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  1. I 3d printed some for my skymax 180 when I had the same problem: https://cad.onshape.com/documents/1c9db84e9f63e24826737e51/w/9c45839ad49745f3d6a60074/e/ce0c58e13c587b74511bad1f?renderMode=0&uiState=65a0fa254f325822d98b8841 I added some felt to the inside so I wouldn't scuff up the paint on the ota
  2. Wow, what a beauty. I'm not envious - not at all - nope - nope..... 😂
  3. I'm using https://www.suninfo.dk/index.php?lang=en for looking up when my site is usable. It is both in Danish and in English (small flag top right corner). I really like it as it makes it easy to see the moon phases i relation to darkness - and it's very visual which I like a lot 🙂 Unfortunately you can't use it to modify the darkness. Astronomical twilight is back-ish (midnight till 3 am) where I am but no night until mid August and then only for an hour between 1 am and 2 am.
  4. @happy-kat @Gina @AngryDonkey Thank you all for your input. I am running a Raspberry pi and wrote my own software using OpenCV. It's clunky and total overkill but the API of the ASI cameras dictated that at the time. I'll take a look at both the INDI stack and at allskyeye. Thanks again ? Michael
  5. I see that some use SharpCap for recording and a mention of something called "allskyeye" but when I look for the latter I get a reference to SkyEye but no software. I have rolled my own which is not exactly optimal, so what experiences so the rest of you have with regard to software?
  6. Nice That has been my main fear with my setup.
  7. You don't have any problems with the sun destroying the sensor? Well, obvisouly not, but that is my main worry about having mine out all day. No problems there?
  8. Hi :-) Gina, what lens is that? Do you perhaps have a link to a seller? I would love to get a better coverage of the sensor as well :-) /Michael
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