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  1. Just got a neximage 5, used it with my celestron c8 last night to capture a 3 minute video of Jupiter at opposition using icap 2.3. Everything looked good, focus was as good as possible on the night and the footage was fine. Went through my usual processing procedure and after an agonizing hour, i found that i was unable to pull out any colour from jupiter ? I debayered the y800 footage as I have read that that would solve my problem but it did not. Any help would be appreciated, my final image is below and as you can see it lacks any colour
  2. I Definately imputed the correct details as I have an app that shows my exact long lat etc and the date and time etc The mount made the noise as if it was going to slew but it didn't move an inch and stopped ? Sometimes the slew warning comes up and other times it doesn't
  3. Ok thanks guys I'll give that a go Just to clarify my scope was in the polar home position and no where near bashing into the mount, also I selected vega which was reasonably high up and not far from where my scope was pointing so it didn't need to slew much
  4. Yes the details were correct, I've had trouble with it for a few weeks now it has started slewing but then stopped and then not being able to skew at all How do I connect the handset to the laptop to update the firmware ?
  5. We have now got a carmarthenshire group meeting regularly at Pembrey Mountain Trimsaran, Great site and the Milky Way was even visible last night We have a Facebook page anyone looking to join please like my personal page Scott Phillips Astrophography and I will add you to the carmarthenshire group
  6. Hi guys, Ok so last night I got my mount polar aligned etc and turned the power on to go through the star align, Entered all the correct details then selected the 1st alignment star, The mount started moving then stopped within a second and the handset displayed, slew limit warning ? Had a problem with the mount not slewing for a few weeks now but checked the motors and gears and they are fine so I can't understand what it is ? Any help is appreciated in advance
  7. I have a Skymax 127 EQ-5 and it is second hand but came with the gears already fixed to the scope How do I check which firmware my handset is ? I have used the same power pack since I had the scope and there hasn't been a problem. I triple checked the balance of the scope and it was fine and have marks on the dovetail so that I get it close to spot on every time Quite annoying as it does slew now and again for a few seconds then makes a short crunching sound and stops completely
  8. Ran into some trouble with my Motors on the telescope mount, I have an EQ-5 Synscan and once I complete the alignment process on the synscan mount the scope starts to slew but the motors make a kind of click noise and stop completely on both axis. I've also tried slewing the scope manually and that's not possible either, I've tried switching the synscan on and off etc and once turned back on I can slew the scope manually but only for a few seconds then that crunch/clicking noise and the slewing stops completely I'm unsure what the problem is as the mount is perfectly balanced with the counter weights and I've had the scope for 4 months and it has worked fine until now. Any suggestions how this can be fixed please ? Thank You
  9. Here are some shots of Jupiter taken with a Skymax 127 eq-5 goto and a canon 450d with backyard eos 90 second video footage stacked and processed in PIPP and Registax How can I improve these shots apart from getting a better scope ? thanks Large file.bmp Final Image 0.bmp
  10. Here are some of my efforts so far this year any tips to further improve please feel free to comment thanks Moon Craters Lower Section 26-4-15.bmp
  11. here are some shots ive taken with my first solar filter which i put together myself from cardboard and baader filter hope you like Equipment- Skymax 127 EQ-5 GoTo Canon 450d Baader Filter
  12. im having serious trouble getting sharp images of wide-field star trails, constellations and iss passovers I have the camera on manual mode, manual focus, f3.5 to let the most light in possible with my lens and iso at 800 for 25 second exposures here is en example of two images I took a month ago and you can see what i mean by lack of focus and sharpness of the image any help is appreciated thankyou
  13. Shot my first M3 last night and got around 20 light frames of 120 seconds and also took around 20 darks and 50 flats Load them all into DSS and when I click on the light frames that's all that comes up is 2 or 3 small stars from the original image and no cluster, where as when I view each light frame straight from my DSLR it clearly shows the cluster I went on with the processing anyway and bumped up the star detection and the final image said it could only stack 1 frame due to low number of stars detected Any help please guys ?
  14. My power pack has only got one output for the cigarette lighter type adapter and that's plugged into my SynScan to power that ?
  15. Hi guys, I have a power pack obviously to power my scope while out in the field but nothing to power my laptop to run stellarium/canon video etc ? Any ideas ?
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