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  1. Has anyone had any experience or seen any reviews of these binos? http://www.teleskop-express.de/shop/product_info.php/info/p2233_TS-Giant-Binoculars-100mm-APO---45--angled---for-1-25--eyepieces.html I'd like to see some real world feedback before taking the plunge. Cheers Stuart Sent from my GT-I9505 using Tapatalk
  2. I had a start on my 22x85s last night. I've exposed all of the adjustment screws OK but wasn't really able to see two distinct images to align. However on drawing my head back the left exit pupil is about 1/4 of the circle lower than the right one. Should the exit pupils be level for a start? Sent from my GT-I9505 using Tapatalk
  3. Here is my best translation for anyone interested. Helios Apollo collimation.docx Regards Stuart
  4. Glad to see we are all getting along again. For me I just share the sentiment that I would have preferred someone to get them at a great price who was going to use them and enjoy them rather than for someone to make a fantastic profit. However I agree the "dealer" has done nothing wrong and is as entitled to buy as anyone else. Sent from my GT-I9505 using Tapatalk
  5. Is that the ones on ebay now for £1400? Sent from my SM-P605 using Tapatalk
  6. Thanks for the info guys, its a pity no-one has done a really good set of instructions in English. Ill let you know how I get on
  7. If you get a chance I'd be keen to see any links you might have. Thanks Stuart Sent from my GT-I9505 using Tapatalk
  8. Steve, Is this based on experience or reading on the net? I'm about to tackle this job and I am keen to read what i can in advance. Cheers Stuart
  9. I am very happy with my 6D. I would like a 5D III for normal daytime use due to the better focussing, but for me the 6D is just about as good with a fair saving in price. I also seen a report that had the 6D having the highest QE of all the current canon cameras so that's a bonus for astro. Regards Stuart
  10. Do you think you might add the double stack modules at some point?
  11. If my 6 numbers come up, this might be high on my list..... Looks like it could be special.
  12. Thanks, Also know I need more data but the -8 temp and the 75% moon were conspiring against me... Cheers Stuart
  13. Hi all, This is M45 under too much moon last night. Only managed 100 minutes but here it is. Needs more signal and less noise, less moonlight would help too WO132FLT Canon 650D CGE Mount PHD finder guider with DMK21 100 minutes in 5 minute subs. Reduced in size and converted to jpeg for this post Cheers Stuart
  14. ok, added more data last night. This is now about 3.5 hours worth of data. May need longer subs to get more nebulosity out, what do you think? Regards Stuart
  15. M27 Nebula 17 of 20 5 minute subs Canon 650D astro Modded William Optics 132FLT with TMB Flattener Guided with PHD using finder guider and DMK21 Celestron CGE mount It's been so long since I managed anything so it's just nice to post again. Regards Stuart
  16. After messing about with various power options over the years I finally got a 120A leisure battery and battery box which is wired with 5 cigarette lighter sockets and has a test button to confirm voltage etc. Battery was about £100, box was £40, some modifications cost about £20. For the first time in my Astro life, I can power the mount, laptop, camera, guide camera, Dew heater, USB hub and anythiing else I need all night long without running out. If you're going to be moving away from home a lot as I have to then there really is no other way to go. Regards Stuart
  17. I'd like my C11 back for the moon and planets but other than that thankfully not too many regrets so far. I am looking out for the right Tak tho which might mean selling more 'fracs....
  18. I use a Polarie instead of astrotrac but the same bits are needed and I use a Gitzo tripod with manfrotto 410 geared head to hold the Polarie and polar align then a manfrotto ball head for the camera. Don't scrimp on the mount. Just like AP through a telescope, the mount will make or break you. Cheers Stuart
  19. Looks good. Like the inverted shot at the end.
  20. Here's my setup from above. Weighs in at 5.2kg including the 2" diagonal and Nagler eyepiece. Mount is 2kg and is rated for 12kg. Cheers Stuart
  21. Red Snapper are good value if aluminium is ok. If you want the ultimate in light weight then Gitzo but be prepared to pay at least £600 or Manfrotto carbon fibre at around £250. If weight isn't too much of an issue though then the Red Snapper at £60 is great. I have one on the car all the time. Cheers Stuart
  22. That's the same cost as a 055 ball head which will hold 12kg. The ball head has almost infinite possibilities for positioning a scope or camera. The hard part I found was finding legs capable of taking the load the head could. The Gitzo legs are great. Carbon fibre and light but expensive. Seems there are numerous options to consider. Cheers Stuart
  23. I use a gitzo tripod, manfrotto ball head and it holds either my 70mm TV or 66mm triplet with ease. Light, fits in the case and can also be used for normal photography. The ball head can sit at 90 degrees and with the pan lock loosened and the tension just right it acts just like an alt-az mount. Use the centre hook to sling some weight underneath (stones! Etc. ) and its fine for visual and even AP with the Polarie added. Cheers Stuart
  24. That looks pretty good to me. Could you repost the scope/camera details please?
  25. If I was going up a mountain I'd use my carbon fibre tripod and ZS66 scope with 2 zoom eyepieces. All could be carried on my back with a total weight of about 6kg. Cheers Stuart
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