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  1. So I am back after doing a stripdown of the RA-axis, changing out the bearings, cleaning and re-greasing. First night out - lo and behold - the problem is still here. The guiding got rediculously better though, if we ignore the bump. Any other suggestions? Kinda running out of ideas. -Aleksander
  2. So I'm just done fiddling with this for a couple of hours. I kinda got it better, but it didn't get rid of the problem. After alot of adjusting and playing with the worm gear, I'm 90% sure it's a damaged bearing or some dirt. When passing a certain point, it almost feels like it's "grinding" and uneven for a small part. I have decided to just go for the stripdown, and also switch out all the bearings for something higher quality (SKF/FAG etc.). Do you know what kind of grease is best to use here? The store I get the bearings from also sells SKF LGMT 2, mineral oil based, lithium soap thickened grease. Should be good enough?
  3. This is a 2nd hand mount. And yes, it also seems to be moving a little. The spikes seems to be almost non-existent when it's around time for a meridian flip. Though the timing varies from 10min 20 sec, to 40 sec-ish. Thanks alot for the advice, Steve! I will try this in the next couple of days and get back to this thread with the results
  4. I timed it to be almost exactly 10 minutes and 40 seconds... Is this something that one can get parts for? If so, do you know where? Is it normal for these gears to get damaged over time, or would it be more likely for it to be dirt/grit, as Mark suggests?
  5. Hi! I recently did the belt mod and fitted a guide camera on to my HEQ5 pro. After getting the mount up and running, I have noticed that about every 10 min, I get this "bump" on the RA-axis. I am fairly sure this was here before I did the belt mod, it's just that I got the guiding at the same time as the belt, and then actually started paying attention to it. I have checked both the balance of the scope, and the power supply. Both seems alright. Have any of you had the same problem? Will switching out the bearings and doing a re-grease fix this? Thanks in advance
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