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    Motorcycles, mountain biking, the night sky and travelling, in different order depending on the mood :)
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    BW, Germany
  1. Hi everyone, I'm not sure this is the right location for this post - if not, please move accordingly. A friend of mine has a Meade 4.5" newtonian (900 mm) on an EQ mount that suffered a small accident. Somehow, the optical tube had a rendezvous with the ground following a sudden acquaintance with Newton's Law of universal gravitation, which resulted in a broken limb in the secondary mirror spider vane. I fixed it the best I could, but it is still meh: works, somewhat stable, but it's a temporary fix at best, and won't hold for continued use. Does any of you fine gentlemen and ladies know where one can find such a replacement spider vane for that telescope? Replacing the whole thing is out of the question due to sentimental value. Thank you, - Tiago
  2. Wohoo, 2 BST ED EPs on the way!!!

  3. My spare change piggy bank has been whispering "get a new EP"...

  4. First Light on the ST120, with the Milky way visible with eyeballs alone. Cold, but feeling all warm and fuzzy inside :)

  5. Finally have the NEW, missing diagonal and EP, and they are all smudged with fingerprints...

  6. Very [removed word] with delayed delivery of missing goods

    1. tingting44


      is it tracked?

      whats gone missing buddy? :(

  7. Waiting for missing parts...

  8. Gaaahh, missing parts in the package!

    1. Mezolitik


      Bad times. What are you missing?

    2. Tiago


      Got the OTA, mount and mounting accessories, missing star diagonal, eyepieces, barlow and finder. Seller just e-mailed me telling me they're sending it all to me tomorrow. Lets see how that goes...

    3. tingting44


      gutting mate :( not that we have clear skies at present tho :( good luck for a speedy delivery tho :D

  9. Ohhh, the courier is coming today...

    1. Mezolitik


      What's he bringing?

    2. Ant


      Cloud and snow probably :)

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