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  1. Finder guiders are really pretty useful, small and light. I don't know of any off hand which can be used without a small laptop though. I used to have an LVI smartguider which was standalone and simple to use, I now use a laptop and PHD and it is really quite flexible, if a bit bewildering at first. Like you at first i wanted to use something simple and without a laptop but once you get into using the laptop you wouldnt look back. Since using it for PHD I now use EQMOD to control the mount and APT to control the camera all from the laptop along with PHD. It opens up more possibilities. Cheers Stuart
  2. I hope you get some enjoyment out of the scope, try to get a good view of Saturn now it's better placed. The view should perk you up and keep you enthused for a while! Cheers Stuart
  3. Cheers I am hoping the 650 will deliver. It's a great wee camera. Cheers Stuart
  4. I've got one but don't find it as good as the Hutech IDAS, however the clip system is easier but the images aren't quite as good The Hutech was also a lot more expensive. Cheers Stuart
  5. I have a 650Da as I like to call it. Got mine from Andy at Astronomiser in the UK. I'm impressed by the camera but have been struggling with the right LP filter and too few clear nights. Works great with APT. Cheers Stuart
  6. Well the number of shutter activations is usually 100000 or even 150000 which is quite a lot. With guided you actually use less because you are taking long exposures. Unguided you will be taking more. If you are tracking you might get 20-30 seconds a go. If you are fixed the you could be talking about at few as 2-3 seconds per exposure! Can you provide a little more detail on what you plan to do? Cheers Stuart
  7. The 7ah tank will not last more than a couple of hours unless it is only running the mount. The 17ah tank is better. Cheers Stuart
  8. It is....... Lol However the better colour control of the triplet may not be needed by visual observers, for imaging tho its the one to have. Cheers Stuart
  9. That was a great price for one of the few really good zooms out there. Wish I had got mine for that little....
  10. I had a Baader it was ok but the Pentax is just better. However at 3 times the cost that's the price you pay!
  11. Lol. Bank balance would have given it away......
  12. I use a 120ah leisure battery now because I power the mount, laptop, camera, dew heaters and powered USB hub which all together can draw about 11 amps per hour! I bought a numax battery box and added 4 additional cigar sockets to it and it has binding posts and a charge indicator built in. Weighs about 30kg though but juice all night long! When I was only powering the mount then the standard power tanks lasted all night but all the extra gizmos add up. Cheers Stuart
  13. There are an awful lot of blue halos on the stars. What were you using? Did you have IR/UV Cut filters somewhere in the train? Cheers Stuart
  14. Looks good. I've seen a couple lately was this from grange over sands? I would have liked to add a 76 but with a 70, 85 and 102 already it would be hard to justify to SWMBO..... Hope it gives you years of pleasure. Cheers Stuart
  15. No the Lunt ls80 is pretty big and about the same size and weight as my TV85. It could possibly take my 66 and if it hasn't sold by summer I might take it to get some showcase snaps!
  16. This is a crop of Ruchbah in Cassiopeia taken on a 3 minute exposure with my Canon 650d
  17. I'm going to be taking this on holiday this summer to Tenerife and decided to get some practice in the other night. I have to say I'm very impressed and the results in terms of tracking were spot on using an 85mm prime lens for 3 minute exposures. Next time I will put a 200mm prime lens and see if I can get 3 or even 5 minutes. As a side note APT was amazing for focusing the lens and stars are very sharp with a perfect 6 point diffraction pattern on the brightest ones. Small, light and very good at what it does. So far I'm very impressed. Cheers Stuart
  18. There are loads of threads on this topic. Generally speaking good ones are ok, poor ones are rubbish and there are only a few gems. The Nagler zooms are exceptional but only cover a short range of focal lengths. The Pentax XW is another rare exceptional zoom but at a hefty price. Baader are good enough to be convenient but can't compare with fixed focal lengths really on performance. Choose with care if you are looking for serious observing in mind. Cheers Stuart
  19. You might get out at the weekend if the weather forecasts hold up!! Welcome to SGL
  20. The TV apos are indeed much heavier than their Chinese counterparts. Don't buy one. In fact any you come across should be sent to me for safe storage :-)) Cheers Stuart
  21. I just hope if we put enough people off the prices will crash and I can get an NP127 :-)
  22. The CGE is definitely not portable as such. It can be moved in pieces but its heavy. HEQ5 is lighter but check out the EQ3-2 pro if you are looking for portable with goto. As long as you don't overload it it should be good for visual. The Gibraltar is a bit of a heavy beast itself and the sky tour bits and holders add a fair bit of weight (I take mine off and don't use it much). Cheers Stuart
  23. Yea probably just the Pentax XW and Nagler 3-6mm. I would like to fit in my nag 26 or pan 41 but they weigh as much as the scope lol. Will check weight at last minute and see. Cheers Stuart
  24. Took about 18 months but I found one. Taking it to Tenerife this summer to try up in Tiede national park....
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