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  1. Steve, predictions getting more and more cloudy?
  2. Thanks Steve, Moon about to get smaller and cloud increasing!!! What a hobby
  3. Steve This stuff is excellent too. https://www.amazon.co.uk/s/?ie=UTF8&keywords=braided+cable+tidy&tag=googhydr-21&index=aps&hvadid=185296978976&hvpos=1t2&hvnetw=g&hvrand=1910637210463610742&hvpone=&hvptwo=&hvqmt=e&hvdev=c&hvdvcmdl=&hvlocint=&hvlocphy=1006644&hvtargid=kwd-319516750769&ref=pd_sl_3gs8zqec3p_e By way of and update, the set up utilising POTH ran faultlessly last night for 5 hours, including a meridian flip. Then clouds appeared.
  4. Thanks Steve. I think I will leave this to run now, if SGPro sort it then well and good, no hassle using POTH. Not sure why I packed up using it before - just a little bit more knowledgeable now I suspect. As always thanks for your help Alec
  5. Thanks guys. I'm thinking of wrapping a piece of polythene or something like, around the mount, to make the passage of any cables slide easily over any of the protrusions. The altitude polar alignment handle on the AZ EQ6 mount is particularly vulnerable to snagging a cable!!
  6. Hi folks Great news with a twist in the tail. Ran the set up last night utilising POTH and keeping SGPro well away from slaving the dome. Result: it worked flawlessly from early evening until about 2.30 am today. Thanks for your inputs and encouragement to use POTH. The sting in the tail was the end of the evening/morning. A Meridian flip was due around 2.30 am phone set to wake me up just before, got the time wrong by a few minutes and the flip was already happening. Teamviewer told me all the software had terminated as I heard a bit of a crash. On investigation, the laptop was found on the floor and had shut and closed down. The scope and dome had slewed and slaved. Tried to get the software running again but to no avail Checked everything over in daylight this morning and found the terminal of the USB cable still in the laptop and the cable laying on the floor. The slewing mount/scope had caught a cable and pulled the laptop off the table onto the floor. Luckily no damage was done to the camera/focuser/filter wheel electronics. Moral: check and double check that there is no chance of cables snagging as the gear does a meridian flip. Lucky let off for me I think. Hopefully out again tonight after Guy Fawkes has retired for the night. Thanks again for the feedback from you all
  7. Thanks Kyle Pretty much what Gav and I will be adopting, so when the stars shine again, hopefully we too will have a fully slaving dome, with no drop outs!! The answer seems to be "keep SGPro well away from anything to do with slaving the mount". Regards Alec
  8. I think I will hold back until I have the evidence that POTH solves our problem of slaving drop outs and then use this as a lever to get SGPro to do the same?
  9. Might last action before I turned everything off was to also connect the Observatory up within SGPro (via POTH but without slaving being on within SGPro. It didn't seem to make any difference to anything. Like you say Gav it just means that SGPro can see the observatory via POTH in addition to POTH separately slaving the observatory? Lets hope for clear skies and a successful outcome. Not sure how to approach SGPro developers to see if something can be done with the compatibility problems that are going on. I get the impression they done have much time to sort out specific queries like this??? Matthew is this something, as developer of the software, that you can take up?
  10. Certainly looks like it. Hopefully, when the stars next come out and the full set up can be run the dome will slave with no issues. Thanks for your help and encouragement Steve.
  11. Further update - for anyone interested. Started C du C and set to POTH telescope. Now able to click on an object in CduC and hit slew and the mount goes to the object and the dome follows it and then continues to slave. Also using telescope nudge in the SGPro Control Panel, moves the scope and its position in CduC. Clicking "Park Scope" in Poth sent the scope to its Park position (North) and the dome slaves to the same position. Unlike Gav, this is where my dome's Park and Home positions are, so no problems on this score. All 100% up to here, the proof of the pudding will be if it holds up over a longer time frame and when all the other features and data are flying about. One question: Any one know why the mount is so much noisier when I am using the SGPro Control Panel telescope nudge than when it is being moved around by other methods??
  12. Just one thing I forgot to mention. I currently don't have the observatory connected/switched on as part of the SGPro Sequence, I assume this is not required as it is being controlled via POTH? Is that correct or should I click it and connect it and named "POTH hub"?
  13. With the dome slaving against the mount via POTH I have just opened SGPro and done the following. Swistched on the camera and cooling, turned on the focuser and filter wheel, which responds to instruction. Opened PHD with the same setting I had before (mount "on camera" and Aux Mount "EQMOD HEQ5/6 ASCOM") turned on telescope which is set to POTH. It all seems to work without crashing. The scope responds to nudges from within SGPro and the dome slaves to the new position and continues to slave as the scope turns in sidereal. Not sure I can try anything else until the stars appear to test guiding and plate solving. Can anything else be tried without stars???
  14. Thanks Gav, I've had the dome slaving against the mount since mid-afternoon. This is only using POTH with no connections to SGPro. Just about to connect up SGPro and see what happens next. Fingers crossed.