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  1. he has said that he has no intention of going either
  2. I made an controller following Robert Browns design. it has the ability to target dew point so keeps the temp of any surfaces you want dew free above this temp which makes it more efficient. info is on source forge here https://sourceforge.net/projects/arduinonanodewcontrollerpro/
  3. easiest way is to use a monitor and keyboard on the rpi and just connect to the local wifi make sure you either remove the hotspot setup or change its priority to stop it being the prefered network on boot
  4. both of mine should have been set to 16bit not sure about compression may post the question in the nina discord
  5. I have recently purchased one of these and I have been quite impressed with it so far Previously I have been using Ekos/kstars on my Rpi4 but reecently I have started testing a Windows mini PC with NINA installed to see if things are greener on the other side. so far I really like NINA but would anyone know why the fits files sizes are so dramatically different when using ekos/kstars on my rpi4 to when I use it via NINA? Rpi is the larger!
  6. is it any better if you are viewing through a monitor rather than vnc (or whatever you are using)
  7. there was a firmware issue that caused slow data speeds on USB3 with SATA drives I am not sure if it was eventually resolved or relevent but this link here refers to it https://www.raspberrypi.org/forums/viewtopic.php?f=28&t=245931
  8. I am in the middle of moving from KStars/Indi on an RPI to NINA on a small PC so far its just been a learning curve finding where everything is and how to see what you want but I am very impressed. The sequencer works very well I have had no issues with tracking and the plate solve is ligthening fast I like the fact the screen is so customisable so you can choose what is important for you to see and erros reporting is very good when you have done something wrong ( quite often for me) so far so good for me
  9. I fitted a steeltrack to my 200pds using existing hole but just drilled new mount holes to fix so it should be ok to move the mirror up by cutting the tube as mentioned i have the steel track on my VX14 now its a great peice of kit and very solid also like the dovetail attachment for the focus motor.
  10. have you downoaded the Astap database files? you can use any star image to test it when offline or in the daytime
  11. I dont think it syncs until it is happy its within the target with mine it only does it twice anyway (usually)
  12. Looks great, Looks great! I got mine the other day and have started to play with setup for when a get a chance to use it properly.
  13. It is the SW Coma corrector but its also a 0.9 reducer Nikon F Mount is 46.5mm focal flange length so as long as the T Ring is 8.5mm then the Nikon should also be 55 I have 3d printed a mixture of spacers to try out so now await a clear night
  14. This was a few nights ago. its a bit messy but shows the issue. OTA is my VX14 and the CC is the Skywatcher 0.9 reducer one i dont get this issue with my Nikon only the Canon but the nikon is no astromdded and its BF is 46.5 M_27_Light_180_secs_2021-08-11T00-37-55_009.cr2
  15. I have been battling with coma on my Canon 700D but now I realise that it maybe the position of my coma corrector the BF of the corrector I have states 55mm and the T Ring appears to be 10mm so with the 44mm of the Canon I am 1mm out to start with! would the fact that my Canon is also astro modded make the BF further back or no different? Dave
  16. My D7000 is the same but my Canon 700D has live view working when connected
  17. yes I have thought about that way but the convaluted way i have to get it through the garage and utility room then turn right then left and right again and up a small flight of steps puts me off
  18. Pretty sure I am not on bedrock but I know its clay about 2ft down
  19. only 1 surface rooting tree thats close (next door unfortunatly) and its a 17year old house estate so rocks and building detritus may be an issue but I think if I use the pilot drill first it may help. I am sure its not going to be as easy as their video thats for sure
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