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  1. wow that's splendid, nice colors and nice work!!
  2. Hi , I’m selling my Starlight Instruments FTF3025B-A---Feather Touch® 3.0" Diameter Dual Speed Rack and Pinion Focuser, 2.5" Draw tube travel, and Brake in excellent condition with very smooth movement. Perfect for refractors, Cassegrain , RC and even Newtons (as the tube does not protrude to much into their tube.) The Starlight Feather Touch are considered to be one of the best focusers in the world. Note: connection adapters to the telescope and eyepiece-side adapters are NOT included : -telescope adapter (you can purchase what you need on FLO, 365Astronomy or TS Express), list
  3. Hello thanks for your answer, the ASI183MM PRO is pending. Yes the friends and family works nice, but it doesn't protect a buyer in case of problem.
  4. Because of pursuing a new dobson project, I'm selling my ZWO ASI183MM PRO new, used one time to check that everything was OK. Complete box with all accessories, condition is absolutely new. This is the cooled version with 5496 x 3672 pixels - 20,18 millions pixels, 2,4µm pixel size, USB 3.0. Buffer 256Mo DDR3, Diagonal 15.86 mm Approx. 20.48M-Effective Pixel Monochrome/Color CMOS Image Sensor Price : £799 including postage with insurance to UK or EUROPE Payment: Paypal +3.4% or bank transfer as you wish
  5. Hello Ken, I've been there. Last year I used Baader LRGB-SHO filterset and since a few months, I've decided to jump into Astrodon LRGBSHO 3nm filterset (in second hand). Chroma are clones of Astrodon so don't worry about it. The baader filters are the best bang for the buck in narrowband but once you want to step up a little, Astrodons/Chromas are the best out there (narrowband). Indeed, the 5nm Chroma costs the same as 3nm, it's no mistake, it's the same ridiculous price difference in the US. That's why 3nm are a better choice for Chromas, especially compared to Astrodons 3nm prices
  6. Hello ;), a photo during confinement in France, but fortunately weather is excellent for about 4 weeks ! TSA102, AZEQ6 PRO & Berlebach Planet with double clamp from FLO! I'm using 3 antivibration pads to prevent rubber feets to sink into the ground ! Clear skies
  7. Hello, @barkis : thanks a lot for your kind comments, I indeed tried to make a really nice ad with best possible pictures . @John: thanks as well for your comments , And yes the optical quality is exquisite! The TSA & feathertouch are now sold for a new happy buyer from Berlin!
  8. The reducer 0,7x has been sold, I'm, updating and is now considering splitting the Feathertouch and the TSA102 !
  9. Hello, because I need to finance a new project, I'm selling all in excellent condition : PACKAGE N°1 : -Takahashi TSA-102N OTA with original 2,7" focuser & M72 extension tube & 2" adapter, checked by Takahashi Europe last year, excellent optical quality on the optical bench & collimation is OK -Transport case for Skywatcher 120ED The high quality of optics of this model, along with the TMB 100/800, are both considered to be the best optics ever produced in the 4" range. It's Strehl ratio keeps getting high even in deep blue wavelength, where usually doublets
  10. Hello, because I now have the 3nm version, I sell my Astrodon 5nm 1,25" filter. Price : 245£ including shipping to Europe.
  11. Hello, I'm looking for the "old" TMB92SS with 3" feathertouch focuser in excellent condition. Thanks and best regards
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