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  1. All of 2013. Some CDs - pickup only from Hawarden, nr Chester.
  2. For ref - link to an article that has a video of the event: http://www.theregister.co.uk/2014/02/26/sun_solar_flare_x4_9/
  3. Yes, I could deal with a hair dryer, 12vdc or otherwise, if it was a case of that or nothing. Because of the layout of the area I would have to ensure it was a quiet one though. On the subject of dew sheilds, the supplied on extends, roughly, 150mm from the objective. Does anyone see an improvement in 'time to dew' by extending it to, say double that with some velcro-ed plastic?
  4. Does anyone use one? I don't get a problem in the Dob, so much, but the 'frac and eyepieces tend to dew up fairly easily around here due to the proximity of rivers, canals, floodplain etc. Since it the 'frac is used as a gng setup for the same reasons with local climate I was thinking back to a portion in, I think, Sky Ware talking about a dew gun. Is there a portable/rechargeable one available? I have tried searching but nothing comes up. I know that 12vdc hair dryers off a power unit get used, but if there is a rechargeable item available then that would be a lot easy to stick in a pocket for impromptu sessions. Any advice?
  5. The Vixen NLV are great eyepieces, though they are no longer made - retailers are currently selling off their current stock. 20mm eye relief. There is a recent thread where someone is trying to decide between the 10mm Radian and the 10mm NLV. The NLV has less fov (50 as opposed to 60) but the views are very crisp.
  6. Best laid plans and all that. So I ordered an NLV 15mm from Green-witch. and they phoned me to say that they were out of NLVs and Opticron UK were also out, they are now supplying the SLV, which is the replacement. The SLV arrived today and I opened it to examine it. Now I had some reservations as even though the optics are said to be identical (even though the smaller FLs have gone from 45 to 50 degs to match the rest), the SLVs are now made in China which ends a long circle V tradition of LV lenses from Vixen. But hey, was willing to try. Taking the packaging apart, noting a lack of silica gel, I notice that finally, the lens cap fitted. They tend to be loose on the previous design. The next thing is the eyecup design. Instead of the whole outer twisting up, just the inner part. This is better in my opinion since it can be fiddly getting the NLV/NPL ones up without holding onto the barrel. Examining the lens build, it feels nice and looks fine. The sides are now slightly flattened which is stated to stop eyepiece rolling. This is something I have noticed on previous eyepieces and actually think it is a good idea. Then I notice the first thing, which kind of leaps out - beads of, what looks to be, glue peaking out from the inner barrel and outer barrel join. Next, looking at the lenses I could see a tiny piece of debris which at first I assumed was on the outer side, but on closer inspection it is on the inner side of the field lens. Long has Japanese made optics been associated with quality, and a source of confidence; even though I knew beforehand they had moved production of the LV range to China, I was willing to see how this fared and I am not happy with it. Lee at Green Witch has been great in the past and just as much now. When I told him he ensured that the other in stock was fine and didn't display any of the issues I could see and was sending it out asap. Upon reflection, though, I wasn't sure. So checking around, playing with the figures and even though the eyerelief is pushing my requirements, the weight works out fine and have gone for a 13mm Nagler T6. The field of view is considerably higher, making the fact it is a shorter fl than the 15, (though since I was after a 14mm originally and the 15 was a compromise) not so much of a problem. It will possibly also make the 12mm redundant. Should the eye relief be fine, then I can see the NLV being sold to mitigate some of the extra cost. Sooooooooooo my first TV eyepiece, (I own the TV 2x barlow though). Have I done the right thing? We shall see...
  7. Coincidently, I was reading a thread this morning on Cloudynights, about viewing Jupiter through smaller scopes. It went on to talk about the benefit on details visible using binoviewers which I found interesting: http://www.cloudynights.com/ubbthreads/showflat.php/Cat/0/Number/6190212/page/0/view/collapsed/sb/5/o/all/fpart/6/vc/1 That should take you to a page some way into the thread.
  8. Thanks for taking the trouble to look at it. It wasn't to tell me the magnification really - I know those on the fly, it was mainly for working out what would suit best and planning what eyepieces to go for. The 14/15mm thread came out of this mainly for the Frac. I needed extra ranges. I found myself using the 12mm a lot, and wished for a slightly larger fov because I found the frac suprisingly good on DSOs. (I got a lovely view of M57 the other morning using the 9mm, the barlowed 12mm was just a little too much mag for the conditions, and the scope!) The 15mm (and it turns out it will be the new SLV not the NLV) I have just orded means I can get 121 and 61, which was an obvious gap for the upper range despite the duplication on a barlowed 30mm. The Theo 25 is a theoretical eyepice I was playing around figures. I will have, from Wed/Thursday, a 15/20/30mm at the upper range, I will play around with the FOVs in Stellarium to see if I feel comfortable with what I have. So far, the 15mm was the only one I considered to be a major missing gap to give me the 120-130 range in the frac, and 160 in the Dob. I know the 15 duplicated the barlowed 30mm, but getting a 7-8mm eyepiece purely for the frac would have been a waste. And I do like the views that the NLVs provide. The 30mm is an NPL, which is a rather a good plossl in its own right. The problem is, the local conditions I have here, (I have a flood plain on the back) mean that even when conditions are pretty good I tend to get a lot of local humidity rising pre 0100 so higher mags are wasted and I don't have a good view of the ecliptic - though whilst Jupiter was in Gemini I managed to get some nice views. So generally, the Dob mainly gets 30mm, Barlowed 15 (until the new one arrives) and the 12. I *hope* this was clear?
  9. "I just thought it's unlikely that you would find 9 other folks wanting to buy the same eyepiece." Wasn't so much the actual focal length, more a case of the type of eyepiece. Personally, mainly because of lash issues, I require longer ER. If these syle of eyepieces can be got for £60 in the UK, or hopefully less, then I was wondering what the general gist was. They should be the same as the Orion Edge On eyepieces. But that linked to Meade! If that price stands then that is a crazily good deal. Either way, I have the NLV 15mm ordered. The Denkmeier is an aspiring purchase. Bombarbaz was right about the weight, not so much for the dob but the refractor when the barlow is in the diagonal the moment of inertia gets rather higher than I like, not to mention the effect on the scope's balance in the AZ mount. It results in a simple eyepiece swap becoming not so simple. Fun thread though. What came out of this thread is that the Denkmeier - need someone here to purchase to report on it, , and the TV Delos is still a no brainer for the specific FL quality, and TV in general are still the usual safe purchase in the premium range and that the Vixen NLVs have a miniority support but strong following. Oh, and Long Perng eyepieces - I never knew about them before but I will be on the lookout to try one if I can get one cheap enough. 18.5mm though this time as it will fill a gap.
  10. All change.... I cancelled the order this morning and ordered an NLV 15mm instead... I had an email from a source I approached about getting some Long Perng, and they would be willing but they would need to order about 10 to make it worthwhile. So I thought that at least I *know* the Vixen 15mm NLV will be excellent. However, I could still get the LP Long Eye relief in a complimentary size if the price is right. So I thought I would ask here. BTW this is NOT reserving anything, just merely wondering that, should the price be right and the Long Perng 20mm eye relief eyepieces be available in the UK, would people be interested? For the record, this is the company that Jetstream kindly linked to: http://www.longperng.com.tw/goods.php?act=list&catId=20&page=4 If there is a generally positive response then I can say it looks like there is demand. I don't think that I have contravened any forum rules in posting this? If I have then I apologise in advance.
  11. YKSE - thanks for finding that! I have just ordered one to try. I will give my opinion when it arrives and I get first light. I would just like to thank everyone for their input over this. Epecially Jetstream, who put me onto this direction. Cheers all.
  12. I wanted to track down one of those Long Perng eyepieces, but couldn't for a reasonable price. The closest I got was an Orion branded one for over a £100...It will be on my list - even if it isn't a 14.5 mm. Interesting find imho.
  13. Tis the weight with the Radian. The combined weight with the TV barlow would create a balance issue with the AZ and frac. My heaviest eyepiece to date, the 9mm series 5000 HD60 is the limit with the barlow @ approx 370 grams combined (Not that I will go to 200x with the frac often, if at all) which takes the Radian and barlow to nigh on half a kilo, but the 14mm is a sweet spot that would yield 65 and 130. Both very usable mags. I am finding it increasingly between the 15mm NLV and the Denkmeier. If a used NLV came up now, I would pounce and that would be the end of my indecision. If a used denkmeier was up @ the £200 mark (doubtful) then that would be snatched instantly. So really either a new NLV, or a used Denk are the top contenders. Sooo what are the odds that a Denkmeier will come up? Rare enough. What are the odds that one for around £200? Rarer still. I think the NLV is going to win. Scuse the thinking out loud.
  14. Good point, John. Just trying to find a 14.5mm Long Perng produced eyepiece in the UK - having difficulty...
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