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  1. Depending on actual dates Kes and I are also interested.
  2. Hi, I'm just in the process of doing a belt mod on my Black EQ6. I have noticed whilst stripping it down that the worm spindle end cap that covers the worm bearing adjustment ring is locked with a grubscrew. I suspect that originally there were shims between the adjustment ring and the endcap so you could snug the adjustment ring, add shims and then fit endcap and lock endcap in place with the grub. The grubscrew and shims were missing and the previous owner had put a dab of thread lock after adjusting. This had worked well as there was no perceptable play in the shaft and the adjustment ring unscrewed after a small force. If you do use threadlock, make sure it is the blue one and only use a pinhead size dab after you have snugged the ring down. This will be enough to stop it moving of it's own accord, put too much and it will be a pain in the elbow to remove.
  3. I did one similar to michaelmorris, I used four of those metal pointy spike things for fencing bashed in the ground, stuffed in some 3"x3" fence post and topped off with some heavy duty steel u-track. The shed was of apex design, purchased off the well known website and positioned against two of the uprights. The roof part was laid flat and framed with some old dexion I had laying around topped off with lino currently and fitted with an electric motor for opening and closing. It has stood up to at least three gale force storms and is still currently water tight and solid as a rock.
  4. Kes and I are booked, thanks Grant. Can't wait now. See you all there.
  5. If you already have an old style black eq6 they can be modified for goto and connection to a computer. You will need to replace the stepper motors and make a new controller. If you have played with Arduino there is firmware for those. https://www.astroeq.co.uk/about.php
  6. When you say "old EQ6" do you mean the old black ones? They dont have goto or computer connection without extensive modification.
  7. "OMG, I think we've found life on that little blue planet"... No wait, that's the rear facing camera. Would be great news if they have found a planet with similar conditions to our own.
  8. Perhaps we should bring it up to-date and call it "Whats in the freezer" moon, who needs to do shopping when it's cold out.
  9. As an experiment, try a dew type heater wrapped around the motor body. If left on whilst the roof is open it should provide enough heat to stop the motor from freezing up if that is the problem.
  10. I'd go with gravel, line the path with 3"X3/4" wood staked in, weed mat and then fill with gravel. This does mean digging out though, so perhaps organise a "bring your own spade" barbie/starparty.
  11. I still have a Tektronix scope, it still works although I dont use it mainly because it's the size of a tea chest so it resides in my cupboard of "It might be worth something one day" items.
  12. Compared with a proper ocilloscope, a toy maybe. With most of the current projects I'm working on it would be handy to use a scope, my 200mhz scope is the size of a suitcase and difficult to lug about. The Hantek would still need a laptop and the usual psu,cables a place to lay it all out etc.. So a battery powered scope the size of your hand with it's own screen seems very attractive as long as you're aware of the limitations.
  13. Tent for us, will need an electric point and to be away from any traffic and light pollution.
  14. Kes and I are interested. Would be nice to go to a star party with more half a dozen people this year.
  15. As you didn't use an ir filter, red was the strongest signal combined with ir. You focused the scope on the red channel leaving the green and blue out of focus. I can't say why the double image, may be atmospheric dispertion had something to do with it. It's best to always use an ir filter when planetary imaging, the rest is down to good seeing on the night.
  16. I wouldn't use tape or friction fit it won't hold and the dslr will end up on the floor. Get someone to drill and tap M4 holes in the V groove each at 120 degrees and fit M4x4 grub screws.
  17. Dont be fooled folks, he was trying to plumb the dishwasher in! Nice idea, can't wait to see the motorised version.
  18. Anything that makes life easier is always worth it! It doesn't have to be a "This'll last forever" type of obsy with tons of concrete and timber strong enough to build ships with. An obsy can be built on a budget; mine was, a secondhand 8'x4' shed sandwiched between 4 fenceposts which used those steel pointy things in the ground. The only major expense would be to use steel channel (much advised) if you plan a sliding roof type. My obsy has allowed more enjoyment of the hobby even though I have varying restricted views in all directions and is certainly better than dragging out an eq6 and 10" ota every time like I used too.
  19. My one is the same, a float in the tank with a magnet attached. The magnet will activate reed type switch.
  20. You could use Straton star removal tool if you dont like PS methods. https://secure.shareit.com/shareit/product.html?sessionid=2723521289&random=ab9f996b8d9cd1eecb762558e6858e0b&productid=300568169
  21. How about this stuff to re-attach wires? http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/0-3ML-Silver-Conductive-Compound-Electrically-Paint-Glue-Wire-Paste-Trace-Repair-/381261278511?hash=item58c4f16d2f:g:SRMAAOSwNSxVOvyD
  22. The older EQ6 has no goto and cannot be connected to a computer, However if you are on a budget and have diy skills you could replace the old motors with newer stepper motors and make a goto system to connect it to a computer, I used the plans and firmware/software called AstroEQ provided by Tom Carpenter on my one. I'm also currently imaging with a 130pds
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