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  1. Thanks! I wish I could afford real astro photography equipment, but it's really expensive as you know. Maybe when I get older and get a job! Or work at an observatory .
  2. Hello everyone! It's been a while... Almost a year lol. In fact, it was exactly 364 days ago that I got my telescope delivered, and since then we have had many great nights together! So, I haven't given up on the hobby, I still love astronomy! I just sort of forgot about the forum, but now I'm back here . I thought I'd share a few images I took of the moon a couple months ago. Nothing professional at all, I just took them with my smartphone through the eyepiece of my telescope. Feel free to give some feedback!
  3. What a good idea I will certainly do that! I will also probably try to draw roughly what I see in a sketchbook, so that I can compare my sketches and see if I can see any difference when I look at the object again later.
  4. Hello! I've had my scope for a bit over two weeks now, but it still wasn't until Monday this week that I'd been able to use it. I looked out the window and saw that it was clear outside, so in my excitement, I grabbed my eyepieces, the book Turn Left At Orion and my scope and I rushed outside. I began with looking at Jupiter through the 25 mm eyepiece, and I got really excited as I could see 3 moons very clearly. I then switched to the 10 mm and "BANG!", there it was, with its cloud bands clearly visible and even a shadow of one of its moons. This was the first time I had ever looked at a p
  5. Hi, Mr Q, I actually checked collimation of the laser collimator before, using the method shown in this video: http://youtu.be/bE09_X43UUQ and it was perfectly collimated. However, when I put the collimator into the focuser (I made sure that it sat tight and didn't wobble) the laser beam was hitting a bit outside of the doughnut in the center of the primary mirror, so I assume that the telescopewas put out of collimation during the transport? The weather forecast doesn't look very promising this week, mostly clouds and rain / snow. Possibly some clear skies on Friday, but my expectations are n
  6. Got them un-stuck now I guess I was not turning the allen key hard enough. Holding the spider vanes in place also made it easier (thanks wookie1965).
  7. Hi! I am trying to collimate my scope, as I noticed that it's a bit out of collimation. However, when I try to turn the secondary mirror screws, they just won't turn. It's the same for all the 4 screws. When I rotate the allen wrench / screwdriver, the spider vanes turn a bit, but the screws doesn't. I'm worried that if I apply too much force to the screws, the spider vanes will brake off. Has anyone had a similar problem? Please help!
  8. Yes, it was snowing yesterday, but almost all of it has melted by now. I'm not a big fan of snow anyway...
  9. Yes, it came two days ago I just haven't been able to post anything on the forum until now (too much homework...) I am still waiting for first light with the scope though, since it's all cloudy here :/ Can't wait until I will be able to use it!!!
  10. Hello, Alexxx! No, I didn't stack them in Registax. I didn't think of it when I took the photos and just used the picture function on the video camera. I will try to use Registax the next time though!
  11. Just got my telescope delivered! Going to unbox it right about... NOW!

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      What did you get?

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      he got clouds, they always get clouds

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      Clouds always come in the seperate box

  12. Hello Stargazers! Here are some pictures that I took about an hour ago, using just a basic Panasonic video camera and a tripod. I know that the pictures are crappy compared to some others, but I think they are pretty decent, considering the basic equipment I was using. The detail on the moon was far better than I expected with a simple video camera and I was also suprised by the fact that I can see 2 or maybe even 3 moons in one of the pictures of Jupiter . The near-full "Wolf Moon": A further zoom-in on the moon (the quality really isn't the greatest in this one...) Jupiter with 2 (3?) vis
  13. Another update: Oh UPS, UPS, UPS... They apparently attempted to deliver my telescope at 14:30 today, when no one was home. Why can't they deliver their packages when ordinary people are home from work/school? Like after 16:00 or 17:00 Well, well, they will make another attempt tomorrow and luckily, I will be home from school by 12:00. Hopefully, they won't try to deliver my telescope before that...
  14. Edit: I now recieved an email with the tracking number for my package, and the scheduled delivery is on tuesday already .
  15. Just a quick update: Yesterday, I noticed that I hadn't recieved an email saying that the telescope had been shipped, and that didn't feel normal, as orders usually process the same day or the day after you make them. So I mailed Teleskop Service, asking why it was taking such a long time to process the order. The answer I got today was that the telescope that I ordered (the last one they had in stock), was found to be slightly damaged, and therefore it couldn't be shipped, and that I had to wait a few days until they had more scopes in stock. However, they have now sent a mail saying that tod
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