than what I paid for it as I need it sold ASAP now, no point in it sitting in pieces in my garden and garage going to waste. I live in North Lanarkshire just next to junction 7 of the M8, so easy enough to find. Any questions just ask Thanks Brian Edit- I just put the pieces of the dome together in my garden, the base of the dome measures 6 foot 2 inches across, and it sits 4 foot high. The original nuts and bolts didnt survive the dismantling process, so it will need some new ones for the rebuild but theres nothing specialist required, just some assorted nuts and bolts from somewhere like B&Q will do. I have more photos from putting the bits together tonight but I dont want to clog up this listing so I can send them via PM or email to anybody interested
  2. Pretty much all of my astronomy equipment has been bought second hand, because quite simply I couldnt afford to buy the kit I wanted brand new. My scope (Celestron Nexstar 6se) i got on a good deal I found on Gumtree, and Ive bought a few accessories from the classifieds on here. The second hand market allows access to a higher standard of equipment that you might not be able to otherwise afford, and as long as you use common sense and trust your instincts a bit, then there are bargains to be had out there
  3. My first scope i got for christmas when i was about 8. It was a Tasco refractor but i dont remember much about it other than it was blue. I do remember enjoying looking at the moon with it, but thats all i ever saw. It did inspire me to get into astronomy again 30 years later and a couple of years ago my wife bought me a Jessops own brand reflector, and after seeing Jupiter and Saturn I seriously got the bug. Now got a Celestron Nexstar 6SE, and the collection is just getting started ?
  4. I dont own a starsense but i have been looking into getting one. I think from what you are saying you need to calibrate the starsense to the scope. From what ive read once this is done on the initial set up you shouldnt have to do it again. Ive only read up on it briefly, but once you fit it and get it working, you need to set it to find a star, then select the calibration option in the menu, adjust the scope to centre on the star then save it and thats it aligned. From then on you just power it up and let it do its thing itself. Theres probably you tube videos out there that will make it easier. I think the focus issue might be a seperate problem altogether. As suggested above, might be best to play about with it during the day. Ive got the same scope and i used the top of a distant pylon to set up the focus and red dot finder, so that might be worth a shot. Hope this helps Brian
  5. I take it theres no way you could post the SW150p OTA? unfortunately im about 400 miles away so collection isnt really an option Brian
  6. Ive also been debating getting one of these, as im very much a beginner at this and struggle to get my nexstar 5se properly aligned. I usually give up and end up just looking at the easier to find things like saturn and jupiter etc. I take it they are pretty easy to set up and use then?
  7. Hi folks, looking for some more advice please... My wifes dad had tried to build a telescope years ago, and there are a few parts we have found while looking through some of his old stuff. Unfortunately he passed away long before i met my wife, and she has no idea about any of the equipment, all she knows is the telescope tube was “really big and really long” (not much to go on and not something i hear her say very often ?) Anyway, I have a few mirrors and eyepices here and I've no idea if they can be used / refurbished. Any advice or information would be appreciated... I would have absolutely no idea about where to start with any of it and dont even know how big a project it is building a telescope, but im guessing its not an easy task. I think there is another large mirror hiding somewhere which i’ll add if i can find it thanks Brian
  8. Thanks very much for all the replies folks... it came from a home observatory that was being decommissioned, i basically bought the fibreglass dome and got that thrown in as a freebie along with some other bits and pieces. Unfortunately the owner had passed away so there was nobody that could tell me anything about it or show me it working. There was also some large weights in there which i think must have been used to help secure it since it was on the tripod and not on a pier. I think i’ll need to have a look through the power supplies and other stuff to see if theres one that fits it then i’ll see if i can get it up and running and take it from there.
  9. Hi folks, im looking for any advice or info about this mount / tripod ive acquired. I basically got this thrown in as a freebie with some other stuff i bought but dont know much about it. Having had a quick look on google it seems it might have been quite an expensive piece of kit but is quite old. Just trying to find out if its worth keeping or if its outdated. Ive not been able to test it as yet so dont know what it would take to get working but from what i was told theres no reason to believe its not working, just hasnt been used for a while. There was no telescope with it unfortunately thanks Brian
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