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  1. I like it a lot. Nice level of detail. Personally I´d prefer "natural" colours.
  2. Nice nebulosity! New object for me as well.
  3. Hi, this is a reprocessed NGC7000 from earlier, that I posted on another thread. Olly and others adviced me to adjust a red colour bias, as well as trying to get the blue stars blue. I feel I am now on my way. I actually ran the image through Regims gradient removal, similar to Pixinsights DBE, but free! And then I also ran it through the automatic colour calibration process, with great results. Finally I used selective colour adjustments, and removed some cyan from red, cyan from yellow, and then added cyan to blue. This image would of course do with more subs. 16*180 secs Flats Darks Full; http://www.astrobin.com/227119/0/ Criticism is welcome! /Erik
  4. Your "have data - will process" made me suspect a subtle parallel to literature wich a sci-fi theme! I thought that you with your caption were thinking about a book by Robert Heinlein; Have spacesuit - will travel. Sorry! Maybe I've read too many sci-fi books:-)
  5. Nice image Olly! Are you a R.Heinlein fan by the way? Your caption made me think about a certain book that I have not yet read!
  6. Thank you very much for kind comments! This is the first image that I am actually happy with. Collimation is ok, which has been a struggle earlier. Link to full version if you are interested;http://cdn.astrobin.com/images/thumbs/55c7b0bbdb2a7ae727a29ed5dc3cac14.1824x0_q100_watermark.jpg
  7. Hi, NGC891, is a nice spiral galaxy edge on from our perspective. I always wanted to try this one, and finally I got a chance yesterday. A short one though! This one is processed on a new monitor, so hopefully the colour and balance is ok. You can spot at least 5 more galaxies in the lower left part of the image. Total of 30 mins. 3 min subs. Canon 1100d modded Skywatcher 190mn NEQ6 Pro Guided with finderguider+qhy5 /Erik
  8. Hi! Had a look at the hi-res image and I must say that it is fantastic, amongst the best I´ve seen! Feels fresh with a closer look at this object. /Erik
  9. Agree with others, nice colours and stars! /Erik
  10. Pixinsight seems to have it all, I have been thinking about buying it, if not just to get DBE... I wish it was a little bit less expensive though. If I look at a 5x5 sample and make the blacks go for about 25/25/25 I still get the red bias. /Erik
  11. Thanks for taking time helping me out Olly. Yep, I think you are right about the reds. I will try to adjust it a little bit with the top slider as you said. I find it really hard to get the correct colour balance with my modded dslr though. I need a routine for colour balancing. but not as advanced as using a G2V star. Need to dive into this subject I guess. /Erik Alan - thank you! Your ps routine is something new for me. I will absolutely try the spherise filter on the big stars. I also looked into the Russel Croman website but decided to try to learn ps better first before buying more plugins. /Erik
  12. Hi folks!, I have now made a reprocess of an image taken a few weeks ago. DSLR, MN190, guided 16x3 min subs. T-shirt flats + darks. Stacked in DSS. Processed in PS. I have two questions that maybe some of you can help me answer! 1) The colours. I have been struggling with colour management since I bought a baader modded camera. Do you think that the colours in this image look alright? 2) The stars. Taming the big ones have been something new for me. I have used minimum filter and levels on the big ones to keep them as little bloated as possible, but still I got some halos around them. What do you think is acceptable in means of starbloating? I can manage to get stars smaller, but I never manage to get the halos smaller.. Thanks for looking, and please come with criticism! Best regards, Erik Link to full image; http://cdn.astrobin.com/images/thumbs/ceb14bd57817b1caf020d42653f99300.1824x0_q100_watermark.jpg
  13. That´s a really good image. I also have the IR742, a nice filter. /Erik
  14. Ok, so I tried a few new processing types, and actually made my stars a little bit better. If you have a look at this one, and then compare with previous version on astrobin, I am sure that this bloat is normal and due to my lack of processing experience. Never mind the colour, might be off a little bit. http://www.astrobin.com/full/203940/B/ /Erik
  15. Interesting! And a very nice image. At first I thought it was the veil complex....
  16. I use primary focus with my dslr on a 190mn. The camera is baader modded so the baader filter is exactly as thin/thick as the original. The focus point should be the same regardless, at least of what I know! Any ideas?
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