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  1. TBH, when I looked into this, I got the impression the Mak units would make the 'balance' of the scope very front heavy and possibly prone to tilting forward at a worrying rate.
  2. Hi, I've been asked if a Celestron Astromaster 90 AZ tripod can carry a Skywatcher Mak90 or a Mak102? Thanks John
  3. I opted for a Neximage 2nd Gen, at £70 new, as a step back into solar system imaging with my 8inch Orion Dob., i thought it was a safe step?
  4. Yes, my fave moon shot of all time, you should market that photo, well done!!
  5. Hi Dave, and a big welcome from middle England. I have no knowledge base regarding radio telescopes but rest assured you're in good company here at SGL and help is not far away. Thanks John
  6. Hi, apologies for blank reply, had a cranky response box?! My other options are the ZWO ASI034; http://www.365astronomy.com/ZWO-ASI034MC-Colour-1-4-CMOS-USB2.0-Camera.htmlr Or the Bresser Microkular; https://www.harrisontelescopes.co.uk/acatalog/bresser-mikrokular-full-hd-eyepiece-camera.html I think the ZWO? Kind Regards..John
  7. hi. colour Camera okay ASI 034MC Colour Camera ASI 034 MC
  8. Hi everyone, does anybody have any knowledge as to the performance of this camera TS-Optics TSSSi it currently sells at around £65 on ebay and is supplied from Germany. Looks good on paper and I've supplied a link which I hope works; http://www.teleskop-express.de/shop/product_info.php/language/en/info/p1778_ts-astro-ccd-kamera---mond---planeten---1-25--adapter.html Clear Skies...Thanks.
  9. I bought an XT8 only today. I've opted for an easier life of webcam imaging having done it before and struggled with the massive workload sometimes associated with dslr AP. The Dobsonian is smooth, the focuser is fluid, so it will suffice for webcam solar system imaging but that's it and afocal which is precarious at best...
  10. Hi, late to this discussion, by now you may know that lower end webcam style cameras are only really fit (and impressive) for imaging the solar system. I had a MS Lifecam Full HD webcam, which I deeply regret selling. More so now having ditched my DSLR set up and looking to get back to solar system webcam imaging again.. I may go for the Bresser Microkular variant to get me started again..Cheers
  11. Hi guys, I'm playing with the idea of buying this camera to use with my Orion 8inch Dobsonian. How have things been with it since you posted on here? Stacked Photos are what I'm especially interested in if you can help out. Cheers John
  12. Always be open to buying used equipment, high street or ebay, gumtree, I guarantee you will be pleasantly shocked how cheap some used equipment sells for. Almost all of my past & current set up is used. I find this approach opens up more options for those on a starter budget. Enjoy the hunt...clear skies
  13. Ahh, actually noticed this on my 130p yesterday , handy as im about to attach my dslr to it!
  14. I have seen videos on YouTube of people using my 130p Az goto set up, they use 10 - 30 subs at short 5 second to 15 second exexposures on brighter dso's & stacking them and gainng some decent results. I appreciate all.the feedback as always. So I've opted to give the PDS serious consideration at £170 but will try harder with my current scope & mount for now but also try the lens only option & see how I fair.
  15. Would this ota be suitable for my Skywatcher AZ Synscan mount, replacing my stock 130p ota? I'm thinking probably just used for some casual observations & basic astrophotography, probably imaging brightest of the dso"s & planets using short subs (& darks) with a Canon 450d, then stacked in Registax. Thanks
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