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  1. Anyone got a decent look at yesterday's Lunar Eclipse?

  2. Clouds, clouds, go away, come again another day. Preferably not on the 25th as that is when there is a Lunar eclipse.........

  3. Does anybody know how to polar-align a Celestron Astromaster Equatorial Mount? I appreciate any help given Payge
  4. I think it's quite a decent photo, however I am only just sighting Saturn as the size of a pin head so your photo looks amazing. Payge
  5. Tonight I saw Saturn in my back garden! I have wanted to see it since I was seven and now I have I feel awesome. I wasn't expecting real pazaz like most do but even though, after 5 minutes of studying it I saw rings and cloud bands I am super happy.
  6. Tonight was my first night observing the moon and decided I should try and start imaging some of the things I see. I used a 12mm eyepiece + green moon filter and taken with an IPhone 3GS. Took numerous photos but I think this is the best, how did I do?
  7. Nice half moon tonight, time for my first Lunar observational session!

  8. Ok, I will try next time there are clear skies
  9. I'm confused with aligning the telescope to North. I know that it is so you can track things but I just don't get why I have to do it, any help? Payge
  10. Cloudy Skies for the next few days, telescope is staying indoors!

  11. Hi, I recently bought my first telescope thinking it would be the best one for me to view a lot of good things. After being on here for around 4 days I have noticed a lot of people saying that the Celestron Astromaster 114EQ wasn't well thought of. I don't get a lot of money but I am just curious of what tekescope would be recommended from professionals?
  12. I am using the Celestron Astromaster 114 EQ which, since I started on here, I hear isn't a very well-thought of telescope. I used the 12.5 mm and 6 mm eyepieces to view it.
  13. Same thing happens with my telescope as well, it may be something to do with things like the magnetic field or gravity. I don't know, it could just be the tightening on the scope.
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