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  1. Thanks for your enquiry but as of yet it will all go as one or not at all.... Regards....Geoff
  2. Due to massive vets bills I am having to sell my set up. Its as follows Now with my Canon 350 D included ( body only ) I have had it from new and it is not in bad condition, NOW ONLY £300 . incudes battery, charger and memory card. Sky watcher 200p newtonian Eq5 mount fully motorised Astro Eq telescope controller Focus control motor 2 x spc900nc webcams. One for polar aligning and one for astro photography 2 x Microsoft hd cinema webcams modified in billits tubes. One for collimating and one for astrophotography Premium Cheshire collimator
  3. Thanks for your detailed reply. I am very grateful indeed......Geoff
  4. Can anyone tell me in advance what problems I may encounter using this set up. I.E. Focusing problems and has anyone else used this with any success . My aim is to get closer to M51 as with just the DSLR it looks lonely on the image. Many thanks in advance........Geoff
  5. Thats the colour it came out Rodd. It is a yellow double though and it is a bit yellow. Still learning on processing images.....
  6. Found this file when I was transferring things to my new computer. My first go at a star image. ( I wondered where this file ended up )
  7. Tried that Peter and it worked a treat. Thank you very much indeed Kindest regards....Geoff
  8. Hi there, wonder if anyone can help. I am moving from my laptop to my new pc to do my astro processing and all was going well til I tried to load DSS 3.3.4. onto my PC with windows 10. I cannot get it to run. the live version runs but not the other. I googled it and someone said update microsoft visual c++. Did that but it still wont run. When I double click it a box attempts to open but this lasts miliseconds. I downloaded Dss from yahoo groups website. Any help most appreciated Regards....Geoff
  9. Hi Craig, is this the macro lens you have for sale ?
  10. Thank you for your explanations. It has cleared it up for me. Much appreciated Regards Geoff
  11. I notice on the new EQ6 r mount there is a "snap camera" port. Can anyone explain what that does please.
  12. A beautiful union of film and music.......stunning......incredible.....hair on neck standing up moment...
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