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  1. Don't discount buying used equipment either. I have found some excellent kit on the second hand market.
  2. EQ5 tripod is pretty stable, but I agree that shorter legs are better. Should be fine for visual - fully extended or not.
  3. A linear supply will just have output ripple at mains frequency which is relatively easy to manage. A switcher will have the additional HF noise at the switching frequency (E.g. 20kHz) which is rather more difficult (but not impossible) to eliminate. If it's got a chunky looking toroidal transformer, it is probably a linear supply.
  4. I don't know if it would work, but it sounds like it should and it's a great idea!
  5. Ah - no, I hadn't seen that before! I want a pier now!!
  6. It's Bank Holiday Monday - sorry about making you think - it's not allowed on holidays!! I just wondered if anyone had ever done it. How do you know Andy?
  7. I have an EQ5 pro mount and tripod. I also have a Celestron CPC800 GPS. The Celestron tripod is much more sturdy than the Skywatcher, although the Skywatcher is certainly up to the job. I just wondered if anyone had ever mounted an EQ5 Pro head on a Celestron CPC style tripod?
  8. What is the model of switch mode psu that you are using - and what is it powering?
  9. Can you please give me the distances between the four through-holes? I could do that for you, provided we can get the correct connector.
  10. Tried with the binos over the weekend but couldn't see it. Too much light pollution from Torquay and I was too cold/tired to stay up til silly o'clock, so I don't think I'll see it live. That was good image from Stuart!
  11. I took S&T on subscription for a couple of years, but since I was also buying Astronomy Now every month in WHS, I was building up too many magazines - together with computing and car mags! I dread to think how much I've spent over the years. So now it's just Astronomy Now.....and the car mags......and computer mags........and the occasional What Camera.................What HiFi. Anyone want to start Magazines Anonymous?!
  12. I think I would agree with Astro Imp. You want to maximise spend on the optics, not fancy mounts or electronics. Good luck, let us know what you go for.
  13. I'm aware that you can get RJ12 to USB adapters. I have no experience of these, so could not recommend one. A quick trawl did not get me enough information to confirm correct connectivity. I use a normal serial to USB converter cable, but some of these work better than others. I think mine came from eBuyer. 365 Astronomy sell them too.
  14. Phew - that's a relief!! I thought you were going to say "Nah - not for me - anyone want to buy a scope?"
  15. I can easily see the mirror move on my CPC-800 which is just a larger version of what you have. Three or four full rotations and there is clear movement. If your mirror isn't moving then you need to dismantle the back end of your scope to understand why or else get a proper repair organised. The focuser knob simply turns a threaded rod to move the mirror up and down. I think you should be able to see the end of the threaded rod if you pull off the rubber. Turn the outer shaft of the focuser and you should see the threaded rod move in or out. This is assuming that the 4SE construction is similar to the CPC-800.
  16. Why don't you check first of all that the primary mirror is moving when you turn the focus knob? Then we can move on from there. Next step, I would suggest, is to point the eye piece end of the scope (without an eyepiece) towards a window and look down the central tube (from the corrector plate end): You should be able to see your fingers if you move them over the open eyepiece adapter.
  17. Sorry to go on about batteries - are you certain that the alkaline batteries you used were all new? I used the AA battery pack with my first scope and quickly realised it was a complete waste of time. Unless you can guarantee at least 11V or so, the electronics gets upset. This results in inaccurate target location, etc.
  18. The focuser moves the primary mirror. If you look down towards the mirror (from the front of the scope) and turn the focuser, can you see the mirror move? It won't move very much, but it should be visible after a few turns.
  19. You haven't flipped the flip mirror have you?
  20. I'm not sure I trust the electronics in the power tank to indicate charge status correctly. Mine always says it needs charging, even when I have charged it directly (via the terminals) using a CTek charger.
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