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  1. Thanks for the lovely data! Here is my try (Startools, GIMP and Starnet++) : /Ulf
  2. Yes, and this is when it is most pronounced. Some pictures I cant notice it at all. I would think it is really hard to design the scope to prevent this altogether. If I send it in and they loosen the collimation screws who knows how it will work in higher temperatures?
  3. Yup, got this issue as well with a E100. Received the scope in October from FLO. It varies by temperature, and maybe where I put my dewheater. In all other aspects it is fantastic, so I'm not sure if I want to exchange it.
  4. Yeah I usually do as well. But I dont know of any other gear (apart from homebuilt) other than the Asiair that will do all things at once. There are numerous threads on CN about the EAF not fitting the Esprit-focuser. Sure you can find a solution, but I haven't seen an easy one as of yet. I'm lazy in that way...
  5. Yes I have considered it. But I want to keep it really simple this time without worrying about drivers, connectors et al. Autofocus is coming in the next Asiair firmware update allegedly.
  6. Yeah, I understand that, and to be honest I feel that that scope in particular is maybe a bit to big lugging around. It is tempting though, as I have heard great things about it.
  7. Why is that though, from the weight? Do you think you will damage it? I'm just curious. If I buy the TS scope I will most definitely try with the zwo autofocus, since then I can run everything on Asiair. Guiding, focusing, PA, platesolving, the works.. Or is it a pipedream? /Ulf
  8. Thanks Ice. I have hit a snag though. It seems that the ZWO EAF doesn't play well with the Esprit range of focusers. That means that I have to abandon the thought of going laptopless. Hmm. Regarding darksite: My results from my backyard and the darksite have been incomporable to each other so far in favor of the darksite, but I have thought that the difference when it comes to NB-data is not as huge. Is this wrong? /Ulf
  9. Yeah, an autofocuser is something I really want. I will order it as soon as Zwo releases the autofocus option on the Asiair. According to sources it will be anytime now. But while I wait, is it possible even though hard to manually focus? I am mostly considering the EQ6-R right now, even if it is heavy. Good to hear that the performance seem to be enough. That will save me some money. The reason I am considering the 130mm scope is basically that I get two scopes in one. With flattener I can get galaxies and small DSO's and with the reducer I can shoot bigger targets. Of course this w
  10. This is an area where I am not that experienced. I am thinking in terms of: Is it really harder to lug the gear inside my car and put them up on my darksite than doing the same in my backyard? My darksite is basically a cul de sac in the middle of nowhere, where no one else goes, so I don't have to carry my gear more than a couple of metres. Am I completely wrong in thinking like this? I am also thinking of gathering rgb-data to multiple objects under good conditions when going to the darksite so I hope I won't have to do it that often.
  11. Yes, that is what I am thinking as well, even if new and shiny things seems to have some allure...
  12. Hi, I would appreciate some advice as I am about to pull the trigger on buying some more serious astrophotography equipment. I have dabbled around a little during this winter with some simple equipment, and the results have astounded me, so now I am ready to get into this bigtime. I would like to keep the cost down somewhat, so even if cost is not the biggest issue, I don’t want to pay big money for small improvements. Conditions: I live under a Bortle 6-7 sky. I would prefer photographing at a dark site all the time, but unfortunately this won’t be possible. My pla
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