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  1. Hi, ill health led me to sell my equipment a few years ago. I am now able to return. I have been checking out the Meade LX90 8" trotting out at around £1740 and the celestron NexStar Evelution 8 HD with starsence at around £2445. I am not interested in company bashing, I genuinely would like your opinions on what I would be getting for the extra money with the Celestron. To be honest I can not see any real benefit but my knowlage is limited. Looking forward to your replies. Mike OUT OF STOCK
  2. I found that less than 5Mw was enough power for aligning but not enough for others to see what I was pointing at if they were standing next to me.
  3. That's interesting as my cable is only two rounds of a coil shape, left it connected for 15 mins yesterday as a test but not detect any heating! Thanks for the extra information!
  4. As a past 'laser aligner', as the title suggests it is only used to gain two or three star alignment. If more stars are needed then by the time two or three done the rest will be in the field of view so the laser is no longer needed. We just need people to remember to look, listen and then look and listen AGAIN to asertain that no aircraft are about then the laser'
  5. Colin2007, You are absolutely right!....I will now put into action your thoughts you mentioned in your post! Sometimes it is hard to see the wood from the trees!
  6. I've been having good results with my Coleman 'duel fuel' stove, I run it on normal unleaded petrol from the pump and I have had sterling service! I went this route because I often observe in the winter and find it is not affected by the cold.
  7. I was had a Coleman trailblazer 5 that's a 5 man tent which is good for solo camping, but with 'The Mrs' in tow who can not understand 'packing lite' we have now got a 10 man tent,much more space and goes up in less than 2 mins!
  8. That's a good idea! would love a full report with pictures when you get back!
  9. I am so worried about my laser that I remove the batteries and keep the laser in two pieces and each piece in a seperate location in different buildings. May sound a bit overboard but its safe!
  10. Heck! i've been doing the same thing! I will un-coil mine and cut to length!
  11. I have this trouble at the moment also. I suffer this on and off and over the past 10 years the 'not in the mood' periods can last months then I am so full on it is rediculous!
  12. I have been thinking about these https://www.amazon.co.uk/Square-Plastic-Garden-Paving-Stepping/dp/B00UHNSUAC Her Who Must Be Obeyed has not seen the damage to the lawn yet and these may save the day!
  13. Thanks niallk, that was it!
  14. Oh dear! this is embarrassing! .....It was not carbon but IRON 60!!!!!!
  15. Hi, I am trying to find an article about carbon 41 (i think) and a possible link to the death of species on Earth.I think it may have been Sky At Night magazine. Has anybody come across it that can remind me please?
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