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  1. I know this has probably been done a million times, but it saves me going through every post... I'm thinking of buying some binos, nothing spectacular, just a grab and go so I don't have to set up my scope every time I want to go out. I'm going to budget around £100 but will up that for the right set. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks in advance. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. I've come to join the club! Gotta love those clouds, ey? x
  3. I quite fancy the Blue Lagoon, so I reckon it's definitely going to be Iceland. Just need to find out when is best to go. Can't wait to book! x
  4. Thanks everyone. All advice is being taken on board and I will definitely do my research before booking. I don't fully expect to see it, will make sure I find plenty of other things to do whist there just in case. :-) x
  5. Sounds amazing! I may have to give the Blue Lagoon a go too! x
  6. Sadly, I missed the UK ones as my aurora watch emails went to junk :-( I don't have high expectations about seeing it. Just nice to get away, along with the chance of seeing. Fingers will be crossed the whole time though! :-) x
  7. Thanks, will have a look. Hoping to go around November time. Hopefully it won't be cloudy for us! x
  8. Hey. I'm just looking at Northern Lights holidays, and I was wondering if anyone had seen them in Reykjavik, Iceland? Is there somewhere I can get a better look? Thanks. Vikki x
  9. Thank you, I will have a look for one of those. Just shopping around at the moment, not wanting to rush in to anything. Not wanting to do DSO yet, I will definitely be buying a new mount for that. :-) x
  10. So, I have decided to invest in a camera for my telescope. I'm in no rush at the moment, so really just looking for advice on the best one for my telescope that doesn't cost a lot of money. Thank you. x
  11. I use the NASA app to track the ISS. It also tells you who's in it etc. But that is also down at the moment unfortunately. So I'll be looking for a new tracker x
  12. Clear skies tonight! Looking forward to getting out with my scope for the first time in a while :-)

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    2. summerstars


      Didn't happen... By the time I have gotten ready to go out, clouds came rolling in! Just my luck. :-(

    3. Pig


      I have heard that before somewhere but im not quite sure where :-)

    4. summerstars


      Happens to me loads! Very annoying. Been so long since I've been able to go out with my scope.

  13. Has anyone used this? And does it work without being connected to the internet? Thanks x
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