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  1. Just by way of an update, having failed to get Platesolve2 to work with SGP I downloaded the Astrometry files and data and tried this as the alternative. Alas, this didn't work either. Eventually Andy Galasso came on the scene and via Teamviewer took control of my laptop and after some time, he found that my laptop had found a bug in the Astrometry software. He cleared it up and issued and update of the software. now plate solves. Very many thanks to Andy, wonderful. However, on the next occasion of running SGPro, Platesolve2 now works as well. No idea why this is the case but it is sorted. I am still having trouble in completing a sequence in SGPro, it starts, plate solves, auto focuses, PHD guides, takes a couple of images and then seems to go into sleep mode between further images. Log files are in the hands of the SGPro experts and I am hoping for further advice.
  2. Makes no difference
  3. Thanks for taking time to explain, it is becoming clearer. Had another play around and now clear how to open an existing equipment profile make changes and save it as an alternative equipment profile. However, changes made to Platesolve2 settings do not get saved. Any other changes made to camera, focus, filters etc etc get saved to the alternative equipment profile when it is saved. Presumably changes made to Platesolve2 settings should be saved? It means that I can't seem to get the APM catalogue as the default. This may be the reason that I am having so much trouble getting SGPro platesolving to work? Anyone else have this problem. Both catalogues APM and UCAC3 are configured with Status OK
  4. What I can't understand is if I open an existing Equipment Profile Manager (of which I have 1) and make a change to it and save it. I would have thought that that Profile Manager if opened with a new sequence would reflect that profile change. From what I can see it doesn't. The plate solve catalogue always resets to UCAC3.
  5. Still having problems with the plate solving, hoped to sort it tonight, but the clouds have rolled in so I have packed up for tonight. Had a play around using Platesolve 2 to solve individual images I have taken in the past. Seemed to do this with no problem. However, one thing I noticed, and perhaps someone can tell me what is going on and how to correct it. Platesolve has both data catalogues ADM and UCAC3 configured, but when I select ADM in the parameter box and close it, when it is opened again UCAC3 is selected. It doesn't seem to matter that I save the selection in Equipment Profile Manager, the Platesolver parameters always revert back to the UCAC3 catalogue being selected. The images get solved, presumably using the UCAC3 catalogue? Anyone any ideas how to fix this? Thanks
  6. Thanks, will do. Awaiting some stars. Next lot not expected for a couple of weeks!!
  7. Hi folks Took the decision to try the trial version of SGP, having used APT for the past 3 years (and thought it was superb). Much to my surprise over the last 2/3 days I have got most of the basic set up working, including auto focus! Last night I tried to get plate solving working and run into a snag. Plate solving and blind solving both solve on an existing image but when I try the auto centre and get the scope moving, solving etc I get the following error message in the Centre Scope & Rotate Camera processing screen. Step 1 is completed successfully but Step 2 gives the following message: "Slew to reference frame. Failed! Slew to reference frame failed, slew failed, check DotNet exceptions POTH telescope slewing Get System Unauthorised Access Exception." I have my scope being controlled via POTH hub Can anyone shed any light on what the problem might be? Thanks for your help
  8. Why bin?
  9. Thanks Syed I also have the 1600 and I am trying to get used to it. I don't particularly understand the various camera settings as yet. ie which are best for different exposure lengths.
  10. Hi Syed Nice images. I note that you are taking 10m subs. Lots of posts about this camera suggest that the signal to noise ratio is improved with much shorter subs 5m maximum and down to a couple of minutes. see What gain and offset did you use for the 10 minute subs? Regards
  11. Thanks Steve
  12. Many thanks Steve. PM received and printed. One last question - for now! presumably different figure for "g" axis offset will change for different scopes? regards and thanks Alec
  13. Hi Steve Presumably the only data to be measured and input are those not yellowed in your table? Also, the figures look to be to the nearest mm with measurements not being taken on flat surfaces, it looks difficult to be this accurate? Dome is in place but yet to be switched on!
  14. Thanks for your help Robin
  15. Robin I did notice when imaging last night that most of the corrections on the PHD graph were RA and only occasional DEC so this bares out what you say. Should I attempt to measure PE and get the software to take it into account or just accept that it is there and simply let PHD guiding take it out? I read somewhere that trying to take it out sometimes confuses PHD. Alec