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  1. Thanks for the info guys, a new scope purchase means this is on the back burner for a while. I'd love to be able to get a go before I buy, i'll look out for a star party and see if anyone has one i can test... From the above it looks like an improvement but maybe not a total cure.
  2. I have a Canon 5D which is a full frame DSLR I am considering a field flattener for the FLT but at £250 or so i just wanted to know if i'd see the value or whether to leave it on the wish list a little longer. Any feedback is appreciated
  3. My own early beginings were tough and disappointing, a lot of hard work trying to set up an equatorial mount correctly, then trying to locate anything. I was contemplating getting an Alt-Az mount for point and shoot or whether to just pack it in when I managed to get Saturn in the eyepiece, it saved my night and got me hooked. The only trouble was that it whizzed across the field of view so quickly i was having trouble keeping it in view. I would use a wide eypiece, 25-32mm and get it in place and by the time i'd whipped the EP out and plugged in a 5 or 9mm one it was gone.. Argh, so frustrating. Thankfully i was able to get myself an EQ6Pro mount, and whilst i'm still learning how to master all of its uses, at least if I get something I want to look at in the eyepiece then the mount will track it pretty well even with a rough polar alignment. Hang in there though, it will be worth it (That's what i tell myself anyway, lol)
  4. Using the chart in the middle pages of Sky at night each month I can now find Saturn with ease. (It helps that it's just to the left of Leo's backwards question mark just now! As a beginner, Saturn and the moon are my favourite things just now, but i'm sure i'll find others as I go on
  5. I'd really love to get an Ethos or two but the lottery just isn't playing game yet!!! Someday soon maybe, sounds great compared to my bog standard Celestron Plossl's
  6. I bought my first kit from telescope planet, i won't be buying anything else! They charged extra for saturday delivery and delivered on Thursday, no refund. They sent some of the wrong kit, no replacement. No customer care, no customers...... I'll stick to Green-Witch for the moment, at least Lee is very helpfull.
  7. Thanks for the heads up on this, i find focussing my DSLR very difficult. Will give this a go.
  8. Lovely photo, haven't yet been able to even see Jupiter. I'm jealous, lol. Well done.
  9. Nice shot, just can't get close at the moment with my DSLR..
  10. My first night out a month or so back was highlighted by my managing to find saturn and marvel at it. Now of course i'm looking for better and bigger and clearer views, where will it all end..... I must also say that the first time i managed to get a half decent eyepiece on the moon it blew me away as well, the amount of detail was amazing. Just wish I could image as good as you can see through the EP, I suspect that might be a bit off. Anyway, Saturn rocks and I suspect a lot of beginners like to look at it for those ring!!!
  11. Hi to all from an enthusiastic amatuer. I'm wondering whether or not to purchase a field flattener to use with my WO refractor and Canon DSLR? Does anyone have any experience using one? Does anyone own one and can tell me what benefits I should get? Thanks in Advance Rossco72
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