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  1. No rush, once you are done let me know. I know I might buy it new somewhere here for the same price but I prefer to make currency circulate through people rather than through companies whenever possible. Ciao Giovanni
  2. Would you consider shipping the extension tube to Italy? Thank you and have a nice xmas holidays everybody!!!
  3. Hello, I am looking to buy an extension tube to achieve direct focus through my SW80ED, I guess 2" diameter by 2"/5cm length should do fine, anything you want to get rid of and willing to ship EU? Thanks for looking Giovanni
  4. Wow, that's beautiful and would be a good fit for my 80ED but little over my budget. Good luck for the sale
  5. Hello, I am looking to upgrade the focuser of my SkyWatcher 80ED to resurrect it and use, along with an extension tube, for some night sky photography, if any body has a dual speed focuser for sale to fit my refractor I will be glad to evaluate offers. Has to be willing to ship to EU Thank uyou Giovanni
  6. The 80ED uses a 2" focuser if I recall it correct and then adapters for the 1.25" oculars out of the diagonal so I would need a 2" extension tube to then thread to the T-adapter I already have for both my FullFrame Nikon and APS-C Fuji
  7. Long story short, got a SW80ED a while ago and never made much use of it, I'd like to start and do some photography with my Alt/Az mount (short exposures) and with a DSLR camera in the prime focus not through the diagonal so I am wondering which length tube should I get to achieve correct focus, any suggestion about length, model, maker, shop...? Grazie Giovanni
  8. Hello Sandy, first and foremost thank you for your detailed reply! No, I don't have a field flattener, am a beginner, bought the scope to take my son and his classmates to observe the sky a few years ago and now would like to pick up again and to also attempt some photography through prime focus. I already have a T ring to fit my Nikon camera to the scope and could use the same ring to mount the lighter Fuji on it through an adapter which allows to mount Nikon F bayonet on Fuji X one, so I am set with that and as far as it seems the first thing I have to get is the extension tube which you sta
  9. At this moment in time I have the two cheap EP which came with the ED80, they are LET branded, 20 and 5mm in 1,25" barrels, I added a TMB Optical 3.2mm and two Celestron X-Cel LX a 12 and a 25mm, all in 1,25", I was trying to figure it out if to look for a 30+mm in 2" for wide field even though I am more (when and if it happens that the scope will get out of home...) into planets and which would eventually be the advantages to compensate the heavy weight and cost of a 2 incher. Thank you
  10. As by subject, when is it desirable, being able to use one, having a 2" eyepiece rather than an 1,25" one?
  11. Hi all, waiting for Jupiter to show up earlier and earlier I wanna get an extension tube for my SW80ED so I can try some prime focus photography either with a Nikon D800 through T adapter or with a DX sensor Fuji X-Trans sensor camera through T adapter and then Fuji to Nikon adapter (so I can do it all with the same T adapter I use to mount Nikon F bayonet on to the scope). I read somewhere that to reach focus without diagonal it needs at least 4cm extension, what I need to know is, out of your knowledge, which is the required length to reach focus, which is the thread and where, in EU, I can
  12. With the winter season approaching I hope to get out a few times with my SW80ED to show kids the night sky (years ago I showed kids from elementary school Jupiter and they were stunned), I'd also like to attempt some photography with either my D-SLR or mirrorless camera and as such would also need an extender tube to avoid going through diagonal, what I need is your advice re a sturdy and precise dual speed focuser I might look for also on the used market which will not break my bank account (broken already) and an extension tube, would you be so nice to give me your advice and hints on what a
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