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  1. You could try adding a webcam to your polar scope. There's an Astronomyshed youtube showing you how to do it. I think about this every time I'm polar aligning!! Ian
  2. Geoff, One other thing, are you sure that COM Port 5 is still correct? Unplugging the EqDirect cable or turning off your PC or using a different USB port can all cause the COM Port to change. Ian
  3. Geoff, I use StellariumScope rather than the Telescope Control Plug-in. You can download a copy from Clear skies Ian
  4. Laptops will run hot, if the CPU is being max'd out. Looking at what you think is running, an i5 shouldn't be max'd out, so it's likely to be something else. Anti Virus software would be my best guess.
  5. Juan at Cheap Astrophotography also offers a modification service. Clear skies Ian
  6. I'm not sure that the 'stretching' is caused by coma. With coma, you would expect that tails would point towards the edge, so a star towards the top right corner would have a tail pointing towards the top right, one in the bottom left, would point towards the bottom left etc. That isn't the case here. It could be down to having a bit of tilt in the camera connection. The other thing is, this is your first astro image and we all could recognise that it was an image of stars, so it was a good image and you should be proud of it Clear skies Ian
  7. I think you need to be logged in as an administrator to see the update tab.
  8. Hi Andy, You should be able to get hold of Graham on Regards Ian
  9. A big leisure battery is the way to go (if you don't want to use mains power). They hold more charge and are a lot cheaper than power tanks. I've got an 80A/hr battery and it will go all night. Clear skies Ian
  10. Hi Doug, Yes the CR2 files are Canon RAW files and these are the ones to use for processing. I think if you download and install the Canon utilities, you should then be able to open and view the CR2 files. I can view them in windows 10 and have installed the canon utilities. Ian
  11. Doug, That's a great first image, far better than mine. Looking at your image, it looks like you managed to get both PA and focusing pretty close to spot on, which is an achievement in it's self and both get easier with practice. The one downside is that now you have successfully connected a camera to your scope and taken an image, the urge to upgrade to ever more expensive gear will become evermore irresistible!!! Clear skies Ian
  12. To be honest, I'm surprised how sharp the images came out. I'd managed to get the focus spot on using a bahtinov mask a couple of hours before and then, in my excitement, forgot to lock the focuser.
  13. Hi All, Thanks for all the comments. I was surprised how well the single image turned. Once I thought I'd got the focus nailed (bahtinov mask on nearby star), I rattled off about 150 shots at various shutter speeds from 1/125 to 1/500sec. Seeing wasn't too bad last night, so I've got quite a number of what I think are half decent images, so I can have a play with AutoStakkert and PS to see if I can bring out any more details. Clear skies Ian
  14. As the moon has interrupted my attempts to image M42, I thought it would make sense to have a go at imaging the moon last night. I probably should have stripped the finder/guider down and used the ZWO120, but I was feeling lazy. So here's my first published image of the moon, it's a single 1/250sec shot taken at ISO200. Taken with my un-modded Canon 550d on SW 130P-DS. Hope you enjoy. Clear skies Ian
  15. Glad I could be of help. You're never short of someone to help you out on SGL