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  1. Thanks for your reply Adam, I can’t say I’ve noticed them before, the camera is about 2-3 months old, this was the second time I’ve used it so far too. Might drop them a message and see what they recommend.
  2. Hello everyone, I have been noticing on my new ZWO ASI183 MC camera some strong vertical lines. Very concerned with what they could be. These are noticeable at all exposures and gains. anyone have any ideas what this could be? (See attached photo) Many Thanks
  3. Good morning everyone, I am looking into purchasing a ZWO camera within the coming weeks, and as a result of my telescope vantage point being approx 20meters up the garden WIFI seems to be the smartest move. ZWO have created the ASiair Pro, which on paper looks amazing, but no one seems to talk about its WIFI range... so any users out there use it at 20meters? Any help would be much appreciated. Clear Skies Rich
  4. Rich Shore

    Non telescope images

    Images using a tracking mount and a DSLR and lens only.
  5. It arrived this morning, looking forward to a good read.
  6. Sounds interesting, I will have to look more into it, using glass I must admit would be something I'm more used to. I have ordered a Skywatcher adventurer pro for my dslr and 70-200mm lens which should hopefully get some good wide field. Although I also have a 500mm I used for sports, however its pretty slow at f4.9.
  7. Fantastic image! For the time being I would be using my Nikon D800, but in time I will look into an astro cam to capture those alpha emissions.
  8. Hello, I have had a little look into refractors, however they do seem more expensive than reflectors. Another reason is that I have heard that reflectors absorb more light? Knowing my previous experience with photography gear and lenses, my first scope will be a stepping stone to higher end scopes in the future as my skills grow. I am very keen to shoot the night sky especially with the vast amount of spare time we all currently have, but I have learnt I need to research much more and save a little more. Looking forward to properly joining the community and sharing my future ph
  9. Thank you for your knowledge, very helpful. I have decided that my budget is currently not high enough, as you say another 10% would be a good start. The two original scopes I was looking into was the 200P, or the 150P-DS as a result to a similar price range with the EQ5 pro as a bundle on FLO. However as you say, after some more digging on Skywatchers website, the P-DS models would far better suit my needs, or even the quattro if I can gather the funds. Coma corrector is something I'm also looking into.
  10. Very helpful, thank you for your help. I will go for a HEQ5 and aim for a 150P-DS scope
  11. Ok, thank you for the advice. HEQ5 would be my budget at the moment but will keep and eye out for a good second hand one.
  12. Hello everyone, I looking for first time buyer advice... I have been a landscape photographer for over 15 years and have been obsessed with night time photography. However, I would like to follow a childhood dream of owning a telescope and photographing the wonders the universe holds. My dilemma is, do I go for maximum light capabilities, or focus control? I have reduced my choices to the Skywatcher 200P, or the Skywatcher 150P-DS, both with a EQ5-PRO. My past experience tells me I should be going for maximum light input of the 200P to reduce chance of noise, but the 150P-D
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