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  1. Well the weather didn't play ball at all but what a lovely part of the country. Re-visit alredy pencilled in.
  2. If friday isnt any good I might sneak out for an hour Saturday night. Ive never been to the North East so I'm quite looking forward to it, other than driving a mini bus full of family there and back! Brother in law lives a stones throw from Bamburgh Castle
  3. MND

    Hello Everyone

    Hi John, welcome aboard!
  4. I'm going to a party in Alnmouth on the Saturday night which kind of cancels that night out but am planning on getting outside tomorrow (Friday) night. I'm fully expecting it to be cloudy Friday and clear Saturday...
  5. I'm going to Northumberland for the weekend, my first real chance of being in a proper dark sky. Expect solid cloud, rain, hail, snow...........
  6. MND

    New here,hello

    Hi, welcome along
  7. I subscribe to AN. I like the cosmology articles. I pick up S@N most months. Of the two I do prefer AN. Thing that annoys me with S@N is that they seem to have full page adverts for loads of other magazines, bird watching, heraldry etc. I don't mind adverts, I like to read them but please make them relevant
  8. Pretty rubbish results from last night. I took 10 x 25 seconds @ ISO 3200 and though I can see the milky way faintly on individual subs there is nothing after stacking with darks and bias. Could it maybe be the moustache distortion causing this. Should i correct each sub before stacking?
  9. Excuse the terminology but hopefully you will understand what I mean. I don't know if this will work but I had planned to use a layer mask with the landscape and just have 1 frame of that in with the sky. I'm hoping to do some experimenting at different ISO and exp length. Both with Samyang 14mm and nifty fifty. I will take darks and bias also. I am heavily light polluted here and am hoping the calibration frames along with gradient exterminator will help with this. Of course even though forecast is for clear it is thick grey stuff at present!
  10. Hi all, Im planning to do some widefield tonight (hopefully) and have a question. Im going to take 20 or so 20 second exposures on a tripod with 14mm lens. Will DSS still be able to stack these or will the 1st and last frame be too far apart to align? Is there a limit to this kind of stacking on a tripod?
  11. Think you have to make best of what you have location wise. My sky is the colour of Fanta and it is frustrating but I figure if I can get stuff here then when I do get to try dark skies it will be a breeze! That or get Olly to adopt me.
  12. It's quite fun doing the processing when you understand (a bit!) what the curves and levels etc actually do. Photoshop is such a massive unfriendly beast. Until now I hadn't looked at it since version 3, about 20 years ago....... I took the plunge and subscribed to CC and bought Gradient Xterminator, I seem to have spent so much on this hobby since January I thought whats a few more quid, hope my SO doesn't read this!
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