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  1. Gutted not able to make the meet tonight :/ family birthday!! Hopefully I'll get to attend soon be great to meet people with same interest
  2. Evening all, Is there a planned meet for tomorrow night, I'm thinking of joining for the first time?
  3. Lionclaw great shots!!! You will learn loads from this site the people on here are awsome!!! Everyone very welcoming and no question seems to be a silly one!!
  4. Your images are brilliant!!!! What exposure time did you use for the DMK21 image?? I have a list of new things to buy for my scope and towards the start of the winter I'm looking to upgrade cameras? What would you suggest??
  5. Hi all This was the first image of Saturn i had taken and only now getting back into using my scope and imaging!! The image was taken last September (approx) with my Phillips SPC900nc, using Sharpcap and AS2 can anyone advise how i improve and get a sharper image? do i need to play around in photoshop or are there any other avenues to explore
  6. Can you suggest one I could lookout for this weekend weather permitting? I was thinking Orion Nebula? Sorry to keep asking questions
  7. Thanks for advice!! Is there any chance I could see anything without the filters?? I'm more than happy to purchase them but I think I need to practice finding the buggers first
  8. Hi all, This question has prob been asked plenty of times but here goes!! I had a great night observing in Carmarthen last night, skies super clear however I found it difficult to view nebula's can any recommend what I could look forusing the equipment I have?? (Sky watcher 200p eq5) Any suggestions be greatly appreciated
  9. Brilliant thank you very much!! I will be purchasing that
  10. Thanks for the reply both!! Is there anything I could use that would give me the colour of the sun? (Sorry if that's a stupid question) Cheers
  11. Thanks for the reply both!! Is there anything I could use that would give me the colour of the sun? (Sorry if that's a stupid question) Cheers
  12. Can anyone advise what equipment I need to view the sun? I have the following scope SkyWatcher Explorer 200P EQ5 mount I'm looking to image and view the sun? Any advice would be great
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