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    Stargazing , universe, hoildays , eating out, football, ps3 lol happy days an my awsom family.
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  1. Thanks 4 the advice 8)) Sent from my C6603 using Tapatalk
  2. I got same problem as I'm new 2 astrophotogrphy I got the Nikond3200 tho Sent from my C6603 using Tapatalk
  3. Could some 1 help me I've bought a d3200 an a TRing 2 connect 2 my scope butt the camera went Work connected 2 it? 8(
  4. I seen Saturn last nite 12 am 2 the south first time 4 me through my telescope an what a sight 2 8)
  5. Hi its perks again , just seen my very first nebulae the greatOrion nebulae happy days , could really see it well with the 25ep thats my first messier ov many I hope 8) loving astronomy with my 200p
  6. cracking pic m8 I've got 200p dob butt struggle 2 get much detail.
  7. Do u leave the black an grey bit out ov the cam like in the pic
  8. See thr black an grey bi peice out ov the webcam do u leave it out?
  9. All this really helps thanks I've got a xbox cam here lol gess its aving it now hehe , bthanks
  10. hi guys how would i go about setting up a web cam 2 my skyliner 2oop dob would i just av 2 hold it 2 the ep or bye a conecter or somthing thanks
  11. hi there ive got a skyliner 200p dob ,at the moment im just getting the 3 bands of jupiter would it be possible 2 get more detail ,an of the red spot with this scope if i upgrade my ep's thanks peeps.
  12. how much detail can i get of jup[iter with a skyliner 200p dob at the moment im getting just 3 bands iv if i up grade new eye peices will i be abel 2 see the red spot thanks guys

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    2. rory


      and the grs is not always in view.

    3. David Smith

      David Smith

      Don't expect to see it all straight away. The more you use the scope, the more you will see.

    4. tingting44


      yes as Rory said the GRS is not all ways visible, once the GRS comes into view within an hour - 2 and its gone again lol here is a link to find out when the GRS will show it self, hope it hel[s mate


  13. i bought my first telescope 4 xmas an it 2 was a skyliner 200p an i gota say im loving it 2 just getting used 2 the upside dwn thing butt think i got it now.
  14. Hi I got a skyliner 200p love this pic btw , I'm new 2 astronomy, how much would a mount cost me 4 1 thank you
  15. Do I need a filter or somthing 2 see a bit more detail ov Jupiter Sz 4 being apain
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