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    These ones only seem to last about 3 months before burning up, but you are right, theres a whole load of space junk up there already that could be doing with getting cleared up (if thats at all possible) I’ll maybe leave that for a whole different thread though
  2. bf79


    I found this mentioned randomly on a facebook group a few weeks ago and it got me interested... Basically, you can buy a kit to build your own micro satellite and have it launched into low earth orbit. The kits you buy for launch cost in the region of about £180, you can build it yourself or buy it pre built, and you pick from a selection of sensors you want to add which you can monitor from your computer once in orbit Launch costs are about £800 per satellite, and they launch about 200 at a time from a cube sat. Once in orbit it will last about 3 months then burn up S
  3. Hi Andy Happy to help where I can but unfortunately Im still trying to figure a lot of this out as well. I don't use a MacBook and my laptop is pretty much past it now thats why I bought the ASIAir to control the camera. I still use the starsense and hand controller to control the mount. Ive bought most of my equipment second hand so mine is the older style connector on the handset, and i downloaded the file manager and firmware updates and tried to update using the Celestron wifi adapter to connect to my laptop but when i managed to connect them I couldn't get the firmware to update
  4. Hi folks, just got myself an ASI air pro and waiting on my ASI 290MC camera getting delivered from FLO. Cant wait to get started with them but while I wait for the camera I'm looking for inspiration on how best to mount the Air pro to my telescope, a Celestron Nexstar 6SE Anybody here use a similar set up that could give me some pointers, and maybe a couple of pictures to help out? Also, any general pointers on using this set up appreciated. I really want to get some nice images of Jupiter and Saturn so hopefully this should be capable of that Thanks in advance Brian
  5. Item now sold, thanks very much for all the messages and interest
  6. All electrics were stored inside and still work looks like its sold now though, i’ll update the post tomorrow to confirm if it goes through
  7. Theres possibly a sale pending on it now To be honest I've not given too much thought to what i would swap or part exchange for, the next items on my wish list are a star adventurer pro, ZWO Asi224MC and possibly a new mount along the lines of an HEQ5 or similar. I just dont want to see it go to waste, I know from when I bought it how expensive these things can be just for the dome alone never mind motors etc, so wanted to see it put to good use with someone who maybe couldnt afford to fork out a few thousand pounds. Maybe Ive priced it too cheap and making folk weary
  8. £100 Plus carriage cost


  9. Still for sale if anybody’s interested, open to offers (or maybe even a swap deal for something interesting...) Ive also managed to acquire a small trailer so might be able to assist with delivery if it helps
  10. Hi Natalie, no, i didnt get it sold... its still sitting here Had a lot going on so not done anything with it, was actually thinking about bumping the post again. Open to offers if you’re interested Brian
  11. I believe many people have used foam camping / exercise mats to make dew shields, which I'm planning on doing for my 6SE... just not got round to it yet
  12. Once the bank refund you the money, they then become the “complainer” and its up to them whether they want to refer it to police for investigation or deal with it themselves. Most of the time they have a limit where if the fraud is under that amount then they dont bother. I had a similar experience a few years ago where I had about £2000 disappear from my account, and they had the account details of where the money went, and they just refunded us and left it at that. Wasnt worth their effort to investigate further. Made me wonder just how much money they must lose through what they consi
  13. Yip, far simpler times I always lived in hope that a sequel would have been made to BOTF then was gutted when i heard they went bust
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