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  1. Hi, Due to financial and time restrictions i am selling my whole set up as a single lot. I am based up in Aberdeen but i am happy to meet somewhere if some of the petrol costs are covered. Items included in the sale are: Nexstar 5se - In almost new condition, no real marks or scratches. Celestron 94303 - Eyepiece and Filter Kit. Sky-Watcher Mobile Power Station - Only been used once ZWO - ASI120MC - Brand New - NEVER BEEN USED. ACER Laptop - Aspire E 15 Start - Refurbished. All necessary cables adapters etc. Not looking to break this u
  2. Hi All. Due to certain circumstances i had to sell my previous rig and am just getting myself sorted out again. I recently purchased a Nexstar 5se which i am hoping to do some imaging with - i am well aware that this is of no use for DSO's! I am however really keen to start trying to do some planetary imaging. I just wondered if people could make recommendations towards a camera? The nexImage 5 is what i have been looking at, however someone else said i should get the ZWO ASI120MC? Any recommendations? Thanks in advance for any help!
  3. Thanks Uranium. Sorry for the delayed response, i had not been on in quite a few days (BTW living by the Aberdeenshire coast does not really make for great viewing in the summer months, Cloud or fog take your pick). Thanks for the info however, i will certainly have a look at that.
  4. You really do seem to have mastered it however. I would love to hear any tips or pointers you might have for a novice like myself??
  5. Uranium, i feel distinctly inadequate every time you post a picture in this thread
  6. Leveye - seen flocking mentioned a few times - just black matt paint?
  7. I forgot to add it was just a focusing shot i took of Capella.
  8. Hey guys, i accidentally posted the below picture in the DIY Astronomy forum instead of on here, asking what the strange appearance was in my image. A couple of people have since told me that it is a reflection, rather disappointingly. It was a single 10 sec exposure at 3200 is on the below kit, i just thought i would share it out of interest.
  9. Some input required please..was taking a pic of Capella tonight for focus purposes - 10sec exposure, 3200iso. First of all i really like it as a picture of a star but not until i downloaded it when i came on that i seen something else just a bit SE from Capella, what is it????
  10. Hi, Just wondered if people could recommend some good targets for tonight? I have a pretty open view to the south and east, west not too bad but would need to be reasonably high in the sky to cover neighbours houses. Kit as per my signature. Just wondered if anyone could recommend something that is reasonably "easy" (i know that none of it is that easy) as it doesnt get dark here now until after 10pm and i could really do with something to practice on, specifically my processing skills. Thanks in advance for nay advice.
  11. Guys thanks very much, changed it over and tried it out and all is well now. Thanks again.
  12. Hi all. I have been having a slight issue with APT and my DSLR and i wondered if someone can give me some advice. I guess firstly, is it normal that it takes so long between shots? Even with the count set at 0 or 1 (on APT) there must be at least a 30 sec pause inbetween shots. Secondly, i think but i am not sure that the root of the problem is that for some reason somewhere between APT and the laptop and DSLR there seems to be a setting wrong as it makes 2 copies of every picture one is a jpeg and the other is CR2, maybe this is normal it just didnt seem right to me. I have had a look through
  13. Good luck wulliam and clear skies. I just bought the 130p-ds also and it is a great scope !
  14. So, as was suggested i read the above tutorial and had another pop at the moon tonight. I am really chuffed with how this turned out actually. Any feedback gratefully received.
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