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  1. Thank guys!!!, Yes Sara is OIII, you're right ... the frame, moreover, should have turned the camera 90 degrees ... A good excuse for next year !!! regards Juan
  2. Hi guys!!! I only need to shoot in SII, to see if we have clear skies this week .... Shots: 19x1200 in Ha to bin1 10x900" in OIII to bin2 The equipment is always the same... TMB105/650 + QHY9 EZG60 + QHY5L-II NEQ6 tunned. I hope you like!! Full size: https://flic.kr/p/F3LrHd Regards Juan
  3. Hi guys, I have reprocessed this mosaic of Elephant Trunk in narrowband. Full size: https://flic.kr/p/CU2aan Equipment: TMB105/650 + QHY9 EZG60 + QHY5L-II AZ-EQ6 shots: 6 tiles 10x1200" bin1 in Ha 6 tiles 10x900" bin2 in OIII and SII I hope you like it! Regards
  4. Hi guys!!, other reprocessed mosaic.., in this time North America and Pelican nebula... Full size: https://flic.kr/p/CU4wz2 Equipment: TMB105/650 + QHY9 EZG60 + QHY5L-II AZ-EQ6 shots: 6 tiles 10x1200" bin1 in Ha 6 tiles 10x900" bin2 in OIII and SII I hope you like it! Regards Juan
  5. Hi guys!!!, with this damn weather I'm bored.., so.. I have made reprocessed this mosaic of Soul and Heart nebula in narrowband.. Full size: https://flic.kr/p/C4Jyoa Equipment: TMB105/650 + QHY9EZG60 + QHY5L-IIAZ-EQ6shots:12 tiles 10x1200" bin1 in Ha12 tiles 10x900" bin2 in OIII and SIII hope you like it!RegardsJuan
  6. Hi!!! good start !!, as advice, so try not to leave the dark background, because you can eliminate signal. Regards Juan
  7. Great work Sara, I'm also thinking to do RGB object ... but my sky has too much light pollution Regards Juan
  8. Hi guys I have returned to this process because he had a green tone that I did not like! I hope you like!! Regards Juan
  9. Many thanks Sara!!, your comment is very appreciated for me!! Regards Juan
  10. Hi guys!!! Already is finished mosaic.. after 2 months.... Technical data:TMB105/650 + QHY9MEZ60 + QHY5L-IIAZ-EQ6Shots:12 tiles x 10x1200 bin1 in Ha12 tiles x 10x900 bin2 in OIII and SII Some details: I hope you like Regards Juan
  11. Hi Mick!!, I can try give you several advise with your permissions... 1- In OIII and SII you need a lot exposure, for example, my shots of SII and OIII is in bin2 (is more difficult for my guide more than 1200") I always shots than 900" o more. In bin2 you have more signal (but less resolution), no problem for this.. Ha is as Luminance. 2- I personally do not really like the Hubble colors.. I prefer also more easy..., Luminance = Ha, Red = SII, Green= Ha and Blue = OIII, I dont using percentages.3- In Pixinsight, I don't like the green color.. I use SNCR tool to remove green color..4- Caution with stars in OIII and SII, I always try to reduce it because generate halos when mixed colors.RegardsJuan
  12. The new link... https://flic.kr/p/zZQaon Regards Juan
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