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  1. I've just purchased this skywatcher10 inch dob. Can someone help me as I can't see anything through it at night. I have the standard eyepieces and a 40mm bresser coupled with a revalation 2x Barlow. The secondary looks aligned but waiting for a collimator to check alignment. What am I doing wrong guys?? Please help
  2. Mars is super bright even before sunset, gonna have to take the scope elsewhere to catch Saturn as i have too many "ye old" blumming oak trees in the way :-S

  3. spotted the ISS overhead in the garden for the first time tonight, awesome!! well chuffed :-)

    1. Pig


      It is great watching the ISS, I never tire from it.

  4. This weather has to end soon :-( not enough time between clear spells!! so annoying!

    1. XCalRocketMan


      I agree !!! But right now we are getting hammered by PAX - expecting 12" by tomorrow evening.

  5. sick of the weather!! still waiting to get my 8" Dob but if it was clear I would be out there with my 80mm newt.

  6. I like the look of the skywatcher dob, but is the revelation much better quality? Any advice peeps?
  7. Sky At Night programme tonight, looking forward to it :-)

  8. Are they powerful enough for DSO? Is it worth me buying a good pair or budget alternative'
  9. Ok thanks, its just the thought of adjusting a scope that is daunting lol!! :-) just recieved my cambridge 4th edition star atlas so off to do some homework :-D
  10. Thanks peeps, really helpful advice. I am new to this and im enjoying being able to be part of the lounge. Charic thanks for all the info. :-) another question, how aligned is the collimation when bought new? Is it easy to re-align or can it be a pain?. I was thinking of popping to Astronomia to purchase the dob unit and I think they will re-collimate for free. :-D
  11. Thanks guys, I think the dob might be the one. But how big is it length wise? The 8 inch dob that is? I need to fit it in my car :-) and does anyone know if you can get raised or higher mountings for a dobsonian?
  12. Can anyone advise me which of the following scopes would be more suited to planetary and galaxy viewing? Skywatcher. Explorer 150P EQ3-2 or Skyliner dobsonin 8inch? I am looking to buy and want a a lot of power to view with ease? Thanks
  13. clear over head tonight, but too windy for my over sensitive mount!! most annoying as jupiter looks soo bright :-(

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