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  1. £500? Is anybody interested in this mount? It's in excellent condition/mint condition boxed.
  2. Thanks - my neighbour is a gunsmith so has all the tools for making out of aluminium to borrrow, and a sheet of aluminium only a few pounds. nice thread about your barn door... thanks
  3. Hi, I was looking to build a portable barn door tracker, following one of the many available online resources. Obviously most of these are wood based. I just wondered if making it out of aluminium would be a good or bad thing with regard to vibrations? I thought I could make it neater and lighter, but not sure if better for a reason making out of wood. Cheers.
  4. That's good news.... I did squeeze it all in the main box but it made it very snug which thought a good thing. Hope it gives you as much fun as it did me in the short time I got to use it. shame to see it go but I'm far from giving up just changing to more portable options. good luck and hope for some clear skies!
  5. A small bump to try and sell the mount, happy to drive a fair way to meet if it helps someone choose. Also be nice to move the other bits, I'm sure someone must be tempted by the solar filter after all this glorious sunshine we've had for.... well, all of 2017 so far I think open to offers
  6. ED80 & Dovetail/ring have now been posted with Hermes, tracking pm'd
  7. ED80 all packed up and ready to post, will be dropping off shortly. Also the ADM Dovetail & Nikon T ring. Have pm'd the buyers & will confirm when sent
  8. Hi Errol, Thats good, if you send me your details I'll get them packed and weighed to calculate some postage unless you are local to collect?
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