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  1. Thanks again for the warm welcome ....Geoff
  2. Thank you for your welcomes, but I am off back to the lunar imaging section to have my mind blown away again before my lunch !!!
  3. That is an awsome, jaw dropping image. Listen to the Neil Diamond song Done To Soon and just look at the image, hairs on your neck stand up...
  4. Just like to say hello to everyone at SGL. I have been interested in astronomy since I can remember but have only ever owned a 4" newtonian. This however was stolen from my shed and it left me with just my 15 x 70 inpro binoculars. I am though going to get myself another scope and no doubt will be asking lots of advice from this community (sorry in advance ). Before becoming a member I had already plundered the valuable info that can be found on this site simply because if I googled a problem this place kept on coming up with the answers. I then thought why on earth am I not a member. So, decided today to do something about it and here I am. One of my hobbies is to observe Iridium Flares (amongst other satellites). I am not sure if you have a section on satellites but I know there is a wealth of info to be got from here on all other aspects of astronomy and I look forward to interacting with everyone here. Regards....Geoff
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