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  1. The 150pl is a great scope cant fault it other than its length, I was thinking of the same 150mm for the Frac but looking at the focal lengths probably wont suit my EP range so will have to put a bit more thought into it
  2. Thanks for all the replies everyone, Plenty to be thinking about, The conditions when I was looking were probably the best that I have seen in my short time and the results were very clear a lot better than they were last time I looked anyway! - I would like to get around 200x as a lot people recommend this as the max but like I have said SG don't make a 6mm that would suite my scope. I have tried an expensive Barlow in my Celestron and it didn't give me good results but thats due to the design I am lead to believe so maybe in my SW it might be worth going over this again. I like the looks of
  3. Thanks guys, I was thinking something in the 6mm range would be nice which would give me about 200x but SG don't make one so would have to look at another one. I might look at some of the meade ones but if was going to change EP I was thinking of maybe a zoom lens from 18 mm- 7mm something like that, more so for the moon if i'm honest. Although if I can get some better detail with the 5mm on the moon I might just bite the bullet and get some really nice close ups. If anyone have a preferred 6mm then I would be interested in checking it out Thanks NIck,
  4. I can sympathise with you Paul as it does it really cold particularly up here in the north! - most of my observing is in short bursts if i'm honest, Its hard to get a clear night sometime so as soon as its clear I am grab and go. If you feel you can't stay out there too long maybe try and get something more portable like a good quality small frac and then you can probably be out there 15 mins setting up and just catch a few mins of the moon or jupiter and if you are not a late night person Venus is pretty bright this time of year around 5ish can be seen noticed just by eye. At the end of the d
  5. Hey guys, Been back out with my scopes now its getting nice and dark at a decent time. In particular I was out last night and got amazing clear views of the moon and saw Jupiter in all its glory for the 1st time, Quite a sight most of the other times I had not managed to make out the bands clear but it was as amazing as it looks in photos. My 150pl and 8mm give me a 150x and it pretty clear but was just wanting to push it a little more, I have most the ED range and wanted to know if people thought that the 5mm might be too much at 240x or will I get away with it on really clear nights like la
  6. I have just started a sort of apprenticeship at a robotics and automation company and i am looking to do just what you guys are saying as kind of a learning curve project, i have the Pi and access to the camera but i am still doing the research on the units at the moment, i am also looking into how hard it would be to adapt some stepper motors to allow me to track or manually use the RA axis, this thing could end up weight a lot but my initial idea was to Velcro strap the pi and webcam setup to the OTA and view/power it all over one cat5/usb hybrid cable The project is still in its very early
  7. I actually have one of these i use for getting stuff out of the loft in the garage so this could be a viable option! - Will be a while until i decide what to do as i have a few things on at the moment, do you need a special OTA for a dob or can i use the standard 150pl tube? Thanks
  8. Thanks Schorhr, Unfortunately to view Jupiter i have to use the decking at the back of the house and for saturn i can use the grass but my garden is short and still not convinced i would get the angle! If getting height is literally just placing the Dob on something then i think for my garden i am best with the EQ for now!
  9. Hey Guys, I have been thinking about mounts in general and i know that there seems to be 3 main types, alt-az, EQ and Dob's the movement of the alt-az and the EQ seem obvious but the height of the scope mounted on the tripod can be altered by adjusting the legs accordingly. My question is how do you get any height with a Dob setup? One of the reasons i ask is most of the views i get a up over the fence but i have to have my EQ tripod quite high to achieve a good trackable view, however due to the weight of the EQ and the Length of the telescope moving it can be a bit tricky and i really am sta
  10. This might not be a bad idea Gilez as with the weather and my limited views at the moment might be a few weeks before i am out again! - Garage is reasonably clean as i use it as a utility room more so should be ok! Thanks
  11. There is a good chance it will be too big as i dont think you can appreciate how long it is until you see it, the 1200mm focal length means its at least that long and it is a bit difficult to manoeuvre on the EQ so if the other guys think its too big they are probably right! I would hate to say i bought the wrong scope as its quality is amazing but i guess ease of use and portability trumps the true focal length! I will be using this scope for the near future but sadly in the back of my mind i think its too big so i will be looking for something else maybe! I am sure you could get a higher ape
  12. Hey Osbourne, I have the 150pl and my views have been excellent since my upgrade from the 114mm i had before! i use mine on a GEM1 eq mount and if i am honest i find the size of the scope often interfears with the slow motion controls and i have never really got to grips with EQ mounts in general so i was thinking of a Altazimuth mount so i am interested on how you get on! I use BST 1.25" Ep's and although they are all i have ever used the views are really sharp and clear i have managed to bag jupiter and saturn really well and the 8mm i use gives me 150x which is great for Jupiter but i am th
  13. Thanks David, Yeah i have gone for the rack and bungie option and everything seems to be solid enough for now! - Yes it is the tray area that is broken i have managed to glue it together for the short term but i am looking to either use metal plate to make it stronger or i may take a look at the site you suggested, i have watched a lot of their vids on youtube so will take a look. Thanks for the info
  14. Thanks guys i have to take it apart due to space but i am struggling to see things in the garden now so will have to look at taking it further a field!
  15. i have the same scope and find that around 150-160x mag is the max i can get for saturn and jupiter probably around 120x is best, but generally as people have mentioned the 240x will be way too much! I use the Starguider BST eyepeices (£47 each) and they are brilliant, a lot of people on the forum have recommended them and you can cover a good range of mags with just a few! I currently have the 25mm good for viewing larger areas of sky, 15mm great for moon and starting to see planets and the 8mm perfect for planets and moon details, you can use a barlow with these but as with everything a goo
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