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  1. Taken a couple of months ago but forgot to post it on here. Compressed image so doesn't show it in all its glory...
  2. I currently have a Skywatcher 200pds on an HEQ5 but was thinking of moving to an ED 80 Pro refractor, partly for the wider field, plus ease of use. I'm far more of an imager than observer but was wondering what most people would do in the circumstances. I can't afford both, so would chop in the Newt. Any thoughts?
  3. Right, purchased the QHY5 and adapter for my 9x50 finder scope, so here's to clear nights and some long exposure photography. See if I can do better than my best attempt so far:
  4. As usual I think the astronomy shed video wins the day, the finder-guider is a good cost saver and looks to work well. I'm a little dubious at being able to stop the finder moving when the mount slews, but we'll see how I get on.
  5. Excuse the ignorance, but I still can't see how I can attach the guide camera to a finder scope. It's not as though my 9x50 finder has a 1.25" eyepiece for attaching the QHY5 to, plus as Ollypence says, with a Newt an OAG would be more in line with the mirrors and not move. Aaargh!!
  6. How can I use the finderscope as an OAG? I've read this can't be done.
  7. I'm liking the look of this OAG http://www.firstlightoptics.com/atik-accessories/atik-oag-off-axis-guider.html, thoughts?
  8. Got the PM thanks. Looks a good option and more reasonable than I was expecting for the QHY5v. I realise I'll have to fix an off-axis guider too. I have ASCOM already with EQMOD. So for the entire kit I'm probably looking at under £300.
  9. So in short, I'd be best to stick with the PDS (yes it's fast) and go for an autoguider? I've been looking at the ST80 (seems very cheap) as a guidescope. Any recommendation on a reasonably priced guide camera?
  10. Aah, good response, so if I was only viewing then keep the big newt, if only imaging then use the ED? Now I see why this damn obsession gets expensive! Throw on a guidescope and camera and good grief it adds up! What sort of viewing would I expect with the 80 compared with the 200 newt?
  11. Treat me as a thickie - why is aperture not so important with a refractor? Surely with a diameter of only 80mm its going to let in a tiny amount of light compared with my 8" newt?
  12. Hi. I currently have a Skywatcher 200pds for imaging on an HEQ5 mount, but was thinking about moving away from Newts to a nice refractor, my main reason being the wide field possibilities for deep sky photography and also image stability. I haven't progressed to guiding yet so need something that lets enough photons in over a short period of time. I'm toying between http://www.firstlightoptics.com/pro-series/skywatcher-evostar-100ed-ds-pro-outfit.html or http://www.firstlightoptics.com/evostar/skywatcher-evostar-120-ota.html I'm guessing the Pro has better optics, but I'm struggling to see w
  13. Hi. Any idea whether it is possible to take a widefield shot with a F5 Newt? I've tried a focal reducer but this just increases coma, and my DSLR cannot get close enough to the secondary mirror to focus. Any other techniques worth trying?
  14. Hi I've been toying with guiding for some time now and was ready to invest in the Orion Awesome guiding kit, but read recently that an Off Axis Guider works better with a Newt. Something to do with the mirrors moving. Any thoughts/Experiences?
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