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  1. So this is my first time back on the forum in a while now, so it's good to be back. I won't lie, 2017 has been an absolutely desolate year for observing for me. This year, I've been out maybe four or five times, and two of those were naked eye observing. One was for the Perseid Meteor shower, that for my location peaked at 9/hr. I'm hoping that September through December can be more productive, but because of the cold temps on the way, it makes it tough. Even though 2017 has been a complete bust for me, it makes me want to get out more and more. I have already been putting my 20
  2. Thanks everyone for the advice. I'll put a 3 second delay between my shots on the intervalometer. I also forgot I left the UV filter on as well. That's probably where the aberrations are at. I'll try to fix all of the above and post my results once I get them. After I get this down I'll start trying to zoom in a bit and get actual landscape and Milky Way shots. Again, thanks for your help!
  3. I'm using an iOptron Skytracker so it's the basic setup. I'm using the included polar scope and aligning it where my phone app tells me to. I just have a camera attached to that and a 28-135 lens set at 28mm. Maybe I just need a little more practice with getting polaris smack dab in the same spot or just learn what I need to do to get these to go away... These are 10 second exposures and the above image is a stack of 207 images. Not sure if temp matters, but it was around -4* F when I was shooting. I'll turn off IS from now on then... Dumb me.
  4. So I got my new tracking mount out again tonight. As far as I can tell with my limited knowledge of AP, the mount is tracking fine. As long as I stay at "normal" image size, the stars look crisp and like a point. Once I zoom in on them (to the point of some pixilation) I notice a slight streak running from the star to the left. Is this a tracking issue or do I just need to focus better? I also just noticed that I left the Image Stabilization on... Is that good or bad if it's on a tracking mount. I'm guessing bad? I've attached the test shot from tonight. You'll find M31 at the left edge, Cass
  5. I recently had the same issue you did... An 8" or 10" Dob were my options, just like you. I opted for the 10" personally just because of the bigger aperture. In amateur astronomy, more aperture is never bad... EVER. As was said above, if transportation, storage room, and portability isn't an issue, go for the 10". If you do decide to transport the 10", just make sure you do it safely and correctly. I actually have my box that it was shipped in with all of the foam inserts for transportation to some of the bigger local star parties in my area.
  6. I love the search for a new object I've not yet seen myself, and the thrill of trying to catch a passing comet you may only have a window of a couple weeks to get the best view of it. I love the thought of how long it took the light to reach my eyes from the time it left it's source. I love that I have the chance to see all of this with my own eyes, and not just in pictures. It's kind of an escape from reality as well. While you're out there at the scope, you're focused on your charts and getting the scope to where you want it, once you do get there, you're in awe of what is on the other side
  7. I can always just do a quick trial with the two apps and see which is more accurate. Or I could just correct the cords manually to compensate as long as it's consistent.
  8. I'm at -92 degrees. The scope companion app let's me put in my Coords manually. If I set it as my location as -89, it almost identically matches my ioptron app. I'd keep using that one, but it isn't 3g or 4g enabled. So if I'm any further than my back yard, I won't have a clue.
  9. Unofficially, I'm sure it could be. Companies usually have a safety margin just so they can't get sued. I personally wouldn't, but if you do, I accept no responsibility for what may happen. :-)
  10. I'm just curious as to what this is for. It's an app that I'm using to polar align my skywatcher tracking mount. The iOptron app is showing something different from my scope companion app. The other app for android doesn't like my phone. The scope companion has a longitude offset of -3* east. The iOptron app doesn't state that, but the clock position is off by 17 mins between the apps. I'm trying to find a way to disable the offset but can't find anything. which is more accurate and how accurate does it need to be for photography just with a camera lens and no scope?
  11. I just received my iOptron Skytracker in the mail two days ago and tonight was the first night it was clear to give it a go despite the -25* F temperatures. Setup was nice and easy. Batteries were installed with no hickups and the mount was solid. I have a Manfrotto Tripod (190go model) and I was shooting with a Canon 7D with a battery pack. The mount didn't complain one bit. I got Polaris correctly placed in the viewfinder, fired a test shot to make sure I was at least mostly focused. I was enough for a quick test. I pointed it in the general direction of M31 and fired away. I stacked 29, 13
  12. Awesome! Apparently it's in California. I didn't see I crossed the border when I was looking on the map from Yuma. I really gotta go!!
  13. I'm going to Yuma, AZ for a work trip next month. Joshua Tree is about 2.5 hours north of where I'm staying. Has anybody tried observing from there? It's as dark as dark gets and it's desert air, so I can't complain compared to my normal skies (which honestly are not bad.) What was your experience? Any pictures from the trip? I'd love to hear your story!
  14. I ordered it last night. I found little to no complaints on this unit. If there were issues, the company is great with customer service. I'll let you know how it goes once I try it out. Clear skies!
  15. Hey Ronin. I'll only be using a DSLR on here. No scope. I've looked at results from this tracker, also other people's blogs. It seems to be able to do what I'd like it to. I think I'm going to get it, work with it, and post my own review. Thank you for your concern and help!
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