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  1. hi just had another go, prisms do not seem out of place, close up 1/4mile image seems great except for some chromatic aberration which seems increased with further distance objects but focus seems great. could it be the main objectives? thanks Tony ps they are ASA 25x100 BAK4 prism binos. sems likemone of the main tubes was not as tight again the main body, again all clear/aligned, in focus during the day, need to try at night, heres to clear skies.
  2. hi, thanks again for this advice, the main objectives are ok, ill give the slow approach another go and see where it leads me. cheers Tony
  3. hi, sorry for the late reply, thanks for the advice everyone, i have tried to use the adjust emnt screws, seems fine terrestrial, when looking at starfields, all kinda 'off' makes my eyes kinda 'funny' so something is off, maybe ill try as siggested and look inside and see if the prisms been knocked out of place, is there an easy colllimation method i could use? thanks again Tony
  4. Hi, thanks in advance for any help. i have a pair of 100 x20 binos, big n heavy and unfortunately my kids have knocked them onto the floor, alignment out, ive tried to tinker but probably made it worse. is there any where i can send them to to be realigned and probably gas filled again? what sort of price am i looking at etc. cheers for any help Tony
  5. Hi Andy, it came with the mould free when I bought it, i was a little naive and didn't ask the right questions when I bought it in March this year, i can send a pic of the fun-guy if you need, it comes with a 2" to 1.25" adapter, it's been kept indoors since I bought and with my amateurish attempts at astrophotography I didn't feel the mould limited what I could do Hope that helps Tony
  6. Hi, yes no problem posting, postage extra though stil interested?
  7. EQ6 now sold, Prices dropped on the WO and Altair scopes Side by Side mounting plate still available
  8. a small edit etc, all reasonable offers considered, thanks for looking In in Windsor Thursday, Friday and Saturday 22-24th August (Legoland if that helps people)
  9. Other things for sale Skywatcher 127 Mak OTA for sale £140 -Now SOLD -thanks Maurice Vixen Style side by side mounting bar £100 ZWO120MC-S USB 3 with sky lens £80 + £7.50 insured P+P - now SOLD QHY5 older version £50 - NOW SOLD SW 50mm guidescope, no rear lens £40
  10. EDIT Zenithstar 71 ED still for sale
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