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  1. No you're fine, you might find a use sometime, especially if you decide to do imaging.
  2. A sneak preview of what it might look like?? Of course with a Gibralter mount you wont be needing that ADM dovetail bar :-)
  3. Here's your new 85 on a Televue Gibralter mount I used to own, it was well balanced and smooth and even had a push to computer to boot! However these mounts are pretty expensive these days if you can find one.
  4. If it's well balanced and silky smooth, you wont need slow motion controls as you can just nudge the scope to follow what youre looking at
  5. I used it on my EQ6 just because that is what I had, prior to that I had a Televue Gibralter AltAz but to be honest both were a bit overkill. I think something like the AZ4 would do just fine for visual, EQ6 for imaging.
  6. 6.5m length, id like to see the roll off roof obsy that takes it lol.
  7. I think Britain has been doing pretty poorly in the weather stakes of late, particularly in the North. Something to do with the Jet Stream migrating North???
  8. its so bright it's almost blinding. A lot of detail there though. For me I'd try to make it just a little less bright on the eyes. But great work.
  9. Greetings folks, I have been away from astronomy for about 18 months now and haven't managed a single night under the stars in that time. It's made me think that I need to trim my kit and manage my expectations. I still have an interest for sure but the Scottish weather coupled with my lack of time and access to a good site has been soooo frustrating. I hope to keep an interest and will deffo keep some kit but I have too much gear that simply isn't getting used. Hope everyone else is fairing better and having clear skies and lovely images. Cheers Stuart
  10. I had a c11 a few years back. I sold it to make way for the dob but I miss it on planets and the moon. Maybe one day I'll get another.
  11. There are many better alternatives to the sky watcher and celestron branded powertanks. As long as it delivers 12v tip positive then it will work and the ah rating will define how long it will run your proposed equipment. If its just the mount you shouldnt need much. I use 120ah marine battery as I have to power a mount, dew heaters, 2 cameras, a laptop and these all consume a fair bit of power.
  12. I have imaged the north american nebula and veil with lenses and the results are ok in a sense of showing someone what's there, but to pick through and correct all of the issues with colour offsets, star fringing etc would be a labour beyond my patience. I have also imaged north america with a small 370mm apo triplet and the results were far more pleasing and mucheasier to correct the smaller number of residual issues. That's just my opinion based on my experience. Regards Stuart
  13. The coatings are specific for each brand, but in a large fast achro you will probably find there isn't much difference that you can see. Both brands are owned by the same company so there is bound to be some commonality there to make use of tooling etc. Celestron used to be american made but are now made in China along with the Skywatcher, so unless you find an old made in USA Celestron then you will likely find the two scopes are much of a muchness. I'd be surprised if the optics are any different in the old skywatcher over the new one but the newer ones might have newer coatings applied. Regards Stuart
  14. As already said, at least an HEQ5 for AstroPhotography. The mount in your link will only lead to many frustrating nights wasted trying to get any results, then you will give up. Whatever mount you get needs to be able to "easily" hold the weight of the scope plus all the extras, it must also be capable of being auto guided otherwise your images will just look like blurry messes. Equally, do you want goto or are you happy you can find all of the objects you want to image? Buy the book called "making every photon count", read it, read it again, then make your purchase as an informed buyer. Otherwise you risk throwing your money away. Regards Stuart
  15. I think the problem with this is that when used "wide open" most camera lenses give their worst performances. Even £10,000 worth of Canon L glass will likely need to be stopped down to f4 or f5.6 before it gives acceptable performance on the stars. At these speeds you are right back into APO territory and the APO will be cheaper...
  16. You can of course always do mosaics to get both detail and expanse!!
  17. Sorry, I should have excluded achros.In my own experience then every apo I've owned would outperform a lens on the stars. As you say, if you have one anyway... But if both are available to you I doubt you will select the camera lens. Cheers Stuart
  18. I will be gutted when my TV85 goes, it truly is a fabulous scope visually and with the dedicated reducer it holds it's own very well at f5.6
  19. I have tried a few of Canon's highest regarded L Lenses for Astro Work. None of them can compare to a telescope. As I think was mentioned earlier in the thread, there are just too many compromises in camera lens to make it a jack of all trades whereas a telescope has but one function. Cheers Stuart
  20. I look forward to seeing more of the build. I am sure the views through this will be spectacular. Cheers Stuart
  21. hopefully know tonight. So far cloud, cloud and more cloud. Needless to say as the moon gets full, the clouds part a little, typical Cheers Stuart
  22. In the end I got professional help. The binocular repair centre in Glasgow, £60, full alignment and nitrogen topped up. If anyone is looking, you can contact them direct or through Viking Optical who use them for all UK repair work. Done an excellent job. Cheers Stuart
  23. Simply stunning image of a popular target. Your hard work in processing really has paid off. Thanks for sharing this. Cheers Stuart
  24. I realise this was some time ago, however I have to stick up for my 66ED. The colour correction is better than a TV pronto I owned, I compared them side by side and sold the Televue. My focuser was OK but as I use the scope for imaging I fitted a feathertouch and think its about the ideal 2.5" scope. Cheers Stuart
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