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  1. Thinking of getting one and would be very interested in hearing anything negative that you find. regards Alec
  2. Hi guys, I want something simple. I have a ASI1600MM camera. What are the recommended gain settings for NB and what are recommended settings for LRGB. And what are the suggested subs exposures, in seconds. This PHD dueling is too much for me.
  3. I have to admit, although I have read lots about gain and offset, I don't fully understand what I am reading. How would you set up to do an evening of imaging both NB and RGB, Currently I would set up with 139g and 21 offset for the RGB images and 200g 50 offset the narrowband. Without the option to set these for each element of the SGPro imaging run how would you set up for such an imaging run? Sorry to be a pain.
  4. Presumably, providing I have no issues I can carry one. I read a link some months ago setting out how importent it was to get the right Gain/offset balance for the ASI1600 ZWO cameras. The latest SGPro update takes away this ability.
  5. Just downloaded the latest update of SGPro and got the message that ZWO native driver no longer supported by SGPro. I ignored this and carried on as I want to be able to set gain and offsets for each activity. Can some one explain what "not supported" means, SGPro still worked fine.
  6. Thanks Adrian. Solved in the end as I was running the appropriate version of Windows10 BUT I had a desttop that was somewhat old. Following help from Steppenwolf and further investigation it was found that to download the software and get it to run, the PC had to have a CPU that was made after 2011 as before that date CPUs did not support AVX instructions (whatever that means!). My desktop was made before 2011, so no matter what I did the software would not download and run. When I tried on my more modern laptop everything was fine.
  7. Hi Adrian can you show a screenshot of the file list that you copy over to the Pixinsight bin? PI having trouble finding the module. Thanks
  8. Trouble with Teamviewer for the second time, accusing me of being a Commercial user, which I most certainly am not. Looked around and found Iperius Remote, seems too good to be true. Very simple download and to operate. Only run it for a few hours so far, controlling a laptop outside with the scope, mount, filters etc, and boosted on a Belkin booster the router indoors. Iperius connected fine and ran without trouble. It is free software. There is an Android version for a phone or tablet, but this requires Android 7 minimum (Nougat). My phone is too old!!!
  9. Thanks Daz, not sure I could find the log file now and as the set up has flipped successfully three times since, I think I will await the next occasion. However, there is always a nagging doubt that it might happen again. Thanks for your suggestion.
  10. By way of feedback. Ran the rig for the first time since the non-flip and at the appointed hour 1.05 am it flipped and plate solved as it always did before. No idea what caused the issue but will need to monitor a number of flips in the near future, until confident that all is in order.
  11. No updates made recently. In fact no changes from the period when it has been running fine. SGPro v
  12. Looking for some feedback please. The set up has been working perfectly for some months. With auto flip set and the mount responding. Then a couple of nights ago I checked the set up at around 2 am and the auto flip had not taken place. The mount had passed the Meridian by about 15 minutes, luckily had not quite reached crashing point. I have played around with the set up, re-installed the version of EQMOD I had running, but all to no avail. In the SGPro set up for auto flip I can hit "Run" (next to "Set") and can manually flip the scope, but alas the auto flip does not seem to work. Any
  13. thanks Laurin much appreciated, this distance seems to be far more importent than i thought
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