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  1. Why bin?
  2. Thanks Syed I also have the 1600 and I am trying to get used to it. I don't particularly understand the various camera settings as yet. ie which are best for different exposure lengths.
  3. Hi Syed Nice images. I note that you are taking 10m subs. Lots of posts about this camera suggest that the signal to noise ratio is improved with much shorter subs 5m maximum and down to a couple of minutes. see What gain and offset did you use for the 10 minute subs? Regards
  4. Thanks Steve
  5. Many thanks Steve. PM received and printed. One last question - for now! presumably different figure for "g" axis offset will change for different scopes? regards and thanks Alec
  6. Hi Steve Presumably the only data to be measured and input are those not yellowed in your table? Also, the figures look to be to the nearest mm with measurements not being taken on flat surfaces, it looks difficult to be this accurate? Dome is in place but yet to be switched on!
  7. Thanks for your help Robin
  8. Robin I did notice when imaging last night that most of the corrections on the PHD graph were RA and only occasional DEC so this bares out what you say. Should I attempt to measure PE and get the software to take it into account or just accept that it is there and simply let PHD guiding take it out? I read somewhere that trying to take it out sometimes confuses PHD. Alec
  9. Thanks Robin What would the best way of checking this out? Alec
  10. Hi Set up last night and checked PA and it was how it was left from the previous night at less than 1 minute error. I have attached a screen shot (Sharpcaps Snapshot was greyed out and I couldn't use). Following this check I then took and image without guiding and got the attached image with star trails. I turned RA and the stars appeared to turn around the NCP. I forgot to check the setting against PHD drift alignment. The only saving grace is that PHD guiding gets rid of the star trailing. All a mystery. Is there anything I could be doing wrong? Settings etc. How does Sharpcap pick up location, time etc (GMT or BST) Any comments welcome
  11. There is a slider at the bottom of the screen.
  12. Thanks Robin I will try what you suggest next time out and report back. Regards Alec
  13. Hi Robin Thanks for that. Obviously with the mount being mounted on a Rigel Pulsar pier, movement from this should be minimal or non existent. Are there any other factors like data that I have to enter that I might have got wrong. I was disappointed as Sharpcap Polar align seemed to be working fine, Finding stars, giving me adjustment distances etc etc. Regards Alec
  14. Hi folks I thought I would take my time last night and check polar alignment using the sharpcap software. It all seemed to go to plan, after a fair number of adjustments to the up/down/left/right the software indicated that I was within a few seconds on being spot on. I have a ED80 scope, AZEQ6 mount on a Pulsar pier. However, when I did a check on star trailing, ie running a 120s sub with no guiding, PHD not running I get quite long star trails. I have been under the impression that if I get polar alignment spot on, star trails would be a thing of the past, especially those of only 120s?? Ideas welcome, am I doing something wrong?
  15. Thanks Steve. If it is good enough for you it is certainly good enough for me. Thanks for responding. Mixing concrete Wednesday! Regards Alec