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  1. I am certainly happy with a second hand mirror that was re-figured for me by John Nichol. Before John re-figured the mirror, it exhibited zonal errors in the star test and John confirmed this when he sent me a picture of the mirror under an autocollimator test before he worked on it. Now the mirror is very good and the cost was reasonable; I am just glad the used scope was cheap to buy.
  2. Hello Steve, Located in Dunmow. Familiar with collimating Maks ( Intes MK67), so willing to help if you get stuck. Bill
  3. Hello Stu, the scope is a Tak CN212 being used in Cassegrain mode (F12.4). I do use it in Newtonian mode (F3.9) occasionally with a Paracorr. Bought in 2007, with the intention of doing some imaging in Newt mode, but never did get around to do any serious imaging. Bill
  4. After selling my old GPDX and Skysensor SS2K after years of service, I decided to stick with Vixen and bought a SXD2. Very pleased with the SXD2 and Starbook Ten after 2 months. I bet Vixen don't sell many of these mounts in the UK, because of the uncompetitive £ . Also have a green GP mount with for a 4 inch refractor. Bill
  5. Hello Alan, Posted for sale on Astrobuysell with photos. Thanks, Bill
  6. I sent you a message via another site about the GPDX mount I have for sale near you, but I am unsure as to whether you received it. The GPDX is on a pedestal with either DD1 controller and MT1 motors or Skysensor 2000 available as drives. Bill
  7. Hello, Thinking about a Vixen SDX2 mount on pier for mainly visual with some video cam use. These new Vixen mounts appear to be rare, with few reviews, and I was wondering if any members have one and what they think of them. Thanks, Bill
  8. Hello Jase, I find the focuser on my MK67 is good. Both 1.25 and 2 inch eyepieces come to focus. I believe Moonlight do a replacement focuser, if you feel it is necessary to change the original unit. Bill
  9. www.astronomia.co.uk in Dorking, Surrey sell Vixen MT1 motors and controller for a little over £300 I think. Expensive, but better quality than Chinese motors. Best to use 8 X D-cell batteries with supplied battery box, because controller doesn't tolerate overvoltage.
  10. would be interested in what you think of the starbook-s. There doesn't appear to be much about it on the internet. Also, it is about £700 now that the Pound has collapsed.
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