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    Enjoy viewing and basic imaging.. EAA also..
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    Chelmsford Essex UK
  1. Welcome to SGL.. a great source of inspiration...
  2. Well done good start.. its a long learning curve but so rewarding when it starts to come together..
  3. If I could see with my naked eye and telescope anywhere near the detail that the camera can see then I probably wouldn't bother with AP.. that said its nice to have a hard copy of the images to look back on and keep. Doesn't matter how technically brilliant the photos are as long as you as an individual enjoy them. Whatever you enjoy doing most don't forget to take in the wonder of the night sky in which ever way you prefer..
  4. Very nice images.. you should be well pleased with those..
  5. That's a good image to my eyes.. I have a ZWO Asi294mc Pro which is a very good OSC Camera. Had it for about 6 months and love the images that it captures. Occasional amp glow is no problem as easily calibrated out with Flat frames. Haven't done any NB imaging as yet as do not have the filter to do this. There are quite a few Narrowband filters out there which are designed for OSC cameras and from what I've seen produce excellent images.. sadly as usual anything that is to do with Astro is expensive !! Good luck with purchases..
  6. Super image.. very dramatic and love the colours !!
  7. I have this camera which I purchased around 6 months ago... I am new to Astrophotography so still learning techniques but have to say very impressed with this camera. It produces amazing images even in my relative inexperience hands. I use this on a Skywatcher Equinox ED 80 pro and OVL Field Flattener fitted with ZWO IR/UV cut filter. Have heard great reports about narrowband photography also especially with STC Duo Filter.
  8. Welcome Hoth...I love your story how you got in to astronomy.. hope you enjoy SGL.. its a great community and great knowledge is imparted here by experienced people (of which I am not one !) I have so enjoyed the journey so far of learning more from this site..
  9. Wecome to SGL and this very addictive hobby... warm greetings from Essex, England..
  10. Thank you everyone who has offered help and links to tutorials.. all very much appreciated especially Bill who is undertaking fixing my mess up !!
  11. Tried to collimate my skymax 127mm for the first time as seemed a bit out... schoolboy error as loosened screw and now the mirror has slipped !! Don't want to make matters worse by any further tinkering so if anyone in the Essex area is able to carry out this work at a sensible cost would be very much appreciated. I will deliver and collect OTA.. many thanks in advance if anyone could help..
  12. Agree the handset option is far from ideal as when using Synscan for alignment it doesn't give you an option to choose stars that you recognise and are in your unobstructed view.. Eqmod gives you many more options but doesn't play with Skysafari software which is a great shame.
  13. When I informed my neighbour a couple of years ago that I have taken up Astronomy he looked at me quizzically and replied “ Really...?? “ lol !!
  14. steve k

    Brand new

    Welcome .. it's a great hobby which I only discovered 4 years ago... only wish I found it earlier in my life !
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