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  1. gentlebear76

    Autonomous Allsky camera with Raspberry PI.

    Veeery nice! I've been working on something similar but got stuck on the iris thing. Do you happen to have the model number for your Computar lens?
  2. OnShape works great. I use it when designing parts for my 3D-printer.
  3. Hi :-) Gina, what lens is that? Do you perhaps have a link to a seller? I would love to get a better coverage of the sensor as well :-) /Michael
  4. gentlebear76

    NEQ 6 DIY mounting bracket to pier

    I use a brake disc for mine. Like you I have a plate that provides a hole for the bolt to hold the scope and then the brake disc above that. Both of these are held by 6 large bolts set in concrete. It's really annoying to drill a brake disc but I've had no problems other than that. You just have to find a brake disc that matches the small step on the mount. My local car shop has a homepage with what they offer and on that there are measurements for the different disks so I was able to find one that fit exactly. Can't remember which one, though. Painted it using hammerite. This solution has worked for me for 2 years without trouble. I should add, though, that my mount is inside my RoR observatory so there is no continued direct contact with the environment. Michael
  5. gentlebear76

    New power supply for EQ6

    I use an old computer power supply. Works great and has 12V, 5V and 3.3V all in one :-) Plenty of oomph there amp-wise as well :-)
  6. gentlebear76

    Raspberry Pi and Astronomy

    Is this the tutorial on the indilib site? I'm following your endeavour into RPi with great interest. I tried it a couple of times myself but had problems with the qhy drivers so I decided to drop it. However, it is a very capable suite so I might return :-) /Michael
  7. Sounds great, Chris. I'll do some more thinking and I'm hoping for more experiences and pictures from you both :-) Michael
  8. That's a bit discouraging :-/ However, I'm glad I caught your comment before placing an order. When I saw the video from Chris I was quite positive. I'm looking forward to more experiences and images from you :-)
  9. Hi Chris. Are you using your new 1.4 lens for this? It seems that you've got a good setup here. Reading Gina's comment on the 178MM I was wondering what your experience with it has been? Do you have any active cooling on it? Clear skies :-) Michael
  10. Hi, You may already know this but I thought I'd share anyway :-) ZWO has an SDK for their cameras which enables you to do the imaging using a simple program. The SDK can be found here: http://astronomy-imaging-camera.com/software/ This guy: http://www.instructables.com/id/Wireless-All-Sky-Camera have used it for his all sky camera, running it on a raspberry pi under raspbian. I'm sooooo tempted right now :-D /Michael
  11. I looking forward to hear about your experiences with the ASI178. I have some wild ideas about how I can use my QHY, but it might be a bit too wild. I might just be one of those things not worth using a lot of time on and just take the plunge and pay the price. It also seems it should be compatible with the indilib and thus runnable on Linux. /Michael
  12. Hi Gina (and all the rest :-) ), I was wondering if your camera has an internal shutter or if there is one in the lens. I'm working on something similar, although I use a qhy5 camera in mine, and I'm unsure if I can leave it outside all day in the sun without it getting damaged. I have been through all of this conversation and the previous ones about your all sky cameras and I know the Fujinon lens has a manual aperture but what about this one? Any way, it's a very impressive setup you've got. I'm looking into passivelly cooling my camera as well but finding something with an inner diameter of 1.25" or equivalent is pretty hard in Denmark :-) Trigger creativity ;-) Clear skies :-)
  13. gentlebear76

    dewshield tube?

    I got some heavy black felt. It's about 1 cm thick and works great. I have a street light just outside my observatory and using the felt dew shield removes any glare at all from the light. I do 600+ seconds on targets right next to the light without any problems.
  14. gentlebear76

    Atik 414EX

    I use APT and like it very much. It's pretty easy to use and contains a lot of functionality for the price. And Ivo, the developer, is a really nice guy and easy to get a hold of if needed. He is very active on his forum and is very open to suggestions and problems. Recently I have had a problem using the platesolving and automatic goto function and have had a really good experience communicating with him and a couple of other guys on the forum. I also had a suggestion which will be implemented in the next release :-) All in all a great experience both softwarewise and peoplewise. /Michael

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