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  1. Thanks Daz, not sure I could find the log file now and as the set up has flipped successfully three times since, I think I will await the next occasion. However, there is always a nagging doubt that it might happen again. Thanks for your suggestion.
  2. By way of feedback. Ran the rig for the first time since the non-flip and at the appointed hour 1.05 am it flipped and plate solved as it always did before. No idea what caused the issue but will need to monitor a number of flips in the near future, until confident that all is in order.
  3. No updates made recently. In fact no changes from the period when it has been running fine. SGPro v
  4. Looking for some feedback please. The set up has been working perfectly for some months. With auto flip set and the mount responding. Then a couple of nights ago I checked the set up at around 2 am and the auto flip had not taken place. The mount had passed the Meridian by about 15 minutes, luckily had not quite reached crashing point. I have played around with the set up, re-installed the version of EQMOD I had running, but all to no avail. In the SGPro set up for auto flip I can hit "Run" (next to "Set") and can manually flip the scope, but alas the auto flip does not seem to work. Any suggestions as to what it could be. Thanks for looking.
  5. thanks Laurin much appreciated, this distance seems to be far more importent than i thought
  6. Sorry guys, many apologies, but I'm still a bit confused. Can someone simply tell me the distance requirement from the ASI sensor and the end of the lens? ASI camera has a back focus of 6.5mm. Sorry for being thick, I put it down to my age.
  7. Thanks Adrian, appreciate you taking time out to provide the info. I will up date when I get it sorted. Take care Alec
  8. No problem Adrian. I have a feeling that the ASI1600 I have requires a distance of 55mm. Presumably your's is a Canon?
  9. Thanks Adrian very much appreciated. Now need to get hold of the required T2 spacer. Will put in an oversize spacer tonight and see what happens, then get the correct one during the week Thanks again, will update in due course Best wishes Alec
  10. Thanks Adrian, could be the reason for such bad images. I only have the 11 mm T-extender and the EOS-T2 adapter totalling 34 mm, then 6.5 mm ASI back focus, thus requiring a further 55 - 40.4 = 14.6 mm. Does this seem correct, you must have the same or similar? I took my info off the ZWO site that suggested that the 11mm T-extender and the EOS-T2 adapter was all that was required! Thanks Alec
  11. Hi folks. All sorts of confusion here. I have just obtained the Samyang 14 mm f2.8 lens and at first light obtained images with really bad star distortion, all 4 corners and halfway to the centre of the images. The lens is connected with the EOS-T2 Adapter and the 11mm T2 extender to the camera body. Can someone tell me what the distance has to be between the lens and the ASI1600 body?? The more I read the more confused I become. Thanks
  12. Thanks Dave, appreciated. I've had a check and the leica might be a bit above my price range. Never mind. PS love your garden and the tropical plant covered in snow>
  13. And then the leica to Canon adapter? Thanks for your patience Dave
  14. Dave, me again. Looked at your other post, you mentioned the ASI1600, if this is so, can you point me to the adapter used to fit the camera. I have a ZWO adapter for a Canon camera, presumably yet ANOTHER adapter is required? Thanks Alec
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