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  1. Yes, it is. Whenever he wants, he can enjoy the full sky by rolling the dome off
  2. Oh, indeed. Our backs still hurt Yes, that is the other observatory made by our member and friend Vasilije (Wasko). The most beautiful one in our region.
  3. That pier is used for a modified EQ8 and an EdgeHD11 (that is the current setup for that pier). We have to mount and dismount the setup at the start and the end of each session – hopefully not for long
  4. Hi everyone, I would like to present to you our observatory that we have been building for quite some time now. Hopefully, the end of the construction will be reached by the end of the year. We are buidling it at our local dark location where we usually do our astrophotography works and obsevations. Who are we? Well, I am a member of the amateur astronomy society Aristarchus (Aristarh in Serbian). We are based in Central Serbia. We have an article with the details of the contstruction, unfortunatelly, it is available only in Serbian. Luckily, you can get a glimpse of it if you use Google Translate: https://translate.google.com/translate?sl=sr&tl=en&u=https%3A%2F%2Faristarh.rs%2Fdrustvo%2Fopservatorije%2Faristarh%2F I would be happy to answer any questions you might have and I will share our further progress here. Clear skies, Miloš
  5. I am pretty much interested in this as well.
  6. I will check this today and will get back here with the result. How can I use the difuser? What worries me is that I might have a bigger problem, since the collimator mirror is put directly into the scope back, without using a diagonal or a focuser (If I use the diagonal mirror, the situation is even worse).
  7. I would be very grateful if someone can have a look at my picture and tell me what the problem is. I am using the Hotech Advanced CT laser collimator with the secondary mirror taken off and with the collimator mirror put directly in the visual back. I am getting a returning cross just like this: Does this mean my primary mirror is miscollimated?
  8. Today I received a WI-Fi serial module, and I thought I could use it for communication with my laptop. Yes, the voltage regulator should be used. But I am not sure if anything else should be changed. http://rayshobby.net/first-impression-on-the-esp8266-serial-to-wifi-module/
  9. If I wanted to communicate with the Arduino Nano via Tx and Rx pins, would anything need to be changed in the code?
  10. What does the warning message say exactly?
  11. For some reason, your Arduino is not communicating with your PC. There are numerous causes. First of all, check if you computer recognizes the Arduino when you plug it in. Under the presumption that your are using Windows, got to the Device Manager and see which port Arduino is connected to (under COM ports). Then, make sure that you select the appropriate port in Arduino IDE.
  12. Gina, do you think this project could be simplified by eliminating the dew sensor? We actually don't need a dew point calculation. I think it would be enough to measure the ambient temperature and heat the optics a few degrees above it, regardless of the dew point.
  13. I have modified my stepper motor 28BYJ-48-5V to get a bipolar version since I need more torque. It works perfectly with the driver L293D, I tested it with a test app. But, I am unable to use this Arduino code without modifications. Someone suggested me I should use AccelStepper library, since I am no longer using a unipolar stepper motor. Is there anyone willing to point out what should be changed in the code? I am pretty new with Arduino. Thanks, M
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