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  1. My cover, made from oil cloth for my meade lx90 acf 8inch. Al
  2. Cant decide now. i like the no nonsense aporoach if the ST 102/120 and the vixen 110 on mini porta. i think small short frac may be easier. al
  3. Dom, Your view (area of sky) will not be significantly larger with barlowed x2 28mm (68 fov)at x86 and your 15mm starguider at x80.(60 fov) those who have used both will be better placed to advise at this stage. The longer fl morpheus 17.5 sounds awesome by all the reviews on here. al
  4. I would recommend goto as one. The database is fantastic, so far mine has performed exceptionally, really accurate, which does help especially if trying to maintain and captivate youngsters interest. I think telescope house had all celestron nexstars reduced. FLO did have a sky watcher discovery for 300, not sure if they still have. good luck al
  5. Hello, i forgot to mention my advice is based on my findings with me using f10 sct with goto which is really kind on most eyepieces and is easier to keep on axis. Thats my justification for not needing wider fov (yet). Al
  6. I would keep both for time being if you are able to. Reassess once we get dark nights back. But that is only my opinion. There are loads of experienced guys on here who are worth taking advice from. I do prefer my 40mm plossl over my 32mm just find int more relaxing and comfortable. I have 15mm plossl and starguider and use both my 18mm bst starguider and 26mm meade plossl show similar amount of sky and both get used. Sometimes its nice to compare side by side as both have their plusses. You have a par focal set which is nice but not a necessity. You could also keep 1 or more to let others
  7. Rumour has it that you need 2 complete sets before you are able to see through the clouds! al
  8. Glad you got it all sorted and was impressed with view. I could do with these clouds moving on! al
  9. Bristol camera has vixen slv for 99 each, most fl with free shipping, ive not used either eyepiece or retailer. al
  10. Ive used my x2 barlow on moon with 12mm /8mm bst starguider and meade sp 6.4 and 9.7, just to see max i could use, based on this i can justify 5mm starguider for very good conditions. al
  11. Congratulations on your scope, i find starguiders more comfortable to use than shorter fl plossl with twist up eyecups. i do find view with plossl really good and clear at f10 but a slightly narrower fov than starguider. But with you having tracking its easier to keep target on axis so wider is not necessarily as important to me. Al
  12. Good choice adam, welcome to team starguider/explorer. Its all been said already above. al
  13. Im another on the good ship BST STARGUIDER For me they are fantastic. Al
  14. Im now strongly thinking of the vixen 110 vmc on mini porta, would this be recomended over the others i have mentioned. Also iis this quick set up and low/no maintenance. Thanks again all and starcluster for the steer! al
  15. Hello richmk Im another onboad good ship bst starguider. al
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