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  1. PeterCPC

    Hi all you stargazers

    Hello and welcome. If you are going to get into AP the most important consideration is the mount. Peter
  2. PeterCPC

    Buying a starter DSLR camera

    Only if you have the ISO and exposure setting to allow them to be. On Manual, if I want to focus I choose the highest ISO and 2 secs exposure. Peter
  3. PeterCPC

    Welcome from Sale

    Hello and welcome. Peter
  4. PeterCPC

    New to astrophotography

    Hello and welcome. Peter
  5. PeterCPC

    Hello from Southern Spain

    Hello and welcome. Peter
  6. PeterCPC

    Planetary on a QHY8

    Why not set it up during the day and find a very distant object - if you can something far enough away. Peter
  7. PeterCPC

    Moded dslr or filter...?

    That depends on what sort of light pollution you have and how severe it is. If you have the orange sodium lights then you want something like a CLS filter. If you have LED lights then an IDAS D2 should help. Why not try it without a filter first to see how intrusive the LP is. LP can be processed out to an extent. Peter
  8. PeterCPC

    Moded dslr or filter...?

    No, a filter can reduce light pollution but it can't "add" IR so to speak. For that you need the camera IR filter removed. Peter
  9. PeterCPC

    Moded dslr or filter...?

    Well you can use an unmodded DSLR but I don't think that you will be satisfied with the results. Modding makes a huge difference. Peter
  10. PeterCPC

    Planetary on a QHY8

    Only one way to find out....... Peter
  11. PeterCPC

    Moded dslr or filter...?

    Even if you use a clip filter an unmodded camera will still not pick up the IR sufficiently. If you get a modded DSLR you may still need a LP filter so it's not an either or issue. Peter
  12. PeterCPC

    Planetary on a QHY8

    I would remove the focal reducer - you don't need it for planetary. Sharpcap should work with that camera. Peter
  13. PeterCPC

    small (ish) colour imaging cam for dob

    Flip mirror would help as well. Peter
  14. PeterCPC

    Hello from Italy

    Hello Dario and welcome to SGL. Peter
  15. PeterCPC

    Hello from Nottingham

    Hello and welcome. Peter

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