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  1. Yes! I'm using it all the time in Melbourne, it's fantastic! im using a 1600 with a 430mm scope but am now wondering, could I use a cheapish webcam with a lens and Orion 50mm GS? I sold my asi120 the other day unfortunately! Thanks so much Mr Genius!
  2. Hi, I've had the Sony A7s for a little while, and found this great thread very useful. You need to install the standard sony remote software and then the freeware tools, then you can operate the cam remotely, setting the number of pics and exposures. Inbuilt sony wifi in the cam can transmit liveview to a tablet, very snazzy. But I've found it doesn't transmit a zoomed view used for liveview focusing. But it's not a pain, the screen on the Sony is very clear and big enough to confirm composition and focus. Here are a few pics I've taken with the cam, I love it.
  3. Great first results, they'll be even better if u try a LP filter, I just got one and they seem very effective
  4. Nice, and good to hear someone else getting so excited about this AP adventure. Isn't it a hoot to see these worlds appear on the screen?! I just took some 30 second shots with my slr, 50mm lens, of the Crux down here in Oz. My jaw dropped, so much more detail than with a visual scope.
  5. Good that you finally got it out, nice ones!
  6. Yes, really subtle details already
  7. It looks fantastic, so clear!
  8. Yes well done, good example for us DSLR owners
  9. Wow, I love no.3! So what is the focal length of your huge scope? Great scope pics too.
  10. Took these thru my new 12 inch Lightbridge dob, afocal with some Delos EPs. Used Registax
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