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  1. gentlebear76

    need some imperial bolts in metric land

    I got 1/4" bolts in a car accessories shop in Denmark.
  2. gentlebear76

    Transformer proliferation

    I converted a standard computer PSU into my power supply. Multiple 12V lines, 5V and 3.3V if you need it. It'll provide more than enough power. I've measured mine under load to ensure that it delivers exactly 12V and it does.
  3. gentlebear76

    Dual imaging rig

    That's a great idea I'd never considered that as a place to consider for that kind of use. Really nice
  4. gentlebear76

    Simple All-sky camera housing build

    Looks really nice Is that white bag for internal moisture control? I'm working on something similar and borrow all I can for the rest of you
  5. gentlebear76

    Teflon strips

    I'm not entirely sure what your question is. If it's teflon you need to make the strips yourself you can get that on ebay. I just bought a 300mmx300mm sheet 1mm thick. You can get those in a lot of different thicknesses. Just search for "teflon sheets" on ebay
  6. gentlebear76

    All sky lens

    I would think any sensor and fish eye lens combination will give you an image similar to this. Of course there is resolution, sensitivity and lens quality to consider as well but I used a QHY5-II and the fish eye lens it came with for similar images for a while. That's a 250€ camera. The above image was taken with a ZWO ASI178MM hooked up to a raspberry pi running software I wrote myself. I havn't tried with a raspberry pi standard camera or a pi noir but I don't see why they shouldn't work.
  7. gentlebear76

    All sky lens

    North is right., east at the top. If I want I can put it up at the top of the roof towards east. The street is sloping downwards that way so it'll help me get over the height of the street lights. It does, however, mean that I have to dance around on a ladder 6 meters above the ground with a large unbalanced box. I may look at making some sort of pole elsewhere where I can mount it a bit more permanently. We'll see. I hadn't considered the sensor size. I just had a DOH moment I can't afford a new camera so I may just have to learn to live with it. Now, if they just made elliptical fish eye lenses Michael
  8. gentlebear76

    All sky lens

    I have tried it outside (had to dig a bit to find an image :-) ) and quite a bit of outer part of the actual image is whatever is on the horizon so I loose a lot there as well. I'm planning to move it up higher, so I'll get less/none of the lights but still. Michael
  9. gentlebear76

    All sky lens

    Hi all, As many others I'm also building an all sky camera - I'm very original I'm using a ZWO ASI178MM as my camera with a Fujinon fish eye 1:1.8/1.4mm lens which is more or less the same as most others are using. I am, however, a bit annoyed with the large amount of "dead space" in the image, as the lens only gives me an image that covers only about half the sensor space. I guess that is limited by the lens and its specs so I'm wondering if someone can recommend a differenc lens that covers more of the sensor, but still offers the same sensitivity as the Fujinon. I don't mind loosing some of the sky on the vertical part of the image if I can get more horizontally - I'm greedy Any suggestions? Clear skies, Michael
  10. I use onshape. Online and you have to sell your soul but it works great. It's free if you do public designs.
  11. gentlebear76

    Yet Another AllSkyCamera Build

    @happy-kat @Gina @AngryDonkey Thank you all for your input. I am running a Raspberry pi and wrote my own software using OpenCV. It's clunky and total overkill but the API of the ASI cameras dictated that at the time. I'll take a look at both the INDI stack and at allskyeye. Thanks again Michael
  12. gentlebear76

    Yet Another AllSkyCamera Build

    I see that some use SharpCap for recording and a mention of something called "allskyeye" but when I look for the latter I get a reference to SkyEye but no software. I have rolled my own which is not exactly optimal, so what experiences so the rest of you have with regard to software?
  13. gentlebear76

    Yet Another AllSkyCamera Build

    Nice That has been my main fear with my setup.
  14. gentlebear76

    Yet Another AllSkyCamera Build

    You don't have any problems with the sun destroying the sensor? Well, obvisouly not, but that is my main worry about having mine out all day. No problems there?
  15. gentlebear76

    Autonomous Allsky camera with Raspberry PI.

    Veeery nice! I've been working on something similar but got stuck on the iris thing. Do you happen to have the model number for your Computar lens?

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