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  1. Hi Gav, by way of an update, POTH and the dome have been behaving so well (when the sky was clear) that I have resisted the temptation to change things back to SGPro!!!
  2. Thanks 25585 for your help. For now I am trying a different tack and using a vixen bar and a clamp. The tube rings all seem so very expensive.
  3. Confirmation from Skywatcher that they are unable to source tube rings for the Equinox (which is no longer produced). Looking to fix the other scope using an alternative arrangement.
  4. FLO are in contact with Skywatcher
  5. Thanks, I had a look at these. Nothing that fits precisely, the 130mm gets mentioned but no one seems to sell it. Expense looks the only option. I am currently awaiting feedback from Skywatcher.
  6. Thanks for information, had a look but nothing that seems to fit. Awaiting info direct from Skywatcher.
  7. Thanks Barry, had a look at these, but they are a little out of my budget range. They are obviously very good quality but nearly £200 for a pair of tube rings seems rather a lot of money. Tube rings for Skywatcher scopes sell for £20/30, unfortunately can't find anything that fits the 124 mm outside diameter. However, thanks for taking the trouble to respond.
  8. Hi folks Can anyone point me in the direction of tube rings for the Skywatcher Equinox 120ED scope. The standard 116 mm ones aren't big enough as the outside diameter of the 120ED scope is 124 mm. Thanks
  9. Thanks Gav will give it a go next time out. Regards Alec
  10. Hi Gav $19 for the upgrade version 3. A bargain. Haven't tried it yet to slave the mount as the POTH hub is slaving the dome and mount fine, but presumably version3 has solved the SGPro problem?
  11. Great news for my Laptop running Windows 8.1 Latest download from Microsoft KB3038936 seems to have corrected the issues. Tested the set up and POTH enabled connection to the scope and the dome and the dome slaved the scope. Thanks to all those involved to get the issue sorted
  12. I'm running Windows 8.1 and had a problem with POTH being unable to connect to the mount. POTH still connects fine to the Dome. It still connects up via SGPro as does the Dome. This is also reported on the SGPro forum website, someone else had problems with dome and mount connections see http://forum.mainsequencesoftware.com/t/alert-ascom-broken-by-windows-update/6909/7 and http://forums.dc3.com/showthread.php?11182-ALERT-Windows-10-Update-KB4056892-Reported-Problems&p=67734#post67734 I manually changed the DCOM settings to "call" for the scope settings but still unable to utilise POTH to connect up the mount. Waiting for feedback on whether the ASCOM initiative download works for Windows 8.1 before I install it. Anyone know?
  13. Thanks Gav, we await developments.
  14. I didn't quite understand the information circulated at http://forum.mainsequencesoftware.com/t/sgpro-3-0-and-other-changes/6012 I assume that having already purchased SGPro version 3 when released will have another charge to pay to upgrade to it?
  15. Hi Gav, presumably the beta version you mention will end up as part of the pay-for version, in the new Pixinsight charging system?

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