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  1. Recently purchased this mount and I am very impressed with it.. top top quality and a superb finish. Can't wait to get the motor system and hope it will be available for sale soon !!
  2. Maybe consider a self fit encoder system.. these have good reviews.. https://www.365astronomy.com/astro-devices-encoder-kit-for-skywatcher-dobsonians-6-16.html
  3. Have you set up your home network via the app first.. ie connect to the asiair hotspot and configure home wifi from there ?
  4. Wow thats very impressive !!
  5. CA not disatrous with the Startravel series.. the mount can be configured to EQ mode with Firmware so for the money a good start for imaging although with more expensive equipment can be improved..
  6. This may be worth a look.. have heard good reports on the OTA and represents good value for money.. https://www.firstlightoptics.com/startravel/sky-watcher-startravel-102-az-gte.html
  7. Would be very grateful if anyone knows of an Auto Focuser that will fit the WO Zenithstar 61 ( 2019 ).. many thanks..
  8. Welcome...Be prepared for a steep learning curve however it's a great hobby and very satisfying..
  9. Welcome to SGL.. a great source of inspiration...
  10. Well done good start.. its a long learning curve but so rewarding when it starts to come together..
  11. If I could see with my naked eye and telescope anywhere near the detail that the camera can see then I probably wouldn't bother with AP.. that said its nice to have a hard copy of the images to look back on and keep. Doesn't matter how technically brilliant the photos are as long as you as an individual enjoy them. Whatever you enjoy doing most don't forget to take in the wonder of the night sky in which ever way you prefer..
  12. Very nice images.. you should be well pleased with those..
  13. That's a good image to my eyes.. I have a ZWO Asi294mc Pro which is a very good OSC Camera. Had it for about 6 months and love the images that it captures. Occasional amp glow is no problem as easily calibrated out with Flat frames. Haven't done any NB imaging as yet as do not have the filter to do this. There are quite a few Narrowband filters out there which are designed for OSC cameras and from what I've seen produce excellent images.. sadly as usual anything that is to do with Astro is expensive !! Good luck with purchases..
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